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Revis: Let the fans decide. (Official Poll)

As everyone knows, we fans control everything and nothing that any owner, GM or head coach thinks has any influence or importance at all. Wait... Strike that and reverse it. What the hell? For...

Recently release free agents

I have little patience for researching but while lazily perusing NFL news on Yahoo (the greatest of sources known to mankind) I came across this article that outlines some of the more "surprising" players released by teams trimming down to their 53-man rosters. Though the Bucs didn't make the cut on this article, as no one outside of Tampa knows who Tiquan Underwood is, there are undoubtedly some decent players on here that could help us out. The way I see it we have some alarming depth issues on both of our lines. Grabbing Julian Vandervelde from the Eagles may help alleviate that to an extent but given that he's only played in one game (per Sander's article) I think that may be a bit optimistic. Aside from the lines, we have an arsenal of cornerbacks, most of whom are sub-par, and a general lack of talent across our second string team. Anyone recognize any of these players and think they might help our team?


Ask Bucs Fans...

What up, Colts fans?  Gearing up for a big Monday Night showdown in Tampa and both of our teams have some issues at the moment. From what I've read on you site, there are questions as to who's...

Animated gif thread. Just wanted to share some of these and have a place where others could share...

Animated gif thread. Just wanted to share some of these and have a place where others could share ones that they have found or made...

Madden 12 Clip - Bucs vs. Lions

So I was farting around different SBN sites, trying to read up on other teams needs so as to determine who might be willing to offer Ruud a long-term deal. Then I came across this at Pride of...


NFC Playoff Picture: The Final Stretch

Clearly I have far too much time on my hands.  If you had told me at the beginning of the season that I would be creating spreadsheets trying to gauge the likelihood of the Bucs reaching the...

Ask Bucs Nation

Got a Ask Bucs Nation thread going on over at the Steel Curtain site for anyone interested in fielding some questions over there.


Ask Bucs Nation...

Hey Steelers fans, So in week 3 there's a big question mark concerning who will start at QB for your team when you come down to Tampa.  It wasn't long ago we at Buc Nation were worried that we...


Players' Salaries for 2009 (or Another Reason to Hate Clayton)

So I was messing around on yahoo sports when I came across salary info for our Bucs in the 2009 season.  Normally I don't think about players' salaries so much but some of the numbers were...


Suh versus McCoy. Is there really a debate?

So I was surfing the net last night and somehow got sucked into a vortex of Suh highlights.  I'd watched some before but not to the extent I did last night.  Then, with reality being that we'll...


Bryant leaves but Clayton stays???

Anyone see this?  Just read an article that I hope was a cruel joke.  I found it through the Bucs team page on yahoo, believe it was a Tampa Tribune article, but the gist of it was that Bryant is...

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