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Blake Griffin snuffed in NBA2k14 rating?


3 more #NBA2K14 ratings: @blakegriffin32 85, @greenRAYn20 80, @EBled2 82. 3 more from me in less than 200 followers.

— Ronnie 2K 2K14 (@Ronnie2K) September 18, 2013 So they gave Blake Griffin an overall rating of 85. Fair? Low? High? Some other revealed for comparison sake: LeBron James - 99 Kevin Durant - 94 Chris Paul - 94 Kobe Bryant - 93 Dwyane Wade - 92 Carmelo Anthony - 92 Derrick Rose - 92 Russell Westbrook - 91 Rajon Rondo - 90 James Harden - 89 Stephen Curry - 88 Paul George - 88 John Wall - 85 Marc Gasol - 83 Brandon Jennings - 83 Eric Bledsoe - 82 Iman Shumpert - 82 Anthony Davis - 80

BD + Aliens...LOL WUT?


"Baron Davis Recalls Time He Was Abducted, Aliens Now Armed with Killer Crossover" of course it would be a Bleacher Report...saw this link on FB and was just like...whatttt!?!?!



That dunk was so epic I decided to have some fun with it lol i'm calling this the Dark Knight Dunk

Kaman Top 5 Most Terrifying Men in the NBA


He's usually seen as a goof ball. so why do they think he's one of the most terrifying? Article seemed kind of short and whatever....MWP isn't even mentioned. But he might just be crazy and not necessarily terrifying. oh well. just funny to see ex-Clipper Kaman in there

So, JChill is available again....


HOU amnestied Scola... PHX won the bid for Scola... PHX amnestied JChill

flopping penalties


I wonder how this is going to work out... also they sort of define flopping as "deceiving referees into calling fouls by falling down" So if Blake stays up but does the Head Throw Back move...its not a flop? Or when CP3 exaggerates the contact, but stays on his feet....its not a flop? Someone needs to let the media know how the NBA defines a flop! Because I've rarely seen a time when either of our guys (except Reggie) intentionally just "fell down" oh and FWIW, the main flopping photo they used is none other than the Spurs' Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili and not the "so-called biggest flopper in the league" Blake Griffin

Clippers one of 3 teams Phil would return to coach


First heard this on the KTLA5 news that Phil did a HBO interview and said he would return to coach in the NBA IF one of three teams wanted him, one of which being the Clippers. So I did some quick (iPhone) research and found this Yahoo! sports article written by a "long time Lakers fan" that basically says the same thing.

saw this in Blake's FB page.... Blake Griffin pulled off one of the most memorable dunks of all...


saw this in Blake's FB page.... Blake Griffin pulled off one of the most memorable dunks of all time by leaping over a Kia Optima. Now, Blake Griffin and the Optima are teaming up once again.

Cook China


It was out a few days ago...but I'm sure most of us missed it (not that most would really care) its a short read about Brian Cook considering playing for China during the lockout

Oh Darius...


Former NBA player and East St. Louis native Darius Miles was arrested Wednesday afternoon at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport for allegedly trying to bring a loaded firearm through security, authorities said.

Lockout: Golfing with Jordan (and VDN)


It's been slow.... the article is mainly about how Jordan (and Vinny Del Negro) is going golfing with 5 NBA players (one being a CN coveted SF Shane Battier and another a possible CN top choice PG target in the future Deron Williams) and the NBA is okay with it. As opposed to Brian Grant being denied having current Blazers at his Charity Golf Event. Yea, just wanted to put it out there because Vinny Del Negro is in the article.

I saw this on the news a few days back, but I was never able to find an actual video link of it....


I saw this on the news a few days back, but I was never able to find an actual video link of it. Has anyone seen it?

Casspi wants out of Sacramento


Casspi wants out of Sacramento...I wonder if the Kings will buy him out that possible for someone on their rookie deal? Signing him to fill our void would be good, especially if we can get a capable/young SF and keep our pieces

How's Rasual Butler?


Just his game log...I was just wondering how he is doing since the Bulls are #1 right now. Looking at his game log, he's actually playing even less as a Bull than he was as a Clipper. Well if PT was an issues for him, it's gotten worse. But good luck to him and wish him the best in Chicago. He must be REALLY happy going from bottom in the west to top in the east.

Baron Davis Playig With Heavy Heart...


