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Kent is a writer for Nucks Misconduct on SB Nation. He was the host/producer of the 'All The Rage' music video show on Kamloops, BC's community television station from 1989-1994, and the host of Mass Hypnosis Metal Radio from 1999- 2004 on 92.5 The X at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops. He lives in Victoria, BC.

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2014 NHL Entry Draft Open Thread


Are you not entertained? GM Jim Benning & Trevor Linden have made some deals today and are putting their stamp on the team. Now though, it's time to see who will be part of the Canucks future as we prepare for the draft in Philly.



New Canucks GM Jim Benning wasn't kidding when he said he wasn't concerned with trading within the division...

Canucks Player Autopsy: Tom Sestito


It speaks volumes about the kind of year the Canucks had that so much time was spent talking about this guy, doesn't it?

Canucks Player Autopsy: Jannik Hansen


Known by many Canucks fans as the Honey Badger, this Dane was given this nickname because he simply didn't give a fuck. Was this year a sign of what's to come, or more a product of the Canucks under John Tortorella?

Canucks Player Autopsy: Mike Santorelli


Canucks' fans were skeptical when Mike Gillis brought in this one time twenty goal scorer that couldn't stay in the Florida Panthers' lineup.

Canucks Player Autopsy: Ryan Kesler


If you had to pick one player that represented the craziness of this past season, look no further than Ryan Kesler. His ups and downs, highs and lows mirrored that of the Canucks.

Canucks Prospect Dane Fox Named OHL Overage POTY


We've desperately been seeking some actual good news of late, and this one sure makes me think there's a bright future ahead. The OHL announced today that Canucks prospect and Erie Otters F Dane Fox is the OHL Overage Player Of The Year.

What Do You Want From Us?


Being a Canuck fan has never been easy, but after another jaw-dropping low point, I am left wondering: Mr. Aqualini, what do you want from us?

Trade Deadline Day Threadapalooza


Is this gonna be another NHL trade deadline where all the best trades happen the day before the deadline? Probably. Are the Canucks gonna trade Ryan Kesler? Maybe. Am I still asleep? Most likely.

Canucks, Sens swap prospects


The Canucks have sent D Patrick Mullen to Ottawa for LW Jeff Costello

Decrepit Crescendo


With trade winds, player and fan discontent swirling, the Canucks head to Phoenix for an important game vs the Coyotes. Are the Canucks making moves to load up for the playoffs, as they would have us believe, or are they already dead in the water?

What Are You Trying To Say? I'm Crazy?


I'd love to be able to say we've hit peak insanity in Canuckville, but it seems like they keep upping the crazy like that kid you knew in Grade 3 who could be dared to eat anything.

Fire Cleanses


No matter how bad things got for the Canucks over the last few years, we could always take solace in the fact that twice a year, the Canucks would beat the Leafs. I have some bad news for you...

We're So Boned


Screwed. Toast. History. Dead in the freakin' water. No matter how you look at it, this team is going nowhere. Damn them to hell for having the kind of December they had, because it gave us nothing but false hope.

And Now For Something Completely (Not) Different


We'd all love a normal game right about now. The last 2 weeks have been nuts, but I have some bad news for you all: It's not going away any time soon. The Canucks are gonna continue playing teams that are out for blood: Tonight, it's the Oilers.

Embrace The Hate Wrap Up


It's been quite a week, hasn't it Canucks fans? Here's a wrap up of some of the most awesome irrational, nonsensical, bizarre and just plain stupid Canucks hate of the last week on Twitter.

Hockey Day In Canada, Eh?


It's Hockey Day In Canada, that manufactured holiday where we all gather around and get nostalgic about the CBC, good Canadian boys and antiquated notions about how we think we remember the game. It's all a bunch of crap.

Canada/Finland and Canucks/Kings


A veritable plethora of hockey for you to enjoy today, as we start the morning off with the WJC Semifinal matchup between Canada and Finland, and end the night with the Canucks looking to get back to their road warrior ways against the Kings.

I Got Yer Dagger Right Here


Some might bemoan the new balanced schedule in that it only sees the Canucks play the Chicago Blackhawks twice. I actually dig this, as the games take on a little more meaning. Absence makes the heart grow fonder or something like that. Bastards.

Canucks Brunch- I Don't Care


Some of us (myself included) had that lingering thought the Canucks might look past the Oilers last night. Boy, did they show us (and the Oilers), and now prepare to face the Boston Bruins, and while it's a big game, don't believe the hype.

Canucks Breakfast


After 3 days off that seemed more like an eternity, the Canucks are back at it tonight against the Oilers. I want to believe they're not looking ahead to tomorrow night's game against the Bruins...

Canucks Breakfast- Not Lack-ing


Alright, now we're back in familiar territory: A goalie controversy. Eddie Lack did last night what Roberto Luongo couldn't the night before by hanging on for a shutout. Should Lack be the sta......

Canucks Brunch: Tripping Over The Same Rock


A look at last night's win over the Avs, featuring a trend-bucking 3rd period from the Canucks, and examining a weekend of idiocy in the NHL and why they continue to trip over the same rock.

Just Win... Please?


After what seems to be just another proto-typical Canucks game Saturday night, the boys seem to be pretty pissed off right now. Maybe the Canucks need to embrace their inner Tortorella as they take on the Kings tonight?

101st Grey Cup- Hamilton at Saskatchewan


It's the biggest day in Canadian Football, as the Hamilton Tiger Cats are in Regina to take on the hometown Saskatchewan Roughriders. It's gonna be cold. And it's gonna be awesome.

Canucks Brunch- Bigger Fish, Etc


Yes, last night was great, and yes tonight is gonna be awesome, but here at Nucks Misconduct we've got something else on our minds. Tonight we're calling on you to help those devastated by Typhoon Haiyan as we raise money for the Canadian Red Cross.

Perception Versus Reality Or Something...


Here we are, with the Canucks in the midst of a slump that appears to be a combination of bad luck mixed with a steady succession of hot opposing goalies? What's really going on here?

Nucks Misconduct Island Meet Up


I've threatened this for a long time now. You were warned. Now, it's gonna happen. Canucks prospect Hunter Shinkaruk and the Medicine Hat Tigers are coming to Victoria to take on the Royals Jan 21.

Mailbag time


Mailbag time, kids. Today we're going to devote some time (sadly, so) to someone who obviously doesn't grasp the concept here at Nucks Misconduct, and took the time to email me personally. I guess he never played the internets before.

Bounce This!


As frustrating as losses to the *spits on the ground* Sharks are when they happen like that, the way the Canucks are playing is more conducive to wins than losses, but some bounces their way wouldn't hurt.

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