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WWE's WrestleMania 30 draws 690,000 total PPV buys

Although garnering 690,000 buys on pay-per-view for WrestleMania plus simultaneously having 667,000 paid subscribers to the WWE Network sounds pretty impressive, the statistic may be misleading.

Devon Nicholson wins case vs. Abdullah The Butcher

Devon Nicholson has won a court judgement of 2.3 million Canadian dollars against WWE Hall Of Fame legend Abdullah The Butcher due to Abdullah giving him Hepatitis C during a bloody wrestling match...


Triple H: finally doing what's best for business?

Is it time to reassess Triple H's selfish reputation after he's lost clean on three straight pay-per-views to rising stars, successfully created the WWE Performance Center and turned NXT into a...

Payback preview: Bad News Barrett vs. Rob Van Dam

Has Rob Van Dam passed his sell by date? Or can he give Barrett some of his own bad news medicine? Is this enough to get you excited for a bout that was put together less than a fortnight before...

News from Triple H's NXT Takeover conference call

Triple H talked about a range of subjects including Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, Vince McMahon, Charlotte and Shawne Merriman on a wide-ranging conference call with the wrestling media to...

WWE's Kane promotes concussion awareness to kids

WWE doing some good work in the local community before last night's WWE Monday Night Raw television taping.

Magnus buries the wrestling media as parasites

Magnus implores WWE and TNA to combat internal sources talking to the parasites in the wrestling media in his column in this month's Fighting Spirit Magazine. Ironic I know.

WWE executives fearing the wrath of Mr. McMahon

Vince McMahon is being driven crazy by all the publicity over the loss of his billionaire status and is on the warpath in Stamford, Connecticut, with all his executive staff walking on eggshells,...

Mick Foley blames The Authority for WWE stock drop

Hopefully Mick Foley is just trolling for attention again and he doesn't really think that WWE stockholders sold their shares due to an inability to distinguish between Triple H and Stephanie...

Antonio Inoki to promote another pro wrestling show in North Korea

Earlier today, it was announced that WWE Hall Of Famer and current Japanese politician, Antonio Inoki, would be promoting another state-sanctioned pro wrestling show in North Korea in late August under the theme of independence, peace and friendship. In late April 1995, Inoki, who then ran New Japan Pro Wrestling, held two shows in Pyongyang that both drew in excess of 150,000 fans, the two largest crowds in pro wrestling history, largely because the vast majority of people were practically ordered to attend. This move may get Inoki in trouble with the Japanese government again, as he was suspended from their parliament for 30 days in November last year when he made an unauthorised trip to the country. Although relations between the two countries have recently been slowly improving, there is still a lot of work left to be done, as Japan still seeks an agreeable final resolution on the issue of the abduction of several of their citizens by North Korea from 1977-1983.

Triple H on the cover of this month's Muscle & Fitness magazine


The caption says "Better than ever at 44!", whilst looking like he's auditioning for a new Conan The Barbarian movie. Hunter must certainly be eating his vitamins, saying his prayers and drinking his milk to keep such a chiselled physique whilst being a full-time executive, loving husband and dedicated father of three young girls. No wonder Vince McMahon handpicked him to be his heir. Photo courtesy of

Scott Hall suffers a personal setback

It is believed that Scott Hall is struggling with his personal issues again after he missed a wrestling convention this weekend. We at Cageside Seats would like to wish him the very best in these...

WWE investors call for Vince McMahon's head

WWE's handling of their investor expectations in the run up to the announcement of the new TV rights deal with NBCUniversal was a disaster. The WWE stock bubble burst and now there's even calls for...

WWE tells The Daily Beast that Rusev & Lana's Anti-Americanism is sophisticated storytelling


WWE programming, like Hollywood movies and television shows, is an exciting blend of action, characters and fictional storylines of good versus evil that are often inspired by pop culture and current events. Russian President Vladimir Putin has given us good material to work with to create strong characters in Rusev and Lana, who are perceived as either protagonists or antagonists depending on where in the world you are watching WWE programming.

I always love when WWE acts like their most stereotypical one-dimensional characters are actually well rounded, sophisticated storytellers.

MLS TV rights deal - good or bad news for WWE?

The trend of huge increases in TV rights fees for live sports programming continued with Major League Soccer quadrupling their TV revenue in new deals with ESPN, Fox Sports and Univision. So does...

