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Jesse Ventura still nuts

According to Dave Meltzer, Jesse Ventura was on Howard Stern today, plugging his new conspiracy theory book on the John F Kennedy assassination. He claimed that there was no way Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK and seemed to be seriously pushing for Stern to be his running mate when he finally runs for President. He was also on Piers Morgan a couple of nights ago spouting his usual populist crap while shilling his latest piece of fiction. Remember the days when he could be taken somewhat seriously as a maverick politician, Cagesiders? They're now long gone.

WWE mad at RVD for failing to sign new contract

According to Dave Meltzer in his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Rob Van Dam's burial on last Monday's Raw was retaliation for RVD dragging his feet on signing a contract extension, as his current deal expires on October 1st.

WWE announces Laura A. Brevetti as General Counsel

In an intriguing move, earlier today WWE announced Laura A. Brevetti as their new Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, who will report directly to owner Vince McMahon. Unlike most corporate hires, this one is noteworthy, as Brevetti, along with her colleague Jerry McDevitt, successfully defended McMahon in his steroid distribution trial in 1994. In late 1995, Brevetti's husband Marty Bergman was accused of witness tampering on his wife's behalf by The New York Post and Village Voice. Both newspapers detailed how he posed as television producer for A Current Affair and offered the government's star witness, McMahon's former secretary and lover Emily Feinberg, a significant six figure sum for a tell-all interview and work as a consultant on a movie about Vince.

Jim Ross on thin ice since WrestleMania 29

According to Dave Meltzer, the relationship between Jim Ross and Vince McMahon soured over him lobbying hard to call a top match at WrestleMania 29 in the run up to the event, despite no longer being used as a WWE announcer.

WWE launches John Cena mobile phone driving game

Despite being injured, that doesn't stop WWE from making money off of John Cena's likeness. The latest example is today's launch of their first-ever 3D mobile racing game entitled WWE Presents: John Cena's Fast Lane.

WWE signs Nick Dinsmore, aka Eugene, as an NXT trainer


Congratulations to Nick Dinsmore, who wrestled for WWE as Eugene from 2004-2007, as he's just been signed by the company again to be a trainer at their new performance centre. This is a great choice, as Dinsmore was a deceptively talented technician despite his cartoonish gimmick. Apparently, current NWA World Heavyweight champion and New Japan Pro Wrestling star Rob Conway was also offered a similar position, but he turned it down as he didn't want to relocate to Florida.

Duke "The Dumpster" Droese indicted on drug charges


Former WWE superstar Duke "The Dumpster" Droese, currently an assistant coach and special education teacher at Warren County High School in Tennessee, has been indicted for selling morphine to undercover cops. Not terribly surprising news if the rumours surrounding his WWE departure were true.

The many highs and lows of Jim Ross's WWE career

With Jim Ross recently being forced into retirement by WWE management, it's a fitting time to chronicle the many highs and lows of Good Ol JR's checkered WWE career and his love hate relationship with Vince McMahon.

WWE NoC 2013 match preview: Punk vs. Axel & Heyman

Will CM Punk finally get his hands on his slippery former adviser Paul Heyman and exert physical payback for pissing on their friendship or will Heyman's latest protégé, Curtis Axel, ensure once again that he escapes harm free?

Amateur wrestling reinstated for the 2020 Olympics

Seven months after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) shockingly decided to drop amateur wrestling from the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, they've embarrassingly decided today to reinstate it.

WWE attempted to buy AAA a few years ago

Dave Meltzer, in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, confirmed Konnan's claims on his MLW radio show that WWE attempted to buy their main Mexican rival promotion AAA a few years ago.

Mark Henry injured at WWE house show last night

According to, Mark Henry suffered a right hamstring injury at a live event in Boston last night. He has since been pulled from tonight's show in Washington, D.C., and will be having an MRI taken tomorrow to discover the extent of the damage.

Now, this is a real train wreck of an interview...

Not for Bret Hart, who's the consummate professional throughout and shares his usual thoughtful insight on the questions asked, but his former Hart Foundation partner Jim Neidhart, who, um, was off in a happy world of his own making. For those that don't recall it, Neidhart was arrested three years ago for behaving strangely at a gas station and found with stolen methadone and Oxycontin pills on his possession. It's sad that he doesn't seem to be in much better shape today.

Triple H gets debunked by wrestling journalists

Both Dave Meltzer and Wade Keller have debunked Triple H's anecdote that one friendly conversation with Diamond Dallas Page led to Keller switching from being "fucking brutal" to DDP to digging him.


Ric Flair shines on The Steve Austin Show podcast

Although Ric Flair was left "dumbfounded" by corporate WWE's reaction to doing what he was told to do by entertaining the audience at the 2K14 Symposium, he got back on the saddle and spoke at length the next day to Stone Cold Steve Austin for his podcast. This was Flair at his very best, coming off honest, open and relaxed whilst talking about his career, without going off the rails like he had done the night before. Though the topics covered are familiar territory, it's always a blast to listen to his stories again, especially with an insightful peer in Austin. It's definitely well worth the listen, Cagesiders.

