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I'm Matthew - I used to write over at Second City Hockey. Now I write for The Committed Indian. More to come later.. maybe

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  • MLB Chicago Cubs
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One For The Road


So in the summer of 2008 I was working an office job that I found to be mindnumbingly dull. OK, so maybe the job wasn't really that dull and I was just awful at it and stopped caring but that's...

Ask Us Anything - Answers (Pt. 2)


This looked like fun so I decided to take a spin at it too. If you have more questions or follow ups, just post them in the original thread. Twangy Wilco or new Jammy Wilco? - Banjo Legs I've never...


RIP -Dan Appelt aka Badgerdano

We've said over and over that probably the greatest thing about SCH is the sense of community that we've been able to build among a large group of people that for the most part have never actually...

Winner... and Still Champion


For the second year in a row, Second City Hockey was chosen as the best local sports blog by the readers of um, well, The Reader. We're honored by it and can't thank everyone enough for reading our nonsense. We can't wait to start the season up and enjoy it with all of you.

2012-13 Blackhawks Schedule Released


A quick look at the newly released Blackhawks schedule for the 2012-13 season.

April 23rd - Beard of the Day - Opie Winston


Another game day - another need to go with a badass beard. in Sons of Anarchy, Opie is a bit of a tragic figure who gets both redemption and revenge. After spending years in prison he struggles...

April 22nd - Beard of the Day - Kelvin Mercer


So most of you might not recognize his name but hopefully you're familiar with his nicknames, Posdnuos, Pos, Plug One or Plug Wonder Why. Or maybe you're just more familiar with his group - De La...

April 21st - Beard of the Day - Bill Hicks


We had a call on Twitter to re-use George Carlin as a Beard of the Day. If anyone is able to cut through all the bullshit going on in this series (from suspensions, shitty officiating and...

Raffi Torres Suspended 25 Games For Hit on Hossa


Phoenix Coyotes' Raffi Torres has been suspended 25 games for his hit on Chicago Blackhawks' Marian Hossa

Coyotes @ Blackhawks - Third Period Thread

I don't want the news, I cannot use itI don't want the news, I won't live by itSitting outside of town, everybody's always downTell me why?Because they can't get up

Coyotes @ Blackhawks - Second Period Thread


I'm planning a big surprise.I'm gonna fight for what I want to be.I won't make the same mistakes because I knowBecause I know how much time that wastesAnd functionFunction is the key


Coyotes @ Blackhawks - First Period Thread

I am a patient boy.I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait.My time is like water down a drain.Everybody's moving, everybody's movingEverybody's moving, moving, moving movingPlease don't leave me to remain,...

Game Time Decisions: Coyotes @ Blackhawks - Preview/Pre-Game Thread/Easter Egg Hunt


@ Game Time: 8:00 CentralTV/Radio: CNBC, TSN, CSN and probably HGTV or something else too/WGN720Feeling "Dizzy": Five For Howling As Hack mentioned in the preview and as you've no doubt...

April 17th - Beard of the Day - George R.R. Martin


It's always nice when an author looks and acts almost exactly as you'd expect from them. George R.R. Martin is one those cases. The author of the insanely good A Song of Ice and Fire novels...

Do The Dramatic - Blackhawks 4, Coyotes 3

Recap for the Chicago Blackhawks dramatic OT victory over the Phoenix Coyotes.

Blackhawks @ Coyotes - VICTORY Post Game Thread


Is it any surprise that we won't have this game thread up immediately? Spend the rest of this super rainy night (at least if you're in Chicago) celebrating and staying dry. I'll be around in the...

SCH's First Round Preview - Phoenix Coyotes Top 6 Forwards


A look at the top two lines for the Phoenix Coyotes.

Beard of the Day - 4/11 - Doctor Krieger


via Although the playoffs start today, the Blackhawks are still resting. I know you'll all be watching the games (how could you not want to see this Pens/Flyers matchup) but...

We've Still Got A Long Way To Go: Blackhawks 2 - Scum 2 (Hawks Win Quarters)


Recap for the Chicago Blackhawks victory in the shootout over the rival Detroit Red Wings. Hawks lock up the 6th seed in the playoffs.

Down The Stretch: Blackhawks 4 - Wild 4 (Wild Win Dodgeball)


Recap for the Chicago Blackhawks loss in a shootout to the Minnesota Wild

6 vs. 6 @ 6 - Blackhawks @ Devils: Preview/Pre-Game Thread/Exorcism


Preview and Pre-Game Thread for the Chicago Blackhawks game against the New Jersey Devils

Canucks @ Blackhwaks - Third Period Thread

Looking for a ride to your secret locationWhere the kids are setting up a free-speed nation, for youGot a foghorn and a drum and a hammer that's rockingAnd a cord and a pedal and a lock, that'll do...

Canucks @ Blackhawks - Second Period Thread


Everybody's coming from the winter vacationTaking in the sun in an exaltation to youYou come running in on platform shoesWith Marshall stacksTo at least give us a clueAh, here it comesI know it's...


Canucks @ Blackhwks - First Period Thread

Everybody's talking bout the stormy weatherAnd what's a man to do but work out whether it's true?Looking for a man with a focus and a temperWho can open up a map and see between one and two

Rapid Decompression: Canucks @ Blackhawks - Preview/Pre-Game Thread/Mash In


Preview and Pre-Game Thread for the Vancouver Canucks final trip to the United Center to take on the Chicago Blackhawks for the regular season.

Capitals @ Blackhawks - Third Period Thread


Said shake appeal, baby fits so tightShake appeal, baby with your fits so tightFits so tight, fits so tight, realize you gotta fightRealize you gotta fight, realize you gotta fightBaby gotta have a...

Capitals @ Blackhawks - Second Period Thread


I said shake appeal, feel so high and lowShake appeal, feel so high and lowHigh and low baby high and lowNever really gotta go, never really gotta goNever really gotta go, never really gotta go


Capitals @ Blackhawks - First Period Thread

Said shake appeal, move so fast on meShake appeal, move so fast to seeMove so fast, move so fastMove little misery

Last Chance For A Slow Dance: Capitals @ Blackhawks - Preview/Pre-Game Thread/3D Re-Release


Preview and Pre-Game thread for the Blackhawks game as they host the Washington Capitals.

Blues @ Blackhawks - Third Period Thread

How could you?In a minuteHow could you?In a minuteIn a minuteIn a minuteIn a minuteIn a

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