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Field Gulls is where I write about the Seahawks.
Fake Teams is where I write about fantasy baseball and football.
SB Nation is where I write about the NFL sometimes.
My journal is where I write about my heart songs.

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49ers already replacing new turf

The 49ers' brand new stadium is already getting new turf less than one week after its debut.


Battle of PA: Preseason edition

The Steelers and Eagles don't face each other as often as they once did, but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of state pride on the line.


NFL schedule: Thursday sees Foles, Big Ben

The Keystone State takes center stage with two of the league's top coaches and quarterbacks hitting the field.

The best players from different colleges

Who was the best Coug? Best Tiger? Which Tiger? Lots of animals, ya know.


Sammy Watkins leaves game with rib injury

The Bills rookie receiver has gone to the locker room after favoring his left side.

Vontaze Burfict questionable to return


Burfict led the Bengals with over 200 total tackles last season and is a big reason why Cincinnati could make the playoffs for the fourth year in a row, if healthy.

Michael Sam gets his first NFL sack


Not many seventh round rookies have the spotlight on them, or make the fourth quarter of a preseason game worth watching, but Rams defensive end Michael Sam picked up a sack on Matt Flynn and keeps his hopes of making the final 53-man roster alive and well.

More than we could ask for

An unexpected twist of fate set off a domino effect that would ultimately become the best secondary unit the league has ever seen. If things were only a little different that day, it would have...

More than words

The man, the truth, the legend. Sherman hasn't just exceeded expectations, he's destroyed our basic understanding of the word completely.

More than an afterthought

LOB Week continues with a closer look at the newest member of the starting four, though he could soon find himself somewhere else as a number one.

PRESENTED BY 893660388_logo_stb

2014 defense/special teams rankings


The 2014 season features plenty of quality team defenses for your fantasy football squad. It is no surprise the Seattle Seahawks remain atop the rankings.

More than just a one-hit wonder

There are other key players on the Seahawks besides Russell Wilson, I'm finding, and Chancellor looks like he could be getting even better.

Richard Sherman and 4 other players with something to prove


My fourth article on Rolling Stone this week previewing the upcoming season. Does Sherman still have something to prove or did he lose that chip?

Seahawks lose to Broncos in preseason opener

The Seahawks lost a preseason game for the first time since 2011, but Terrelle Pryor provided some excitement in the end.

Early Bird Special: Super Bowl winning QBs

QBs to win a Super Bowl in first five years have won an average of more than two career championships.

The NFL's Best Skill Players (Marshawn Lynch #4 RB) | Rolling Stone


My 2nd piece on Rolling Stone. Please share with friends and family and on your framily plan.

The first 74, part one

Two years after the Seahawks grabbed perhaps the best mid-round pick in franchise history, it's not too early to start to re-evaluate the players taken ahead of him.

Russell Wilson is better: I press my Luck

He's slayed nearly the whole lot, but there's one more beard in need of a good trimming. Make the cut as "short" as possible, please.

Hangout: Training Camp edition

Talking training camp with Jacson Bevens and Danny Kelly.

Russell Wilson is so much better

I just played you, and this is crazy, but Wilson's better, than Colin maybe.

Russell Wilson is still better

It seems like Cam Newton is sometimes "the forgotten man" when it comes to the best up-and-coming quarterbacks in the league.

Russell Wilson is better, part II

The 2012 class of quarterbacks could go down as the best we've seen in 30 years. Is Wilson clearly one of the top two from that draft? (Yeah!)

Russell Wilson is better

You don't have to prove that you're better than anyone else. But it's still fun.

Hammin' out with Field Gulls


Is Sherman the 7th-best player in the league or... should he be even higher?

A world without Wilson?


Heresy or the work of a mad genius? Seattle has more to consider than just giving their star player the biggest contract in NFL history next year, otherwise, what's the fun of it?

Google Hangout with guest Scott Enyeart

A "Win Forever' ambassador is here to talk to us about winning for... well, at least one more year!

That's gotta hurt

I'm not sure what soccer pains feel like, but here is a closer look at some of the rougher moments in Seahawks history.

Russell Wilson certainly doesn't suck

How do I love thee? Let me count the stats.

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