Jesse Sorensen forced to pay medical bills by TNA

Jesse Sorensen has revealed that TNA refused to pay for any of his medical bills from the broken neck he suffered at Against All Odds 2012. Moreover, he was forced to rely on his mother's medical insurance, who eventually had to file for bankruptcy.

Ric Flair pulled from SummerSlam over 2K14 debacle

According to Dave Meltzer, Ric Flair was pulled from making a surprise appearance at SummerSlam over the bizarre train wreck he caused at the WWE 2K14 video game symposium. Given the timing, burying Daniel Bryan may have been his biggest faux pas.

Grappling with homosexuality: WWE finally right?

Given wrestling's checkered past of handling homosexuality, fears persist that WWE will turn Darren Young's sexuality into fodder for an onscreen angle and that the backstage environment isn't quite as tolerant of gay men as WWE is portraying it as.

SS Preview: Cena vs. Bryan, Triple H referees

The biggest match of Daniel Bryan's life against WWE champion John Cena is sadly overshadowed by the McMahon family power struggle and Randy Orton's ever present MitB briefcase. The spotlight will be on Triple H's performance as special guest ref.

The latest Ring Of Honor (ROH) news and rumors

Find out about the current status of The American Wolves and The Briscoes, the latest match added to Manhattan Mayhem V, ROH wrestlers feelings towards TNA, the story behind the company pulling a Kevin Steen shoot interview DVD and more!

WWE/TNA Week in Wrestling: July 29th to August 4th

Catch up on all the results from last week's WWE and TNA television shows with the latest Cageside Seats Week in Wrestling!

John Layfield is a mountain climbing, touting, wrestling God

John Layfield still has time to show off his good sense of wrestling humour via Tout despite having just climbed to the top of the Alps for charity. He's a great man.

Kurt Angle proves WWE right for not re-signing him

WWE had every chance to sign Kurt Angle two years ago, but didn't want to touch him with a rusty old bargepole. Sadly with his fourth drunk driving incident over the past six years, Kurt proved Vince McMahon right to ignore his overtures.

WWE investment cuts into their profits again in Q2

WWE's profits were way down in the 1st quarter of 2013 despite a small uptick in revenue, partly due to increased spending on the company's developmental system and their preparations for a WWE network. Their 2nd quarter exhibited a similar pattern.

Randy Orton's attacker wanted WWE stardom

Randy Orton's attacker, 20-year-old Tshepo Sekhabi, has admitted that he planned the attack before he arrived to the building, thinking that it was an opportunity to make a name for himself and somehow parlay that into becoming a big WWE star.

WWE/TNA Week in Wrestling: July 23rd to July 29th

Catch up on all the results from last week's WWE and TNA television shows with the latest Cageside Seats Week in Wrestling!

Vince McMahon believes he taught Daniel Bryan how to be a star

Actually Vince believes he took a guy who was very good technically but had no personality and taught him how to be a star. If anything, he believes he was more right than anyone on him.

In the process of refuting a rumour posted on his message board that Vince McMahon went to Daniel Bryan after this week's Raw and told him that sometimes it’s “good to be wrong”, Dave Meltzer reveals what the WWE owner really thinks about the American Dragon. Clearly, Vince has never watched any Ring Of Honor tapes then.

D-Generation X with Chyna for WWE Hall of Fame?

Mike Johnson of has reported that the current favourites to headline the WWE Hall Of Fame induction ceremony on the weekend of WrestleMania 30 in 2014 will be D-Generation X. Most surprisingly, Chyna might be included.

Bail denied for wrestler suspected in fatal stabbing

The Tampa Bay Tribune has reported that former WWE developmental talent Brian McGhee, who stands accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend Bianca McGaughey, was unsurprisingly denied bail today. Circuit Judge Walter Heinrich told McGhee that "You're facing life in prison where the presumption is great and the evidence is great against you." Apparently, there were three witnesses to the crime and McGhee called McGaughey's sister immediately afterwards admitting to the murder, on top of his bizarre Facebook post of a sliced up arm with a caption about "killing the bitch." McGhee's story is that he remembers driving to the woman's home to tell her goodbye because he was planning to kill himself, but doesn't remember much after that apart from the phone call to the sister of the deceased. Given the strange circumstances to the case, the judge concluded that McGhee has "mental health issues that will need to be explored" by the defense. Sadly, that was apparent over a year earlier when he was cracking under the pressure of being injured for a significant period of time in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

The Shield's WWE downplaying due to backstage heat

Usually when acts get deemphasised for no discernible reason it's because they have backstage heat. This is indeed the case with The Shield, due to Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns getting into arguments with The Big Show and Randy Orton, respectively.

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