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Help Me Vote - Week 3 Results

As always, I'm looking to you for advice on how to vote in this week's SBNation blog poll. I really do take a look at this! Please provide any insight into any games you watched this weekend in...

Post-Game Celebration Thread: Texas Beats UCLA 49-20


(This will be your evening open thread as well, since these threads generally become one in the same anyway.) In one of the more enjoyable and satisfying games we've had in a long time around these...

Texas vs UCLA: Second Half Open Game Thread


No need for pics this week.  So far so good...

Texas To The ACC: How Would It Happen?


There's been increased speculation in the last few days that Texas might be eying the ACC as a landing spot should the Big 12 disintegrate. With this particular outcome, I've also noticed a slight...

Has Texas Overplayed Its Hand?


A little over a year ago, when I started participating discussing realignment theories and conspiracies with other realignment geeks on Frank The Tank's blog, one argument I would see fairly...

SBNation BlogPoll: Week Two Results


Um, OK, so that 8 am Monday morning deadline is a hard deadline? Oh.  Even if I was delayed by coming back from a game?  Double oh. So, anyway, here's how my ballot for the week would have worked...

Longhorn Logo Turns 50


And for a nice little change of pace: my graphic designer brother pointed out this interesting article to me...

BlogPoll Top 25: Week One Results


This week's SBNation Top 25 ballot.


Help Me Vote: BlogPoll Week One

This will be the first in what I anticipate to be a weekly series of posts in which I ask you, the BON readership, to help me our with my task of voting in SBNation's BlogPoll by sharing any...


Please: No More LHN-Related FanPosts Today!

Yes, we know that many of you are frustrated that you won't be able to watch the game today, at least through legitimate means, because of the carriage dispute between LHN/ESPN and most major cable...

SBNation BlogPoll Top 25: Preseason Ballot


So I've drawn the long straw and will be casting BON's official ballot in this year's SBNation BlogPoll Top 25. This could be dangerous. My intended methodology and my preseason poll after the...

What Would The "National Conference" Look Like?


And welcome to Advanced Theoretical Realignment! As one who follows realignment news fairly closely, I've seen some speculation that the ultimate end-game scenario for Texas is neither sticking...

A Small Symbol Of The Aggie Obsession With Texas


I found myself passing randomly through College Station around lunchtime this afternoon.  (Don't ask.) (Well, if you insist, I was taking the back roads from Houston to Dallas for a change of pace...

Team Speed Kills: Why The Longhorn Network Is Bad For College Football


Yeah, I'm beginning to reconsider that whole move to Team Speed Kills idea.

Goodbye BON, Hello Team Speed Kills!


Well, faithful BON readers, I have some sad news which I am sure is going to absolutely tear you up.I’m leaving BON.  Beginning with the 2012-13 athletic season, I will be writing instead for T...

Realignment Sunday Open Thread: Taking The Cheese


This worked well last year, so we'll try it again this week.  Let's make this thread your one-stop shop for all things realignment-related today.  Rather than start new fan posts and stories every...

There’s a massive public flagship university located in one of the top football recruiting states...


There’s a massive public flagship university located in one of the top football recruiting states in the nation that has entered into a multi-year multi-million dollar third tier rights deal with a regional sports network that is wholly-owned by a large multimedia conglomerate. There are some football and basketball games along with coaches’ shows and other promotions showing the university. The RSN also telecasts high school football games that potentially showcase that university’s recruits. Such public flagship university does not own any part of such RSN. I’ve just described the contract that the University of Florida has with Sun Sports.

(From Frank The Tank's most recent realignment-related post.)

PSA: Longhorn Network Carriage Agreements

GhostOfBigRoy's post below about the Longhorn Network has started spawning questions over which cable and satellite providers have signed agreements to broadcast the network. To simplify this for...

UT Launches Skiing Program; To Seek Automatic Berth In Championships*


(AUSTIN - June 21) To the surprise of many, the University of Texas today announced that it would field men's and women's varsity skiing team**, beginning with the 2011-12 academic year. Flanked by...

I saw this as the prize in one of those claw machine thingies this afternoon. I think this the...


I saw this as the prize in one of those claw machine thingies this afternoon. I think this the most bizarre piece of Texas-related merchandise I've ever seen. And despite the fact that there's an "(R)" on the whateverthehellitis, something tells me this isn't an Officially Licensed Product.

Rick Barnes Receives $200,000 Raise


Board of Regents approves raise which increases Barnes' base salary to an even $1 million annually and his overall comp package to $2.4 million a year.

Rick Perry, Don't Mess With Texas


Important news about allegations that Gov. Perry might seek the ouster of UT President William Powers.

Big 12 & Fox to sign long-term cable rights deal


Saw this as I as about to step away for the day, so I can't even do a quick analysis, but I wanted to get this up before doing so. Key takeaway from the article, which is in line with my post-realignment madness belief that the long-term future of the Big 12 sans Nebraska is much brighter than I would have believed a year ago: What does that deal bring beside a lot of zeroes? Think stability. Texas A&M will be guaranteed the $20 million annually from the conference that it negotiated last season to stay put and not bolt to the SEC. Everybody else will be at or near that figure. In short, the remaining 10 members in the conference will be flush with cash, rewarded not jumping ship when it looked like the Big 12 might become an afterthought. There will be no need to look elsewhere for a better deal. Does this mean that the Aggies will stop bitching about the benjamins now?

Unpaid contributors sue Huff Post, AOL for $105 million


Stop exploiting me, Bean, like a "modern-day slave" on your "plantation". You've been warned.

Fire Gail Goestenkors!


Is it time for Gail Goestenkors to go?

Cotton Bowl To Replace Fiesta In BCS?


Cotton Bowl To Replace Fiesta In BCS? Recent corruption provides a window of opportunity.

Lawrence, Kansas, Sunday, March 20. Oops.


Lawrence, Kansas, Sunday, March 20.  Oops.

Frank To Aggies: You're Not Going Anywhere, Little Brother


Great piece from Frank the Tank taking on and destroying the ongoing myth perpetuated by less knowledgeable types, like Clay Travis and the editors of other SBNation blogs, that the Aggies will inevitably wind up in the SEC. "When the University of Texas signed its network deal with ESPN, the drumbeats from people that aren’t looking at the big picture started: 'Well, this means Texas A&M is heading to the SEC sooner rather than later.' It’s a stance that’s become reflexive among many widely read pundits. Unfortunately, that stance is absolutely and positively dead wrong. If there’s one overarching takeaway that you should get from this blog post, it’s that what Texas A&M wants to do means jack. . . . . There’s a widely misguided belief in the blog and message board world that since the SEC reportedly invited Texas A&M and Oklahoma over this past summer, that means there’s an 'open invite' for the Aggies and Sooners. Nothing could be further from the truth." Read the whole piece.

SI: The Fairness Of Playoffs


Just saw this piece on SI.com from Joe Posnanski, whom I had never heard of a year before but who has quickly become one of my favorite sports writers, if not the favorite. I thought this was interesting and relevant for us, given our discussions on the merits of a college football season and the fairness, or lack thereof, in allowing a team which demonstrated mediocrity over the course of a regular season to win a championship via a well-timed playoff hot streak. I know Brooklyn makes this argument frequently, and it's one with which I have become increasingly sympathetic.

Longhorn Schedule Booked Through 2017


A look at the Longhorns' OOC games over the next decade.

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