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Field Gulls is where I write about the Seahawks.
Fake Teams is where I write about fantasy baseball and football.
SB Nation is where I write about the NFL sometimes.
My journal is where I write about my heart songs.

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  • MLB Seattle Mariners
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Hammin' out with Field Gulls


Is Sherman the 7th-best player in the league or... should he be even higher?

A world without Wilson?


Heresy or the work of a mad genius? Seattle has more to consider than just giving their star player the biggest contract in NFL history next year, otherwise, what's the fun of it?

Google Hangout with guest Scott Enyeart

A "Win Forever' ambassador is here to talk to us about winning for... well, at least one more year!

That's gotta hurt

I'm not sure what soccer pains feel like, but here is a closer look at some of the rougher moments in Seahawks history.

Russell Wilson certainly doesn't suck

How do I love thee? Let me count the stats.

Some more possible Seahawks fights

Sherman versus Bates doesn't have quite the same clout as "Lynch versus Alexander" so what exactly would that look like?

A look back at the Royals 2011 farm system


Kansas City had the world at the tips of their fingers with this incredible collection of prospects, but maybe the problem was that they didn't trade enough of them in order to gain major league...

Year-over-year comparisons on defense

The less is more approach in the front seven and the more is more approach in the secondary, led to a historically-good result.

QB stats: #WINNING

If you want to be considered a great quarterback, there's no question that your team has to win. But should you be credited with the responsibility of that win, or is it ultimately meaningless?

Year-over-year comparisons on offense

You may know your favorite player on Seattle got better, worse, or stayed the same last year, but big much was the difference exactly?


Friday the OTth: What's your favorite scary prompt?

It's another Friday but in another way, it's not just any Friday! It's Friday the 13th! Which happens... every so often. I'm sitting here at work, applying for other jobs because I hate my job,...

Trade me your Lynch

Lynch might be unhappy with his deal, and you might be unhappy not being able to speculate about getting a second round pick for him, but trades don't work like they used to.

Passer rating? I hardly know her rating

There may not be a singular "best stat" for quarterbacks, but if you had to rank them in order, what would come first? Passer rating makes it's case... if only you could understand it.

Hangout on air with Niners Nation

Playing nice with the enemy, just this once.

Another look at the Kaeper-contract

Seeing Kaepernick get such a small guarantee might have some Seahawks fans wondering if Russell Wilson's deal will be so team-friendly. The answer: Probably not.

Niners set bar for Wilson contract, sign Kaep

It's another record-breaking deal for a QB, with the Seahawks looking ahead to their own potential contract situations in 2015.

The backup plan

Most fans were shocked when Seattle added an interesting young quarterback this year, but what are the chances he'll have much of an impact on the final roster?

5 facts about ADB

He's known for brushing off the haters with his play, but still many doubt his abilities. A deeper look at the numbers show a very special player indeed.

Young money

Overall, only two teams in the league were younger than Seattle last season, and the defending champs should only continue to "Benjamin Button" their roster for next year.

Time to DYAR homework

In part two of this advanced stats series, we take a closer look at DYAR and why it's a much better measurement for Russell Wilson than simple yardage totals.

John Schneider is the best

A new general manager was added to the division in four successive years, let's take a closer look at their drafts and determine why Schneider is so much better than the rest.

The first unPower Rankings of 2014

It's the first unPower Rankings of 2014, and I can promise you that this writer isn't afraid to take some chances. He's a good writer. The best, I say. Hey, I'm the one writing this. Me, the writer!

Abandon the 2-RB standard


Another season without a running back drafted in the first round, another year where there will be more 1000-yard receivers than 1000-yard rushers. Should we adjust?

Sizing up rookie training camp battles

Always comPete, comPete all ways, Come on, Pete, ways all?

First round becoming secondary round

Breaks previous record that was also tied last season. First round? More like the secondary round, am I correct?

2014 Fantasy football mock draft

The NFL Draft gets going Thursday evening, which means we'll find out how wrong mock drafts have been. Rather than focus on a normal mock, we have decided to mock out the first round only using...

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