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Timbers fan on Marine Corps duty, from the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli.

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Breaking FIFA: Timbers n^4 v. Sounders 0

During the NFL season an enterprising writer for SB Nation, Jon Bois, blogged about "Breaking Madden" by altering the inputs in significant and debilitating ways and observing the results. The...

UO Geography Department made this neat MLS infographic

It tracks cups, attendance, league entrance, driving times and distance to stadium, and more. Unless you have a massive monitor be prepared to zoom in.


USL PRO Timbers in 2015?

It is no secret that Merritt Paulson has entertained running a USL PRO team under the Timbers umbrella. When the news was finally announced that the Timbers would be co-affiliated with Sacramento...

Roundtable interview with several MLS owners/managers, a must read on the future of MLS

Be sure to also look at the sidebars as well, it has a ton of good useful information on the state of the league and what exactly they mean by "Lose $75-100m a year" (they add in the debt repayments on the stadiums).


Non-Timber Related Preseason Time Waster: The Death of FanShots FanPost

Long Live the Memory of FanShots! You know they exist, right? Let me zoom out and show you where they can be found. MS Paint job used for effect: Even zooming out to 25% on this 23'' monitor...

MLS Theme Park in the works

Not really, but here is the satirical theme park map for your enjoyment. I personally like the "Steven Lenhart's Cheap Shots Bar".


Crystal Ball Predictions: 2014 Attendance

I'm at it again. In line with what I have done the past two years (Crystal Ball Predictions: 2012, Crystal Ball Predictions: 2013) is post a prediction of MLS attendance for the new season. Using...

Soccer Haters Now Resort to Anonymous Rants

Success of soccer has caused the anti-soccer league to call the Oregonian and leave anonymous messages. No longer will they feel comfortable releasing their names because they know soccer is doing astoundingly well in Portland. And I'm confused as to why the author even bothered to post his tripe. Generate controversy and clicks?

The "Push" factor for PTFC: Argentina clubs struggling

Argentina's economy and soccer clubs are not so hot right now. This article outlines some of the reasons why and what the effects are on the individual players.

Eureka! The real 2014 allocation order


Unearthed from the dingy dumpster behind the Don's favorite sandwich shop, the real allocation order for this season.


15+ mins of uncut interviews & what you may not know about Villafana

Want interviews? The Oregonian has you covered. Rather than catching quotes from Twitter with character limits, edited interviews from the team's website, and Will's fantastic training reports...

USMNT Camp bivouacs in Brazil - Harrington travels

Lost in the shuffle of the latest news Klinsy decided to take all 26 players in the USMNT January camp along for the ride to Brazil. Not bad for all players involved IMO. They all get more time training together and get a beautiful vacation to boot! Bon Voyage Mikey.

Supporters culture is blooming: 2013 in review

Posted by the North America Supporters Movement, this video reveals just how wide the supporters culture has become. The video even shows NPSL fans. This was also the first year that tifo at USMNT matches really took off.


Off-season distractions: Comment/Post Volume & Join Date

If you're old enough like me to have experienced the excruciating pain of dial-up internet on a 26.6k baud modem that cut out once your mom answered the phone, you would remember chat rooms! Oh,...


MLS ASG - World's Game coming to Portland no longer just a slogan

Paulson and Paulson Jr. had two years to prepare for MLS2PDX. The franchise was awarded in March of 2009 and it wasn't until April 2011 that the first home match was played. And Merritt the...

Google Trends: Timbers one of the most searched MLS team on Google

Follow the link for the NBC Sports article on the subject. The Portland Timbers were beat out by only the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool. The sports trends were released by Google here. There is also a Portland Timbers specific trend here. Definite spike in interest during the playoffs. And definitely driven by Timbers fans in Oregon if you look at the map. For comparison I looked at the interest between Man U and Portland. Portland Timbers and the Philadelphia Union (5th on the list behind the Timbers). EDIT: Made correction to the title to reflect the fact others have more searches than the Timbers


The Oregonian Photojournalists Deserve Some Praise

This should be part of your post-game routine if it isn't already: going to OregonLive just for the photos. I need to give a shout out to Thomas Boyd and all other Oregonian photographers for the...

All 62 Timbers Goals from 2013

All goals from the season and playoffs in just under 14 minutes.

MLS game day ball!


Adidas released their Brazil 2014 WC ball. MLS has now released a pic of the 2014 ball. No surprise Adidas uses their MLS partnership to push the ball in MLS. This might give the USMNT MLSers a minor advantage having played with the ball for several months.


MLS TV contract negotiation next year is still favorable

It has come up several times on this site that MLS ratings are dismal and depressing. Like the FanPost recently here. Yes, the raw numbers certainly look like it. However, I've stated succinctly...


Portland Timbers Third in Forbes' Most Valuable Team List

It's been a while since Forbes decided to peer into the crystal ball of team valuations and decide what teams are worth. Since 2008 in fact. Today they released the list of the 19 current MLS...

Found via Reddit: 95.5 FM Timbers Fight Song

Can you make it through this 2 minute piece of an awful fight song? I barely did.


Why this is the tightest and most wild season in MLS history

Yes, the Timbers are top in the Western Conference after 34 matches. That's awesome. The Portland Timbers have certainly added some impressive stats to the club and MLS record books. But looking...

Urutti-Dike trade and acquisition details emerge in Toronto

The Globe and Mail has added a few more significant details about the acquisition of Maxi Urutti. Give it a read. (BTW - The MLS-DP rumor has some truth to it)

Alternate FIFA cover put to a vote

Select up to Four: Timbers - Diego Valeri. Vote accordingly. [and often, it allows you to vote as often as you like]


Two Arrests Made From April SJ Fan Assault

Per the article in the Oregonian, there have been two arrests made. Jennifer Marques, 29, and Uriel Vargas, 21, were arrested by U.S. Marshals in Santa Clara, Calif., Wednesday, Portland police...

MLS All-Stars superlatives

Jimmy Fallon takes a shot at MLS All-Stars by attaching year book descriptions. Watch for a small laugh.

NTR: Sacramento's new team


Voting is out. A quick look and I like Sacramento Magpies. BTW the team will be entering the USL soon. Vote here: http://insider.sacprosoccer.com/contest/228

Porter took a pay cut to come to Portland? -USA Today

According to this author, without citing the actual amount, Porter took a decrease in pay to come to Portland and coach. The challenge was a greater draw than the pay.

Grimm does it again

Either NBC really is pushing MLS or they're tapping into Portland's sports scene in this clip from the most recent episode of Grimm, a supernatural drama set in Portland. Having watched the series the fella in the Timbers hoodie had Beavers gear in his home (he's part rodent himself). There have been Timbers gear worn by others in previous episodes as well. This was the first time the team name was dropped by the actors. BTW, because of the Boston manhunt that went into Friday night, this show has yet to air in the US. I believe, it was aired in other places outside the US, like Canada, therefore it is possible to still see this on TV this Friday.

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