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What's next for Travis Releford?


The good folks over at Denver Stifa have an article about Travis Releford, how he played in NBA summer league, his hopes for getting a call to an NBA training camp, and his backup plan in Europe. What do you think? Do you think Travvy is NBA material? Would theoretically going to Europe or the D-league be his best option next year?


Kansas makes it back to Final Four of Academic Bracket

Every year, creates its "Academic Bracket," in which teams are compared with their APR scores, a measure of the eligibility and retention of their student-athletes. This year,...


Occasional Update on the All Time Wins Race

If we can take a moment and look beyond the borders of Jayhawk Nation for a minute, lets see how we continue to stack up against the bluest of blue bloods around college hoops. Coming into this...



There's no other way to say it: Wednesday night sucked. Ass. It would have been different if they had led for most of the game and lost it at the end on a buzzer beater or something. Instead, not...

NCAA's harshest punishments


With the NCAA about to announce it's "unprecedented" punishment for Penn State and its football program, take a look at some of the harshest punishments it has ever doled out, other than SMU's infamous "death penalty." Can a parallel be drawn to Barry Switzer's final days at Oklahoma, when three different players were arrested for rape in less than a month?

Tyshawn Taylor scores 17 in Summer League Debut


Taylor also had 6 boards, 3 assists, and 2 steals. However, he also had 4 turnovers, didn't shoot too efficiently, and was a -10 in +/- Still, a promising start for the rookie on a roster facing tons of upheaval right now.

Less than 700 students coming to Duke games


It's always the right time for a little Duke hating, right? Apparently the Cameron Crazies are dwindling over the past 5 years, despite a national championship. This is what happens when we allow "new money" into our exclusive Blue Blood Country Club. The next time someone tries to compare Cameron to Allen, point out that not even actual Dukies want to go spend time there.

Grantland breaks down KU over Baylor


IMO, Grantland has been largely hit-or-miss up to this point. But this is a nice look at some of the X's and O's of HCBS' zone offense against the Bears. My new.theory: Self hates zone defense so much, he's dedicated a large chunk of his life towards destroying every possible one someone tries to throw at him.

Irrelevant Hell-Hole Thinks it Matters


Apparently, there's a town in Misery known as "Osceola." Who cares, right? Well, this quaint methlab village must be the saddest place in America, because this week their "government" has finally determined why things have gone straight down the crapper for their township since the Civil War (even the "town" website starts off with, essentially, a plea for readers to know, "before the Civil War we actually were something! We promise!"): because the University of Kansas has the nickname "Jayhawks," of course! The resolution can be read on the link- demanding we cease using the name at once, requiring that "Kansas" and "KU" are never capitalized within town limits (ouch! Anything but that, Miseryanites!), the whole resolution was pushed through by a "Son of the Confederate Veterans," or NAMBLA, etc. KU's official response to the impotent petulance was pretty much a home run: In an emailed comment on the resolution, KU News Service Director Jill Jess said: "A Jayhawk is a blue bird with a red head and a big yellow beak that wears boots. It would be hard to confuse it with anyone with terrorist intent, though we admit we have been terrorizing the Tigers on the basketball court for some time. Tigers have been known to kill people. Bears, too." Love lumping Missouri State into this- nothing gets tiggers going quite like suggesting the two schools are on the same level. Harmless bit of backwoods nonsense? Or part of the larger movement of the past several decades to try and make the Confederacy's treason more palatable? Most importantly, will this hurt our chances of getting an invite from the ACC?


Why should your Conference host the Gold Cup?

Like all American soccer fans, I'm still quite pissed about the Gold Cup.  And not just because of Bornstein's incredible -4 performance or, Bob Bradley's....ugh let's just not even talk about it. ...

McDonald's AA Game Discussion Thread


WARNING: Link is a PDF As basketball shifts its focus towards building a "great" class, drop your observations on some of the best players in the class of 2011 here.

Hate Week Quiz Special


A team that shall not be named ranks very high in this one

And given top-ranked Ohio State's loss to Wisconsin and the fact that Texas handed No. 2 Kansas its...


And given top-ranked Ohio State's loss to Wisconsin and the fact that Texas handed No. 2 Kansas its only loss of the season, the Longhorns could find themselves sitting at No. 1 come Monday. They hope not. "We don't want No. 1," sophomore forward Jordan Hamilton said. That's understandable considering what happened last season: Texas started 17-0 and reached No. 1 for the first time in school history before a quick losing skid left them unranked in a matter of weeks. Thompson wasn't around then, but doesn't want anything to bring back reminders of what happened. "I don't want to be No. 1," he said.



