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Realignment Q&A, Part 3: How Texas fared


The Texas Longhorns opted to stay put in conference realignment. In the third and final section of Frank the Tank's Q&A, he discusses whether the 'Horns made the right move.

Realignment Q&A, Part 2: Winners and losers


There were a number of winners and losers in conference realignment. In the second part of BON's Q&A with Frank the Tank, the realignment expert breaks down which conference won big and which...

Frank the Tank conference realignment Q&A: Part 1

Conference realignment aficionado Frank the Tank joins BON to talk about why conference realignment has slowed and what it means that schools have granted their rights to their conferences.

Were those black jerseys the worst ever for Texas?


The black jerseys worn by the Texas hoops team at Kansas were pretty hideous. But were they the worst in school history?

It Is What It Is


Don't despair, Longhorns fans! Mack Brown has some inspirational words to fire you up...

SBNation Blog Poll: BON Week 2 Ballot

I'm here with my first stab at actually ranking teams this season. You might recall that I submitted a blank preseason ballot, and moving pretty much kept me offline all last week. No need to...

Texas Climbs To #12 In Coaches, #14 In AP Polls


Primarily by virtue of avoiding the upset bug which visited Arkansas and Wisconsin this weekend, Texas started slowly climbing up the polls in the inevitable way teams facing unimpressive OOC...

SBNation BlogPoll -- Preseason Top 25 BON Ballot


[Update]: Here's hhow the final preseason BlogPoll looks. Texas is right in the same vicinity according to SB Nation writers as they are according to the coaches and the AP. --GoBR What's the...

The Hypocrisy Of The Modern Football Fan


(Spoiler Alert: The hypocrite I'm writing about is me. Not you. Me. Well, maybe you as well. But we'll get to that in the discussion portion of this post, I suppose.) "Still, football has...

Penn State Sanctions Discussion Thread


Open thread for the Penn State sanctions, which were handed down this morning. Find out what happened to the Nittany Lions.

Should Penn State Receive The Death Penalty?


I know that this isn't strictly a Longhorn-related topic, but I think it's an interesting one to discuss, and I'm curious to see where the BON readership falls on the issue. In the aftermath of the...

Welcome To The Superconference Era Of College Football


With the announcement of the Big 12-SEC champions meeting annually in a new bowl game, the superconference era of college football has finally arrived.

FSU To The Big 12 Rumors: The Bigger Picture


FSU To The Big 12? A quick analysis.

Big East Commissioner Forced To Resign; Louisville Inching Toward Joining Big 12?


Perhaps a bit more relevant to the future of the Texas Conference Big 12 than the musings of one Cemetery Hill, Andy Katz (who I have found to be one of the best reporters on realignment-related news when he sticks his toes in those waters) reports that the resignation (and presumed to be the forced resignation) of Big East Commissioner John Marinatto might lead Louisville to further pursue a possible move to the Big 12, given the Cardinals AD's close ties with Marinatto. Personally, it's hard for me to envision a scenario of the Big 12 getting to a descriptively-correct number of teams without Louisville involved.


Everton U-19s In The Dallas Cup

I live in the northern suburbs of Dallas, so I've had a great opportunity to watch the Everton U-19 team compete in this weeks' Dallas Cup, arguably the most prestigious youth football tournament...

Do We Want The Play-In Game?


Will you be rooting for Texas to be playing in Dayton when the brackets are announced?

Hide Your Couches! WVU To Big 12 For 2012 Official

Though the official Big 12 schedules are yet to be released, I think it is very safe to assume The Big 12 schedules for 2012 have now been released (with a separate post to follow), and it is now official that the Couch-Burning Hordes Of Morgantown will be Austin-bound this fall. Also, it appears quite possible/likely that our seasons going forward will conclude with games against Texas Tech Kansas State rather than Baylor -- a positive move, assuming TCU plugs into the A&M Thanksgiving slot, as it will mean we're no longer concluding the season with two straight on the road every other season as would have been the case keeping Baylor in that slot.

WVU, Big East Near Resolution


From the article: "West Virginia is close to reaching a settlement with the Big East. The Mountaineers will pay the conference an $11 million cash settlement to join the Big 12 for the upcoming football season, a source with knowledge of the situation told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The settlement is expected to bring to an end more than three months of litigation between the school and the conference since the Mountaineers announced in late October that it planned to join the Big 12 in time for the 2012 football season."

West Virginia Seeks To Speed Up Move To Big 12


The return of fun and completely nonsensical realignment-based rumors to BON spurred me into trying to figure out what's up with WVU -- this situation kinda sorta needs to be figured out quickly, don't you think? Here's the latest: WVU is seeking to cancel its game this fall with Florida State to make room for the additional conference games the Big 12 will require.

Craig James Expected To Run For U.S. Senate


I know this isn't strictly UT-related. I also know that we tend to avoid political discussions here. But after quadruple-checking to make sure this wasn't an early April Fool's Day article, I thought it was too good to pass up for discussion. Maybe the good news is that ESPN would have to take him off bowl coverage if there's any chance this might be true? Silver linings, people, silver linings.


What It's Like To Play In The Rose Bowl: A Guide For Our Cal Friends

Having an opportunity to play Cal later this month has surprisingly allowed us Longhorn followers to see that the wounds over 2004 haven't quite healed yet for our friends from the Golden State. ...

Voters, Do The Right Thing


A plea for voters to place OSU ahead of Alabama.

The most absurd line ever?


Texas favored by as much as -9.5 versus Kansas State this week. Huh?!?

New Stadium Planned At Baylor?


I just stumbled upon the new SBNation blog for Baylor (welcome aboard, and just ignore those nasty things I've said about Baylor over the last couple of years) and saw these plans for a possible new on-campus stadium in Waco. Let's hope this has some traction, as the mock-up looks beautiful.

LHN's latest self-serving announcement (via Facebook) on the status of contract negotiations with,...


LHN's latest self-serving announcement (via Facebook) on the status of contract negotiations with, well, most of the Western Hemisphere. The way I read it is, if you didn't get the Rice game, you're not getting the KU game: Grande and Verizon FiOS carry Longhorn Network. We've attempted to do similar deals with Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, AT&T U-Verse, Dish Network and Comcast. Unfortunately, these operators have not engaged in active negotiations in the past month. We are disappointed they are choosing to deprive Texas fans of this weekend’s Kansas-UT game, as well as other valuable content. While these providers are not negotiating with us, LHN wants to bring the game to you. Join us for 2 free big screen viewing parties this Saturday.


Help Me Vote - Week 4 Results

As usual, I'm looking to tap into the collective wisdom of most of the BON readership help a poor sap like me vote in this week's SBNation BlogPoll.  I say "poor sap" because work commitments kept...

Fake Dan Beebe Goes Out In A Blaze Of Glory


For anyone who's followed Fake Dan Beebe on Twitter, his reaction to today's turn of events was absolutely epic. SBNation has kindly consolidated all of his tweets into one place. Warning: Foul language ahead. Lots and lots of foul language.


Prediction: Ole Miss will cancel its series with UT

A thought occurred to me last night: with A&M moving into the SEC next season and, presumably, onto the schedule of Ole Miss, do the Rebels have an incentive to cancel its home-and-home with...

Realignment Monday Open Thread


Since we're reasonably expecting a fair amount of breaking news throughout the day, let's use this as out realignment open thread.  As always, with this forum in which to discuss your opinions on...

SBNation BlogPoll: Week Four Results


Here's my ballot for this week. A couple of notes: (1) Even though OU won on the road in a hostile environment, LSU's defense has now given me enough to work on to elevate them to the top of the...

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