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The Angels are now affiliated with the Burlington Bees. So annoying.

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Preview of Angels' 2013 BP Cap


I've been rocking the same (well, two caps, same design) Halos cap for years now, the old BP cap with the blue crown and red squatchee and brim, and now the Angels are busting out a reverse design that I think looks pretty sweet. I love the Angels, but all-red isn't for me. What does everyone think? And how sad should Braves fans be about theirs? Yeesh.

Trout is Angels' fans very own Angel


ESPN doing a piece that should warm your heart after games like yesterday's, a paean to the wunderkind that brings us all joy even in the darkest of times. Read it, smile, and remember that Mike Trout is an Angel, now and for years to come.

Mike Trout - Best in MLB By 2013


Veteran evaluator on Mike Trout: "If he's not the best player in the game by the end of this season, he will be by the end of next season." - @Buster_ESPN (Buster Olney)

Angels Lineup 5/18 at San Diego Padres


Trout 8, Izturis 5, Pujols 3, Trumbo 9, Kendrick 4, Wells 7, Aybar 6, Wilson 2 & Weaver 1.

Lineup 5/17 - BOURJOS!


Trout 9, Izturis 6, Pujols, 3, Trumbo DH, Kendrick 4, Wells 7, Callaspo 5, Bourjos 8, Hester 2 & Wilson 1.

SI.com Predicts Angels in 2012 - And It's Good


SI.com has predicted the Los Angeles Angels as the team with the best regular-season record, the AL champions, and in a delicious slice of second helpings, champions of baseball over the upstate San Francisco Giants. Also, the Halos stomp the Wild Card survivor Rangers in the first round. What a perfect year that would be. I couldn't ask for better. Except for Albert, Jered, and Trout collecting some well-deserved hardware.

How Vernon Wells Can Help the Angels


It's behind the ESPN Insider paywall, but if you're a subscriber (what? I got it for free with some promotion), it's a good article by FanGraphs' Dayn Perry about how a smart, modern team would use Wells for what he's good at, and not set him up to fail by repeating last year. It is my hope that DiPoto will be the kind of GM to encourage this type of thinking and strategy, instead of letting Scoscia do What Has Always Been Done all the time.

Jered Weaver chooses comfort over dollars


SI's Lee Jenkins breaks down Weaver's decision to stay in Angels red. He also brings up a pitch I've never even heard of, describing it as a "no-seamer" or "dry spitter."


Angels 2012: What Needs to Happen

A breakdown of where the Angels went wrong and where they can go right.


I Can Finally Rest For The Winter

I had resolved not to watch any more baseball this season, and for a while, my resolution held. But with the Red Sox, the stupid red-legged, navy-capped New England Master of Clutch clawing their...


Baseball Should Expand and Re-Align

I have a problem with the disparity between leagues and divisions, and it has bothered me ever since the Brewers went all National on everyone. As an Angels fan, I'm tired of hearing about how the...


What Happened? Well, A Lot

While there is the tiniest bit of reassurance that at least the Angels beat the Red Sox in the postseason, the general feeling from this Angels fan is one of frustration. From lineup changes never...

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