WWE rumored to have re-signed with NBCUniversal

The gossip within the television industry is that WWE has already cut a new deal with NBCUniversal, which will be announced by the media conglomerate on Thursday when they announce their cable...

David Benoit's pro wrestling debut cancelled

The wrestling debut of David Benoit, the son of Chris Benoit, scheduled for the July 18th Hart Legacy Wrestling show in Calgary has been cancelled after Chris Jericho intervened, upset that Smith...

Are WWE wrestler pay cuts funding the Network?

Disgruntled WWE performers believe their pay has been savagely cut by the McMahon family to finance the WWE Network, but looking at the books reveals that the venture is largely being paid for out...

WWE Network: Desperate moves expose corporate spin

Firing the head of programming, loss-leading promotions and pulling John Cena from Raw for a WWE Network exclusive; these actions don't match the corporate spin that there's great confidence that...

Batista may be sticking around for another month after all

According to Dave Meltzer, Batista might be working the WWE Payback special event on June 1st after all, before heading off for a couple of months, despite recent reports that he was starting his hiatus early after being unhappy with WWE creative's plans for him to lose to Daniel Bryan on the show. We'll find out on tomorrow's Monday Night Raw I guess, which story is correct.

Chael Sonnen credits Paul Heyman for saving TUF: Brazil 3


Paul was a guy that even without knowing him, I knew I could trust him. We have mutual friends, Brock Lesnar and C.M. Punk. I knew he was an expert in psychology and I was stuck, working through this spot, having to deal with this, [Wanderlei Silva] not talking to me and the reversal of roles that I didn't see coming. He told me, `Listen, you have to shoot on him. If he's not playing along, you have to drop everything and shoot on him.' He laid it out a lot more aggressive than that. `You have to drop everything and come clean.' He went into it a lot more detail than that. In many ways, Paul Heyman saved Ultimate Fighter (Brazil) 3. He kept his word. He kept his secrecy up. So not only should we thank Paul for the huge ratings, but we can also blame him for all the bad things.

Add Chael Sonnen to the growing list of Paul Heyman guys, as apparently he went to the booking genius for advice when Wanderlei Silva wouldn't work with him and follow his script ideas for the third season of the Brazilian version of UFC's The Ultimate Fighter "reality" TV show.

Extreme Rules preview: Big E vs. Bad News Barrett


In the past month, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus and Rob Van Dam all fell victim to the Bull Hammer elbow on Bad News Barrett's path to becoming the number one contender to...

KENTA leaves NOAH, is he headed to WWE?

Will we soon see the GTS in WWE rings again? No, CM Punk isn't returning, but the Japanese originator of the move, KENTA, has announced his imminent departure from Pro Wrestling NOAH and is rumored...

Ultimate Warrior's WWE implosion

We chronicle in depth the second half of The Ultimate Warrior's WWE career. Find out why he was fired three times by Vince McMahon in the 1990s and why both sides kept coming back for more...

Jeff Jarrett accused of being drunk and disorderly

Jeff Jarrett gets stiffed on pay by Ian Rotten, fireworks ensue. An indy storm in a teacup, sure? But Double J needs to be above such petty BS if his new Global Force Wrestling promotion is to...

Sting still yet to sign with WWE, but may do soon

Sorry Cagesiders, but it now looks like Dave Meltzer jumped the gun on declaring that Sting had signed with WWE, but he should do soon, unless, of course, he's upset about being unlikely to face...


Ultimate Warrior's rise to WWE stardom

In this in-depth article, we look at the fairly smooth path the Ultimate Warrior took to cleanly defeating Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VI for the WWF World Heavyweight title, becoming the first man...

Bret Hart comments on The Ultimate Warrior's passing


"It’s really ironic the way he died — it was almost like he willed it or something. He wrote his own ending."

Bret Hart gave these strange comments to SLAM! Wrestling about The Ultimate Warrior's death.

Undertaker handpicked Lesnar to end the Streak


According to Dave Meltzer, The Undertaker was willing to lose to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 27 in 2011 and handpicked him to be the guy to end the Streak at WrestleMania 30.

WWE Network 'on track to 1 million subscribers'

This morning WWE issued a press release announcing that their WWE Network was on track to get one million subscribers before the end of the year, but they're still a few hundred thousand shy of...

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