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Field Gulls is where I write about the Seahawks.
Fake Teams is where I write about fantasy baseball and football.
SB Nation is where I write about the NFL sometimes.
My journal is where I write about my heart songs.

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Russell Wilson, the prospect

Take a look at Wilson as a draft prospect again and what do you see? The perfect player... except for that one thing. Is this the guy that should be backing up Matt Flynn?!

2014 Seahawks schedule


Schedule's up.

Pick or player?

The Seahawks gave up very little in order to gain the rights to Terrelle Pryor. How often have these sorts of deals worked out in the past?

Seahawks acquire Pryor


Wait, what just happened exactly?

Seahawks current WR unit

With most projecting Seattle to target a wide receiver early in May's draft, let's take a look at how they're currently set if they added nobody else.

Mel Kiper's mock pick for Seahawks

Is Kiper's mock pick for Seattle Tuitt legit Tuitt quit or should they go another direction?

I don't think the Texans are taking Clowney

A lot of mock drafts have the Texans taking Clowney, but the evidence suggests to me that they're more likely to trade it or take a quarterback.

IMO: Why the Rams will trade with the Falcons

An NFC West foe has a lot of power in this year's draft, and I believe they will use it.

Sidney Rice re-signs with Seahawks

The former number one receiver hints that he's coming back to Seattle, and then it's confirmed by another source.

M's callup Nick Franklin, which was necessary


Seattle scored nearly as many runs in their first three-game series as they have in the 10 games since. Franklin could hardly do worse.

Just what the heck is DVOA and why should I care?

You've been hearing more and more about these advanced stats, but are they good for anything and will they help me win an argument? Yes! If you just take a moment to understand what they mean.

Field Gulls poll: For better or worse?

It's been pretty good over the last two years, but is it possible that we have not seen anything yet?

Low rate of QB injuries is encouraging

Over the last two years, several key players have missed time due to injury; But an interception could be a bigger detriment than a hard hit.

Running downhill

As parents and coaches start to take notice of trends in the pros, fewer and fewer young players will want to take handoffs anymore.

A roundup of interesting stats to start the year


From Mark Trumbo to Jose Fernandez to the Seattle Mariners, there's been plenty of surprises to start the year. Will any of it last?

Spreading the Seattle love to the Mariners

It seems like every now and then, the success of one franchise will carryover to a different team in the same city. Could that be happening in Seattle this year?

Comparing Seahawks WRs to every other team

Seattle does need to add a couple more receivers, but compared to every other team in the NFL it's really not that bad.

Pete Carroll and the improbable turnaround

From Belichick to Harbaugh, no recent Super Bowl-winning coach had as little to work with when he took over as Carroll did. But here we are, and we're ready for more.

Fantasy implications of DeSean Jackson signing

The Washington Redskins signed wide receiver DeSean Jackson. We break down the fantasy implications.

The fortunate, unfortunate Mike Trout


It's possible that Trout is the best player we've seen in this era, but his franchise has done a lousy job of preparing for the future.

Seahawks "win" the Super Bowl


Yeah, Seattle is totally the champions of the NFL. (Fooled ya.)


Chris Johnson vs. history

With Johnson's time in Tennessee likely coming to an end, where does his legacy rank among others to reach the rare milestone of 2,000 yards in a single season?


NFL roundup: Andy Dalton talks contract extension

While DeSean Jackson visits the nation's capital, plenty more is going on around the league.

Top 5 remaining NFL free agents

The receiver market still has plenty of options, but teams looking for defensive help will likely have to turn to the draft.

DeSean Jackson and Seahawks? Don't think so.

Guys, this'll never happen.


DeSean Jackson to visit Redskins first

The Chiefs are reportedly out of the Jackson sweepstakes, but the Raiders are very much in the mix. What else is going on around the NFL?

Where could DeSean Jackson be headed?

There are supposedly at least nine teams that have inquired on DeSean Jackson's cost and availability. Who could those teams be, and which franchises are definitely not calling his agent?


Bears sign Jared Allen

Chicago has been busy this offseason, now stealing a top player from a division rival.

Jared Allen doesn't have much of a choice

With the free agency period basically all but finished, one notable player is still available. But does any team besides the Seahawks even have an offer or a roster spot for Allen?

Also a mock draft

I'm probably like the first guy ever to do something I call an "NFL mock draft" and here it is.

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