I really feel bad for Baron, again my prayers go out to him and his family. And I hope Baron gets through this and keeps his game at a high level.

Blake sticks up for fired Coach Capel


Maybe we have an opening to hire an assistant Coach? I don't know too much about Capel, but if Blake says he's legit...why not? Vinny needs all the help we can get, plus we get brownie points with Blake, plus....this does not eat into our cap space!

Nuggets want BLAKE!.....sources say keep dreaming


The only Clipper-relevant part- The Clippers' Blake Griffin is one of Denver's dream targets in an Anthony trade, but sources told that those overtures have been consistently rejected. The Nuggets have also made numerous attempts to acquire the comparatively unheralded Nicolas Batum from Portland but have been repeatedly rebuffed.

TMZ: Del Taco makes Eric Gordon sick


TMZ guy: "He's a star, very good basketball player"

Gordon sitting out after all ??


Clippers SG Eric Gordon, who suffered a deep bone bruise in his left shoulder Saturday but was expected to play through the injury, will in fact miss Tuesday's contest at New Orleans, coach Vinny Del Negro told the Los Angeles Times. (Updated 11/09/2010) ...I hope he plays or at least gets back ASAP and has a monster game against the fantasy team needs him!

Jeff Pendergraph?


The Trail Blazers have waived forward Jeff Pendergraph, leaving guard Patty Mills on the 14-man roster in the wake of the club's recent trade of guard Jerryd Bayless. Pendergraph can play the PF and C positions...I think he is a lot better than Collins, maybe even Jordan. We should take a look at this guy right away!

We win Top 5 trades for Melo?


For Chris Kaman+Blake Griffin? I think not. I guess the writer gets points for clearly addressing that Blake and Gordon are not on the table for the Clippers. Not sure Melo would resign if its just Gordon Baron and the LA allure. Melo probably needs Griffin for to resign, and even that might not be true.

Update on Lorenzen Wright death investigation


Summary: Ex-Wife claims Wright came and left twice. The last time with an unknown amount of money, a box of drugs, an unknown person in the car, and talked on the phone saying he was going to "Flip something for $110,000" Ex-Wife also said Wright had a shotgun and hand gun...Police search could not find them. They will use documents to show proof of ownership of said guns and see if it matches the bullet casing found at the scene. Police have not found the cellphone Wright used to call 911 --------------------- I hope the Ex-Wife is all BS and he really isn't a drug dealer....

Possible future Clipper draftee?


Villanova guard (Corey FIsher) speculated to have scored 105 points in a NYC summer league game, while being guarded by Toronto Raptors' Jose Calderon. There is no video proof. ----------------------------- What seems awkward to me is that, eyewitnesses said these three things: He did score 105 points in a victory The score was 138-130 A teammate also scored 60 points so, how do two teammates score 105 and 60 and the teams ends up with a final score of 138?

Griffin available!


Taylor Griffin that is. Not really Clipper news; a SF, but not the quality we need; not really a player we need at the end of the bench either; but he is Blake Griffin's brother. If that's worth anything.

Is T-Mac Interest in Clippers for other reason?


Bullet #3 excerpt: "But sources say that news of the workout being made public was also intended to let the Bulls know that McGrady does have other options, since Chicago is where those close to McGrady say he’d love to land."

Mavs interest in Kaman


Sources say that the Mavericks have continued to register trade interest in Kaman. The Clippers, though, continue to forcefully reject any attempts to acquire Kaman.


ROY: Blake Griffin vs John Wall?

With all the talk about the 8th pick, free agency, coaching, as well as other seems we have forgotten one of the concrete things we have next season. Redshirt Rookie, the 2009 #1 Draft...


How the offseason SHOULD play out

So after hearing Amar'e might join D-Wade and co. in that super-Free Agent meeting, here is how I think the offseason, mainly in terms of free agency, should play out...

Hedo Turkoglu: ‘I do not want to go back to Toronto’


Hedo wants out... Should we make a move if we fail in Free Agency? He can play SF/PF (and technically guard because of his ball handling abilities) Maybe we can steal him for something as simple as the Camby deal?

Another Rhino?


It's not really Clipper's news by here's the main need to go about half way into the article... "Not a stellar outing by any stretch, but for his first playoff minutes "Rhino" Ryan Anderson was active and engaged and all smiles after the win." Ryan Anderson a "Rhino" ??? I can only think of one true Rhino...and that's one of our very own free agents.

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