If you are interested in donating to a scholarship fund set up for Thomas Robinson's sister, Jayla, please send them to: c//o SNR Denton 1301 K Street NW Suite 600, East Tower Washington, DC 20005 Be sure to include the fund's name, as SNR is a large law firm.

The last time the Chiefs won a playoff game...

  1. People still used carphones.
  2. You could get the score of the game off Progidy on your dial-up modem in about 10 minutes
  3. Ace of Base was bumping on every Walkman
  4. "Mrs. Doubtfire" was box office gold
  5. ...It's time, boys.

Dez Briscoe Makes his NFL Debut!


After being cut by the Bengals in the preseason, Desmond signed on to the Bucs'' practice squad. Today he made his way up to the active roster and had 2 catches for 28 yards.


It's showtime for Showtime Selby

As every Kansas fan knows, the best recruit HCBS has ever signed, Josh Selby, will finally be eligible come Saturday against USC.  To celebrate, consider this your home for all things JS   He's a...

Order has been restored


Jayhawks are once again the highest rated Big 12 team in America. Who is the most overrated team in the polls right now? Most underrated?

Texas lulz


It's not often we get to have a good laugh at UT's expense around here. Check out their horrifyingly awful "Legends Walk," destined to scar any young potential Longhorn fan for years. Bonus: Glen Mason joke!

Did Darian Miller save Turner Gill's job?


Link goes nowhere I just wanted to get people's opinions on this. And if you believe his job wasn't seriously in danger before the commitment, how does Darian Miller's signing impact your opinion of Turner Gill and his staff?


So what the heck do we think now?

I know Owen and the team will have great stuff on the specifics of the MASSIVE turnaround, but I wanna go "big picture" with this. After the win over Georgia Tech, how have your predictions for the...

Friday Afternoon OGT, anyone?


Possible Topics: - Whitlock's Quitapalooza on 610 Sports (starting about now). Might bring up KU at some point, though it sounds like it mostly will be about the Star and journalism. - Keegan predicts Lew Perkins will retire before the football season begins. What's up with that? - What kind of stats will Pick put up this year? - What's something awesome you did this week?



The KC Star brought together three of its best and brightest to unearth THE scandal of the century: Lew Perkins is well-compensated for his job! He doesn't even fly commercial! Also, he might have an error on one of his expense reports! This has never happened before in the world of business, ever. How can Jayhawk fans sleep at night knowing this MONSTER dares to take airplanes for business trips? Why can't he just take his scooter like Saint Alden does? Or bum rides in rusted-out Chevy Novas with migrant workers from town to town like the Mensa crew working in Manhattan?


Looking Forward: Neutral Site Games in a Ten Team Conference?

The other night I was thinking about the implications of playing in a no-divisions, everyone plays everyone else conference starting (likely) next year.  In all likelihood, any team that hopes to...



Here's a fantastic time-waster. "The Helmet Project" is basically an illustrated history of the helmets of pretty much any football team you can think of (including KU). I think we should bring back the white helmet with the Jayhawk for a game--maybe against Misery. Thoughts?

So what is basketball recruiting REALLY like?


This is a pretty enlightening article on the state of modern recruiting. The author agreed to keep 25 or so coaches anonymous in exchange for their candor on a variety of topics facing the modern game. I have my suspicions that HCBS gets quoted at least once in the article... but I'll let you guys use your own Jump to Conclusions Mat.

The Ron Prince Saga Continues for KSU


Holy crapballs this story just keeps getting better! KState's AD offered to sign a life insurance policy on his own life with Prince as the sole beneficiary if he would give up the "secret" buyout. Apparently, the secret buyout was part of an incentive to get Prince to sign an extension as quickly as possible, because: "Wefald and Krause felt it was important to resolve the contract issues before the 2008 football season, and they were concerned about negative publicity stemming from former Wildcat Leon Patton's legal woes. Patton, a running back who played two seasons for Prince, was being investigated on child abuse charges, and Wefald feared a public backlash if the story broke before Prince's contract was finalized." Classy. Question for Debate: Who would you be willing to put a life insurance policy on your own head for? And are they as awesome as Ron Prince?

Ohio State Recruit Jamel Turner Critically Injured in Shooting


A 17 year old girl was also killed in the incident in Youngstown. Obviously the normal snark has no place here. It goes without saying, but thoughts and prayers to Jamel and all families involved. And here's hoping the kind of scum that would do something like this gets what's coming to them.


Big 12 Expansion?

Does the Big 12(-2) go from the hunted to the hunter and look to expand? With just 10 teams now committed to the conference who are the candidates should the remaining schools look for new members.

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