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Kensuke Sasaki retires due to neck injuries

Kensuke Sasaki shocked the Japanese wrestling world this week by announcing his immediate retirement due to neck problems, just two days after putting over his young protégé Katsuhiko Nakajima in...

Will Randy Orton turn babyface after WrestleMania?

With CM Punk seemingly gone for good, part-timer Batista struggling to get fans to cheer for him and Daniel Bryan looking doomed to be WWE's red-headed stepchild, Randy Orton could soon be turned...

WWE worried about Punk fans hijacking Chicago Raw

The latest on CM Punk is that WWE management are concerned that his fans will hijack their live Monday Night Raw tapings on March 3rd in Chicago, just one month before WrestleMania XXX.

Kurt Angle is delusional regarding WWE return

Like Mick Foley and Hulk Hogan before him, Kurt Angle would probably fail a WWE physical and would never be allowed to compete in their ring under any circumstances, despite his dreams of wrestling...

Bellator potentially interested in CM Punk fight

According to Dave Meltzer, Bellator is already making overtures for CM Punk to fight for the company.

What might happen (probably should happen) in grand jury homicide investigation of Jimmy Snuka


Irv Muchnick gives his take on how he would like the grand jury investigation into Jimmy Snuka's role in the death of his girlfriend Nancy Argentino to pan out. Given that the statute of limitations has expired for involuntary manslaughter, which based on the evidence is the most likely conclusion as to what transpired 30 years ago, Muchnick hopes that there is some measure of accountability for the detectives who decided against indicting Snuka at the time of their original investigation, after Vince McMahon apparently arrived on the scene carrying a briefcase into their final meeting with his befallen wrestler.

WWE has stopped following CM Punk on Twitter


WWE has stopped following CM Punk on Twitter. Must be a messy break up!

KENTA receives WWE performance center tryout

According to Mike Johnson of, Pro Wrestling NOAH's top star KENTA was at the WWE performance center on Sunday in order to receive a company tryout. Yes, the guy CM Punk stole his Go 2...


Grand jury investigating death of Snuka's lover

Today it was announced that a Lehigh County grand jury will investigate the 1983 death of Nancy Argentino, the girlfriend of pro wrestler Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, who died in his motel room from...

WWE Monday Night Raw rewritten throughout the day

In reaction to the upsurge in outspoken support for Daniel Bryan and the boos for Batista at last night's Royal Rumble, the script for tonight's Monday Night Raw has been rewritten several times...

Royal Rumble Preview: Randy Orton vs. John Cena

Please try to be excited Cagesiders for John Cena and Randy Orton's ninth singles bout on pay-per-view over the last seven years, not to mention the many Triple Threats, Fatal Four Ways and...


George Scott passes away from lung cancer

Dave Meltzer reported earlier today that former tag team wrestler and Jim Crockett Promotions, WWF and WCW booker George Scott passed away yesterday at the age of 84 from lung cancer.


Mae Young - the toughest female wrestler ever?

We chronicle the career of perhaps the toughest, craziest female wrestler ever, Mae Young, who sadly passed away last week.


WWE Network conference call recap

Yesterday, WWE had a conference call for their investors about the eagerly awaited WWE Network. There really wasn't much in the way of new information, but we still have a summary of the event for...

WWE rushes Bryan turn due to Travis Jackson's YES!

It was all too obvious that Daniel Bryan was going to turn back babyface before too long, but two weeks was an awfully fast turnaround, even by the standards of WWE's sometimes fickle nature and...

AAA wrestling to air on El Rey Network in Q3 2014

As has long been rumored, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that a new lucha libre wrestling show involving AAA talent will air this year on the new El Rey Network, but it won't start airing...

Triple H decides against signing American Wolves

The recent one week tryout at WWE's new performance centre for the American Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, didn't go well resulting in Triple H turning them both down for jobs.

Jim Ross kills Toby Keith/Jeff Jarrett job rumour

Jim Ross isn't too happy about "websites irresponsibly running stories" that he's had talks to be involved in Toby Keith's and Jeff Jarrett's potential new wrestling promotion. Because it's not true.

Power Slam magazine releases The PS50

Power Slam, the UK's longest running monthly professional wrestling magazine, has traditionally published The PS50 in their year end edition, their annual list of the top workers in the business....

Skepticism abounds about AJ Styles's TNA departure

Rumors are swirling that AJ Styles may have already signed a new deal with TNA and even if he hasn't, he's in negotiations for one. All signs point to him being back in the Impact Zone by April.

AJ Lee gets lampooned in WWE locker room cartoon


If you thought the embarrassment for AJ Lee stemming from the Michelle Beadle cussing out confrontation was over, then you'd be wrong! Apparently, the above highly unflattering cartoon has been making the rounds of the WWE locker room since the incident and has somehow made its way online. What an advertisement for WWE's anti-bullying Be A Star campaign! Dave Meltzer on his latest Wrestling Observer Radio show also publicly revealed that CM Punk and Michelle Beadle had a past together, which is why AJ went nuts on her. He added that AJ is supposed to be similar to her onscreen character in real-life and Beadle is not too dissimilar. That's if you believe the testosterone driven gossip of his sources, of course.

Damage control underway over the AJ Lee incident?

Dave Meltzer is insisting that AJ Lee did indeed curse out Michelle Beadle backstage at the Tribute To The Troops special and implying that any stories to the contrary is "public damage control".

WWE TLC match card preview: Langston vs. Sandow

Tonight, Big E Langston faces the biggest challenge of his short Intercontinental Championship reign so far, as he goes against the failed Money In The Bank briefcase casher in Damien Sandow. Will...

WWE Network Rumor Roundup, December 2013

No interest in the WWE Network from cable carriers, thus leading to the channel being online? January 8th, 2014 the day of the big announcement? All Raw, Smackdown and WWE pay-per-views to be...

Davey Richards - done with ROH before Final Battle

Davey Richards has announced on Facebook that he is done with Ring Of Honor and won't be appearing at Final Battle 2013. Apparently, ROH unbooked him from the event due to a disparaging online...

WrestleMania XXX to air live on the WWE Network?

The latest crazy rumour on the grapvine about the WWE Network is that WrestleMania XXX will air live on the channel to maximise their subscription base from day one.

WWE Survivor Series match preview: Show vs. Orton

The odds seem stacked against Randy Orton. He has to go it alone against an angry giant, as The Shield doesn't have his back, and his powerful allies Triple H & Stephanie McMahon have raised doubts...

WWE makes controversial changes to Wellness Policy

In July, WWE quietly changed its Wellness Policy to allow Therapeutic Use Exceptions for banned substances and introduced a redemption program that would enable performers who have violated the...

WWE Names Matthew Singerman Executive Vice President, Programming, i.e., WWE Network head


Hot on the heels of WWE announcing that their Classics On Demand service will be shut down in February 2014, the company announced the hiring of Matthew Singerman as Executive Vice President, Programming. According to WWE's press release, Singerman will be responsible for the strategic development of content, including original, unscripted and scripted shows, scheduling of all programming and operations across all distribution platforms, including a potential WWE Network. He's held important executive positions at Fox News Channel, TV Guide Network and Reelz in the past, and more recently held consultant roles for both well-established and start-up channels, like the NFL Network, Nuvo, Pivot and Back9 Network. Seems like a decent hire, given that in the past the word was that Vince McMahon was having great difficulty finding someone willing to pick up the poisoned chalice of running his WWE Network.

The American Wolves get a one week NXT tryout

Despite Triple H initially being reluctant to hire The American Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, due to their bloated indy experience and lack of size, they're currently in Orlando having...

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