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Kevin is a sports fan. He'll watch anything that involves a ball (or puck). He writes for Matchsticks & Gasoline, Hot Hot Hoops, and Litter Box Cats.

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  • MLB Pittsburgh Pirates
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User Blog

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter XXI: 430-426


Today, we review the Flames careers of Robin Bartel, Rick Mrozik, Bill Hogaboam, Tony Curtale, and the immortal Kris Chucko.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter XX: 435-431


Today's entry includes Patrick Lebeau, Mark Lamb, Matt Keetley, Shawn Heaphy, and Robert Dome, five players who combined to play five games for the Flames.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter XIX: 440-436


In our return to the countdown, we check out the (very) brief careers of Randy Turnbull, Jarrod Skalde, Paxton Schulte, Tomi Maki, and Lane MacDermid.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter XVIII: 445-441


Today's dispatch will focus on short-time Flames Scott Morrow, Richard Zemlak, Eric Landry, Vesa Viitakoski, and Kay Whitmore.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter XVII: 450-446


Today's article includes an homage to Jukka Hentunen, Darryl Olsen, Tim Harrer, Barry Nieckar, and Neil Eisenhut.

Heat 109, Bobcats 98: Five Stars


The numbers behind the numbers dictate who were the heroes in the Charlotte Bobcats' last game ever.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter XVI: 455-451


Today, we check out former Flames Mike Dwyer, Niklas Andersson, Lynn Loyns, Brett Sutter, and Brendan MIkkelson.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter XV: 460-456


In Chapter 15 of our offseason-long countdown, we take a peek at the careers' of Dany Sabourin, Jeff Brubaker, Martin Sonnenberg, Bryce Van Brabant, and Jim Korn.

Heat 98, Bobcats 85: Five Stars


The heroes of last night's game may seem obvious at first blush, but what about the numbers behind the numbers?

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter XIV: 465-461


Join us for another five players from the Flames history book. Jason Jaffray, Stu Grimson, Marko Jantkunen, Dave Gorman, and Rick Adduono consist of today's feature.

Heat Push Bobcats To The Brink


This game was no contest for the Heat. LeBron challenged history, and his supporting cast came through big.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter XIII: 470-466


Jason Muzzatti, Alan Letang, Ryan Christie, Raitis Ivanans, and Tyrone Garner lead today's all-time countdown chapter.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter XII: 475-471


Today's dispatch features Tim Ramholt, Randy Bucyk, Vic Mercredi, Mark Freer, and Niklas Sundblad.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter XI: 480-476


Today's tribute to the pantheon of Flames past include Krys Kolanos, Greg Nemisz, Warren Peters, Mathias Johansson, and Bill Arnold.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter X: 485-481


Today's installment of the countdown features Todd Harkins, Paul Kruse, Blake Sloan, Kyle Greentree, and Carsen Germyn

HHH GameTime Preview: HEAT Host Bobcats, Game 2


The HEAT look to double-down on their first round foes, the Charlotte Bobcats.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter IX: 490-486


A career overview of former Flames Pat Conacher, Guy LaRose, Jerry Byers, Pierre Roux, and Dean Talafous.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter VIII: 495-491


Get on board for the eighth installment of 146 as we go from last to first. In today's every-Flames countdown, we profile five guys who totaled 28 games for the Flames.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter VII: 500-496


30 down, 500 to go. Another five Flames to countdown today.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter VI: 501-505


Today on the Flames Countdown, we'll check out three centers and two right wingers.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter V: 510-506


Today's Chapter in the all-time countdown will see us review five more Flames.

Five Questions With Rufus On Fire


Ben Swanson, the main brain over at the Charlotte Bobcats blog, Rufus on Fire, was kind enough to answer some questions going into the series this weekend.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter IV: 515-511


In today's Chapter, we take a look at two Canadians, two Americans, and a right winger from Moscow.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter III: 520-516


In Part III of our offseason-long every-Flames countdown, we take a look at five more forwards.

Philadelphia Defeats Miami: 76ers 100, HEAT 87


The Heat bench couldn't quite keep up with the Philly starters in the regular season finale.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter II: 525-521


Chapter II of our 146 part series sees us review the careers of two left wingers, two right wingers, and a center.

Flames All-Time Countdown Chapter I: 530-526


This article is the first of 146 that we'll run here at Matchsticks and Gasoline throughout the summer. We're running down all 530 players to have suited up for the Flames.


Heroes And Zeroes XII: Brewers 4, Pirates 1

Heroes and Zeroes is a series where I use to rank each player's gameday. It is not meant to say one player is better than any other player. WPA is a context dependent measurement...

Flames! Canucks! Round CCLV!


It's round 255 of the Flames/Canucks series! Check back as both teams try to head into the offseason with a win.

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