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The Secret of Verlander's Success

You'd win a lot too if you could throw this pitch.↵↵(Crazy that the Nasty Factor on the 1004-seamer is only 57.)↵

Marlins' Closed-Door Meeting Transcript

"Okay, listen up, boys. My name is Coach Jack. I've been in this game for a long time -- more than 60 years. And all I ask, of any of you, is that I get your best effort. You understand me?" [G...


What happened to Buster Posey just affected the end of the Royals-Rangers game. Brayan Pena got the relay in plenty of time, but oddly backed up, and Napoli slid right under the tag.↵Here, s...

Granderson Bunts

with no outs, runners on first and second, in a tie game in the seventh. Mets' announcer: "I like the play. You're the two-hole hitter. You have to set it up for the big boppers."↵Granderson:...

Interleague Mania

Everyone is talking about how it's been 93 years since the Cubs played in Boston. Why isn't anyone talking about how it's been infinity years since the Astros played in Toronto?!

The "Subway Series"

Do you know how annoying it is to get from Yankee Stadium to Citi Field on the Subway? You have to take the four train all the way to Grand Central, transfer to the terrible 7, and then go all the...

Hey, Internet:

Can someone who is good at Internet, or someone who like has a friend who works at the Elias Sports Bureau, please tell me: What is the most hits a team has ever gotten in a game without scoring a...

Cowboy Down

Cubs-Reds, top 9. Cubbies have tying run on first (Fukudome) with nobody out. Darwin Barney (.324/.345/.429 in 111 PA) tries to bunt twice and fails. Works count to 2-2. Then hits a line drive...

A Play in One Act

(John Mozeliak sits at his desk. There's a KNOCK.)↵John Mozeliak: Come in.↵(Enter Albert Pujols, with a big friendly smile.)↵Albert Pujols: Heyyyyyyyyy, buddy!  How's it going?...

Just Want To Make Sure

that I heard correctly.  I believe Rick Sutcliffe just said that Ozzie Guillen's "people skills were off the charts."↵He did say that, right?↵

On the First Pitch...

... Juan Pierre showed bunt.↵On the second pitch, Juan Pierre showed bunt again.↵On the third pitch, Juan Pierre showed bunt.↵On the fourth pitch, Juan Pierre bunted, and was...

Whom Do I Sue?

The home run that Nate Schierholtz hit in the first inning in Colorado just came crashing through my living room window.↵My goodness.


DiceK hates Alice from The Brady Bunch.↵The reason I think this is: if the main title graphic from The Brady Bunch were the Amica Pitch Zone, DiceK was trying all game long to throw baseballs...

To Be Fair To Daniel Bard ... CAN'T let Adam Everett beat you there.↵I mean, you literally can't.  He is physically incapable of beating you. â†µUnless you walk him.

I'm Not Saying It's Easy To Hit HR At Yankee Stadium...

But it is. It's really easy. 12 in 21 innings so far. Screw small sample sizes.

Here's What We've Learned From the First Two Days

Nothing. You can't learn anything from the first two days. Everyone should stop trying to tell me what we've learned from the first two days.

Carlos Lee

is going to make $17.5 million this year.↵April Fool's! He's going to make $18.5 million.  But at least it's the last year of his contract.↵April Fool's! He's going to make $18.5...

I'm Glad Zito is Okay ...

... but if the other driver in that accident looks suspiciously like Brian Sabean with a giant fake moustache, this is the most obvious insurance scam of all time.

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