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Phoenix Suns Prepared to Rise in 2012-2013

via This year is one of the bigger question marks for the Phoenix Suns in recent memory. While we lost some very important pieces in Grant Hill and Steve...


Shannon Brown...Channeling His Inner Kobe!

Okay, okay...he may not be burning up like Kobe does when he wants to, but there is very little you could complain about his play over the past 9 or so games. In fact he has gone from one of the...


Marcin Gortat Top 10 Defensive Center

So I got into a little discussion with some commenters on here about whether or not Marcin Gortat is a great defensive center. Now I have always believed that he was, constantly defending him...



via It's been hard to put a finger on it, and these past two losses definitely don't prove anything good, but it is becoming more and more apparent that they are starting to find a...


O.J. Mayo resurrection in Phoenix?

This article may be a bit premature, but since there is nothing positive to write about with the Suns previous two losses lets take a look at this up coming free agency. First off lets start this...


It's Not the Team...It's the Fundamentals.

via I'm tired of it...I don't want to hear the talk of offense being stagnant, I don't want to hear about how with a couple of moves this team "could" be good again. In fact...


Dragons Breath

via Now I know that Goran Dragic is no longer a Phoenix Sun, but I really came to like the kid when he played here and fall on the side that the trade was a very misguided one. ...


Phoenix Suns: Defensive Juggernaut?

Okay Okay, don't hang for saying Suns and defense in the same sentence. I don't think the Suns showed the best defensive game against the New Orleans Hornets, but we competed in an ugly game. ...


Pre-Season Wrap Up

So the pre-season was not a pretty brand of basketball to watch, well at least for the Suns. They suffered two bad losses at the hands of the run and gun Nuggets, first by 17 and then by a...


A Deep Team is a Happy Team

via The season is just around the corner and we have a few things to be happy about, first and foremost that our team has some serious depth. Not only that we are deep in the...


Shannon Brown...?

Well there have recently been reports of a possible 3.5 million dollar deal with Shannon Brown. Twitter / @Chris_Broussard: Shannon Brown in serious talks with Phoenix, says Brown's agent Mark...


Marcin and the Dream

"MG & THE DREAM" - trailer (via GortatTV) Gives you some serious confidence in this awesome center of ours right? Oh did you see that pretty dreamshake at the end of the video cause it kinda...


Nick the valley of the sun?

via This free agency, short as it may be, could be the best chance our team has to get the last couple pieces we desperately need. Who needs to be a terrible team in...


Catch 22

via Prediction time everyone... Since we are finally about 95% sure we will be having some kind of season, lets start the asinine guessing of how good or bad...


How the Lockout Got Me Back In Shape

So I am just about fed up with all the lockout talk, just like the rest of the die hard fans and so I have been jonesing for some decent basketball to watch.  I get jealous every time I walk by a...


Miami Wants Grant Hill...

And part of me wants to send him over there.  I mean think about it, we are talking about a player that above almost any other play still in the league today deserves a ring.  He is a perennial...


Here Comes the Weird

In this summer of summers we sports fanatics have been deprived of any interesting news to latch onto for quite sometime.  In our loneliness we have attached to some pretty interesting stories...


Our Front-Court has Elephantiasis!

Good news Suns fans, we finally have a front court that isn't undersized.  In fact with the addition of Marcin Gortat and Markieff Morris, we have something that looks like an actual NBA front...


Why Suns Fans May Be Destroying Our Championship Dreams

Okay, Okay...So it's not our fault that we love the Phoenix Suns right?  We can't have that big of an effect on the game to keep them from winning it all.  Well I think we have become spoiled, we...


Gortat (Polish Hammer) top 10 Center?

Marcin Gortat has burst forth onto the scene with his play in Phoenix surprising not only Suns fans with a trade that was greatly disliked, but also the league by almost tripling his output in less...


Why the WNBA is better then the NBA!

...Cause they are still playing.   oh and this... Diana Taurasi: Best Women's Basketball Player Ever (via tonyspizza1800) Highlights of Diana Taurasi in Game 2 of the 2010 WNBA Western...


Zabian Dowdell...the future, or just another D-League flare out?

The Suns are in the market for some players to step for us next year, and big.  First off we need to see an improved Jared Dudley, and with his work ethic I think that is a guarantee.  Second we...


Markieff Morris...Doomed to be another failed brother?

So I bet your wondering, since the Phoenix Suns didn’t get to draft someone high profile like Kemba Walker or Jimmer Fredette then who was it that they managed to draft?  He couldn’t be very...

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