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A Fitting Tribute to the End of an Era

Consider this mandatory reading. Lost in the constant discussion of Mangino's future and the heartbreak of losing a tough one to Misery is this simple fact: the Todd Reesing Era is officially over. Not only was Todd one of the most exciting college football players I've ever seen, but he was a truly great character and representative of KU off the field, as well. Tim Tebow is an excellent player and person. But I'd be willing to bet that a lot more people out there can relate to Todd's story than Tim's. Feel free to use this thread to share your favorite Reesing stories/ memories/ poetry about Sparky.

Annnnnd... Mangino's "motivational tactics" have become an internet meme. Please for the love of God just pay the fat man to go away. I like this one the best I think: I shoulda cut your scholarship and sent you to Iraq instead of doing that to your brother



Look. I don't have to tell you what kind of season this has been. But you know what? It's still Misery week, damn it. And I don't care if the "Varsity Blues" storyline plays out to its completion...


A Different Way of Thinking About this Football Season

  Coming into this season, expectations for the Kansas football team were high.  And why not? They've come off back to back bowl winning seasons, had a lot of returning depth, and still had the...



via   Tonight, the college basketball season kicks off for real, with a bizarre Roy Williams/ Isiah Thomas matchup that neither team seems to want to play. I know our boys...

Withey Out With Stress Fracture

On its surface, this isn't that big of a deal- player that can't play this semester anyways it out until around December 1. However, doesn't it seem like KU has had an awful lot of stress fractures the last couple of years? Obviously these guys push themselves to the limit day in and day out to become elite players, but is it possible that the training staff is letting the team down with poor stretching or treatment procedures? Even scarier- are Adidas shoes causing this? Obviously the contract they gave us was great, since it supported the entire athletic department instead of just the men's basketball team. But if the gear isn't up to snuff, isn't that a big time problem? Why have we had so many stress fractures?


Big 12 North Talk

So, after yesterday, what do we make of the Big 12 North picture?  The three teams we all assumed should rule the division all lost in various manners.  As of today, the mighty Wildcats of Little...

Another Reason to Hate Calipari

Courtesy of Rich Brooks' twitter. We. Must. Destroy. This. Team.

Mangino: As of now, no players will be suspended

From KUSports. None of us were actually there for the incident, so it's hard for any of us to definitively say this is or isn't the right call. Let's just hope this blows over quickly and get the focus back on the field, IMO.

Duke Football! Not that there's anything wrong with that...


Duke Football! Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Yeah, it's about basketball, but it's still pretty funny. Duke sucks.

Yeah, it's about basketball, but it's still pretty funny. Duke sucks.

How Coach Mangino Spends the Offseason

The geniuses over at EDSBS find another brilliant way to fill up the offseason.... Go witness the awesome power of MC Marky M!

Greg Paulus...Husker???

Looks like the former Duke PG is scheduled to visit Lincoln this week. Does anybody else think this guy would be just as much of a panicky b*tch at QB as he was as a PG? When I think of great quarterbacks, I think of Joe Cool... not Coach K's dorky failure.

REMATCH- Why this time we'll prevail

Here is the box score from the first time we played Michigan State. Why will this time be different? A few things that jump out at me: -Travis Releford... 21 minutes. Could be good some day, but isn't ready to compete at this level yet. -Marcus Morris... 8 minutes. Has developed into a key contributor and the clear leader of the Law Firm. -11 missed free throws... struggled with them against Dayton, but hopefully we can get that on track -14 turnovers...won't happen again. Team has improved too much. -5/20 from 3pt range...will be key once again this time around -Not a stat, but a comment from HCBS that's interesting: "He's gone from being maybe one of the best freshmen in our league to not being effective lately. Maybe he's hit the wall" describing the play of Tyshawn Taylor.

VegasWatch's breakdown of the fairness of each team's seeding. Methodology: ran tons of...


VegasWatch's breakdown of the fairness of each team's seeding. Methodology: ran tons of simulations by switching all of the seeds with all the other teams that seed level. The highest level red number for KU shows it has the most unfair path to the Sweet 16 of any team in the tournament.

The best student poster...ever???


The best student poster...ever???

In honor of last night's battle, check in on Lil' Reds adventures through space and time. From the...


In honor of last night's battle, check in on Lil' Reds adventures through space and time. From the geniuses at If you like college football, you have to read this blog, period.

For the First Time, Mario Little Understands What it Means to Play for Kansas

This is from the KC Star's writeup of last night's game. The money quote: Little played 30 minutes — his previous high was 14 — and for the first time he understood what it meant to wear a Kansas jersey. "Everybody’s got their own opinion about us," Little said, "saying that we’re soft and all that. Guys are trying to out-tough us, trying to talk that talk, just trying to scare us. It’s just talk. We can get through it. "We are the defending national champions."

A Real Life Bobby Boucher?

Only Mike Leach. Apparently, Texas Tech has had issues with their kicking game this year. This weekend they're seriously considering giving Matt Williams a shot. Why is this news? Because Matt came to the coaching staff's attention last weekend. How? By making a 30 yard FG in a contest. Saturday could be a close game. Could you imagine it all coming down to a kick by a kid sitting in the stands only a couple of weeks ago?


The Aftermath

And suddenly, the entire complexion of the season has changed.  Heading into Saturday, it was generally believed that KU was a full tier below Mizzou in quality, and that they wouldn't stand a...

MC Marky M

The funniest man on the internet, Orson Swindle, drops Coach Mangenius' (a.k.a., MC Marky M) new rap single. A sample: Big Mac with the mack suit Stunnin’ in the track suit Cash money got the honeys On my personal jack-fruit Four bills on the scale Still sippin’ Champale Trick bitches get crushed Snort ‘em up like they fat rails Might think we droppin’ retro cause we rock the velour Might think we frontin’ classy ‘Cause we rock the couture Go for the genius lines, stay for the hilarious photoshop of Mangino as Big Pun.


A KU Football Preview that goes beyond talking about last year's schedule?!?

With less than a month before the new football season (Hallelujah!), the previews are out in full force. Of course, most of them are so shallow, they're completely worthless (really? So you're...


OSU Fires Sutton; Why the Bill Self Rumors are Nonsensical

In case you haven't already heard, Sean Sutton has resigned as Oklahoma State's basketball coach. You can read about it here: course, this...


Post Your Big 12 Tournament Picks!

Time for everyone to show off just how much (little?) they know about Big 12 Mens Hoops! Post your picks here. The bracket (seed in parenthesis):(8) Texas Tech vs. (9) Oklahoma State --> Winner...


LSU / Bobby Knight Fallout

A lotta buzz flyin around the interwebs right now involving LSU, Bobby Knight, and uber recruit J'Mison Morgan.Let's go through this one step at a time.First, if you haven't heard, LSU fired head...


Bill Young Headed to Miami is reporting that Defensive Coordinator Bill Young has accepted a job at the University of Miami as the same position.  While KUSports has been burned before on "scoops" like this, I...


Orange Bowl Memories

We'll be talking about last night for 50 years. What was your favorite part?I think I'll go with the fake punt. For the past month, we've heard nothing but how great Beamerball's special teams...


Gandhi was right

"First they ignore you. Then they mock you. Then they fight you. Then you win."- Mahatma GandhiCan anyone think of a more apropros quote to describe this football season?  Until the Colorado win,...

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