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Not Saying It's My New Hat, But They've Gone 4 for 5 and had a No Hitter

Hubris is the enemy in Baseball and I think that we as a fanbase, the FO, and the team itself was just so pumped, so blinded by "winning" the hot stove league. I was there at the Pujols/Wilson...

Sent to me by a friend. :( I LOL'd :( :(


Sent to me by a friend.  :( I LOL'd :( :(


Saw My First Pujols HR, This is What it Looked Like.

Albert went 2-3, with a 1st Inning HR, and a long fly double (with a fly out that wasn't a homer due to wind). Follow the Jump For The Swing Follow Through and More Favorite shots from today.

Inside The Park Grand Slam in SLC


Jeremy Moore scrambled to get it done!


I Know We're All In A Funk

Look we just lost a series to one of the worst teams in baseball because of a bullpen implosion.  We also got word that Kendrys is out for the year, but please can we have a little perspective?

Hear about our deaf Pitcher in SLC?


No serious, have you heard about it? I SAID, HAVE YOU...

Anyone Else Notice Morales is listed as 1B/RF


Maybe that's the answer: Kendrys/Torii/Abreu/Trumbo Platooning between DH Torii/Abreu/P-Bo/VW/Morales in the OF And Trumbo/Morales splitting 1B... Man that's complicated just typing it out. It's problematic since we are gelling up nicely right now. Thoughts?

Nice Piece on Waldo


Yahoo sports talks about our Young Closer.

More Awesome Angels ST Pix


Here's some pix from Last year on the field and Spring Training Last Weekend from my Cousin In Law.


Spring Training Pictures From Dodgers/Giants

I went to Spring Training to see four games and the Dodgers/Giants was the first of them.  Full disclosure, I'm an Angels fan, but rooted for the Dodgers when I was a kid growing up in the OC. A...


Spring Training Pictures

Just got back from Spring Training. Saw three Angels games and the Dodgers/Giants game.  It was a blast. Saw Wells make a couple of key hits and make a great catch, saw Trout use his wheels to make...

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