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"...balls are always a subject that makes a lady energetic."
"It depends on who is throwing them, Mr. Darcy." - Elizabeth Bennet

"You can trust me, I'm an engineer"- seattlebruin

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OT 6/09/10 Close, horseshoes and grenades.

"You play for pride," he said. "You play to win, no matter what's going on. You play the game the same way whether you're in first place or last place, whether you're playing for that last spot...


OT 5/20/10 Heist!

The dread 75!  And I'm off. Thief or thieves removed 5 painting worth approx. $431 million in Paris.  Reports are of a person entering a window and cutting a lock to gain access to the paintings. ...


Famous Last Words OT 5/10/2010

Run of the mill fare here for the dread 75, but last words are a constant source of amusement.  There's the famous "Rosebud" and then the not so famous, and then the standards.  My personal...


OT of Uninspiration. 3/2/2010

Or Lack of Imagination, it's a distant cousin of underwhelmed only for... a lack of creativity.  Not the word I'd like to use but apparently my internal thesaurus can't be bothered today   Favorite...


First Thursday in February (and Superbowl!) OT

There have been some great OT threads recently, what kicked them off I have no idea.  Happy feet for Spring Training is my theory.   I have no seeds of thought for an OT discussion, actually I...


OT January 7th, 2010

Anyone ever figure something out long after the fact?  For instance, some time ago brayden04 said today is a great day, probably 3 months later I realized he might have made a triple double that...

Missed calls prompt umpire switch for World Series


"...three people with knowledge..." "...spoke under conditions of anonymity". Just a rumor for now but there's supposed to be a press announcement later. This would mean CB Bucknor would not be part of the WS, he is presently scheduled to be on the crew.

12 -run inning lifts BoSox over Cleveland.


How much fun would it be to see this happen for your team?


OT 4/22/'09 Your Mother For $1000, Alex!

OT ideas for the day?  I don't know but EVERYTHING HAS TO BE IN THE FORM OF A QUESTION!  And if you don't?  You will single handedly be responsible for jinxing the M's into a ten game losing...


OT Fanpost Until It Sleeps With The Fishes

The last OT thread that was properly titled as such quickly fell off the list, the sidebar post that unofficially became the next OT has also fallen victim to a similar fate.  I recently changed my...


OT 2/5/09 Are We There Yet? (how about now?)

Santa Fe Institute.   Rather innocuous title, it's a think tank.  From their website: "...emphasizing multi-disciplinary collaboration in pursuit of understanding the common themes that arise in...


OT 1/27/09 Countdown to S.T. Continues...

Growing old is never a ball of fun, but when you live long enough to retire having survived a century that included a Great Depression, two World Wars, born in an era of horse drawn transportation...


OT Friday 1/23 Rickets disease is a bitch

From Chapman's Sailors Lexicon;  FOG: a mist at sea, consisting of the grosser vapours floating in the air near the surface of the sea.  This definition is preceded by FOENUS NAUTICUM:  nauticul...

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