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I'm Matthew - I used to write over at Second City Hockey. Now I write for The Committed Indian. More to come later.. maybe

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  • MLB Chicago Cubs
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Blues @ Blackhawks - Second Period Thread

You had always looked up to meProbably thought you could do anythingCause every time you had the chance to proveNever thought what I would doAnd your actions never spoke


Blues @ Blackhawks - First Period Thread

No doubt you've got your reasonsWhat are they put next to mine?No doubt you thought about it for a minuteAnd you, and you looked at him and said what the hell

Meeting Across The River: Blues @ Blackhawks - Preview/Pre-Game Thread/Freshman Hazing

Preview and Pre-Game Thread for the St. Louis Blues return to Chicago to take on the Blackhawks.

No Satisfaction: Blackhawks 2 - Los Angeles 2, Kings Win In Stratego

Recap for the Blackhawks loss to the Kings in the shootout.

Blackhawks and Dan Carcillo Sign 2-Year Deal

The wrap and the links are coming soon but news broke this morning that despite being out for the season, Bowman liked what he saw from Carcillo and gave him two more years. Carbomb was due to be a free agent this summer.

Not Perfect, But Works Just Fine: Blackhawks 2 - Scum 1

Recap for the Blackhawks victory over the rival Red Wings.

Maple Leafs @ Blackhawks - Third Period Thread

I don't care About these words I don't care

Maple Leafs @ Blackhawks - Second Period Thread

I don't care About that girl I don't care I don't care


Maple Leafs @ Blackhawks - First Period Thread

I don't care I don't care I don't care About this world

Old Time Hockey: Maple Leafs @ Blackhawks - Preview/Pre-Game Thread/Family Reunion

Preview and Pre-Game Thread for the Original 6 match up between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Chicago Blackhawks.

Blackhawks @ Ducks - Third Period Thread

Fido, you've gone far enough, I must have all of your love. You've just run out of luck. I don't care what you foxhounds do but your leash is too long

Blackhawks @ Ducks - Second Period Thread

Fido your leash is too long. I don't know where I went wrong. You scare me out of my wits when you do that Shitzu. Fido, your leash is too long


Blackhawks @ Ducks - First Period Thread

Fido, your leash is too long. You go where you don't belong. You've been diggin' in the rubble getting bitches in trouble. Fido, your leash is too long.

Two For The Price Of One: Blackhawks 0 @ Kings 4 & Blackhawks @ Ducks Preview/Pre-Game Thread/Movie Night

Both a recap for the Blackhawks disappointing 4-0 loss to the Kings and a preview for tonight's matchup against the Ducks.

Stars @ Blackhawk - Third Period Thread

This ain't no picnic This ain't no picnic This ain't no picnic This ain't no picnic

Stars @ Blackhawks - Second Period Thread

Hey mister don't look down on me For what I believe I got my bills and the rent I should be content But our land isn't free So I'll work my youth away In the place of a machineI refuse to be a...


Stars @ Blackhawks - First Period Thread

Working on the edge Losing my self-respect For a man who presides over me The principles of his creed Punch in, punch out Eight hours, five daysSweat, pain and agonyOn Friday I'll get paid

Texas Is The Reason: Stars @ Blackhawks - Preview/Pre-Game Thread/Open Auditions

Preview and Pre-Game thread for the Dallas Stars visit to the United Center to take on the Chicago Blackhawks.

Blues @ Blackhawks - Third Period Thread

Well, I find myself talking to myself. Looking for love from somebody elseBut then I figured out it's not you, my heart drops to my shoesSee I heard, you're not coming back, From another, some...

Blues @ Blackhawks - Second Period Thread

Do you know how it feels when the pain feels like it can kill?It just knocks you to the floor, you screaming her name like she's next door.It brings you down to your knees. Got me screaming, baby,...

Eggs, Bacon & Blackhawks: St. Louis @ Blackhawks - Preview/First Period Thread/Jewel Heist

Preview and Game Thread for the Blackhawks morning meeting against rival St. Louis Blues

Off With A Bang: Blackhawks 6 - Blue Jackets 1

Recap for the Chicago Blackhawks blowout of the Columbus Blue Jackets to end their 9-game road trip.

Blackhawks @ Rangers - Third Period Thread

Cynthia wore the prettiest dress but different color socksSometimes I wondered if the mates were in her lunchboxMe and Lucy opened it when Cynthia wasn't aroundLucy cried, I almost died, you know...

Blackhawks @ Rangers - Second Period Thread

Her favorite number was 20 and every single dayIf you asked her what she had for breakfast, this is what'd she sayStarfish and coffee, maple syrup and jamButterscotch clouds and a tangerine, a side...


Blackhawks @ Rangers - First Period Thread

It was 7:45, we were all in line to greet the teacher Miss KathleenFirst was Kevin, then came Lucy, third in line was meAll of us were ordinary compared to Cynthia RoseShe always stood at the back...

Time's Running Out: Blackhawks @ Rangers - Preview/Pre-Game Thread/Lamaze Class

Preview and pre-game thread for the Blackhawks taking on the league's best New York Rangers

Deja Vu All Over Again: Blackhawks 2 - Predators 3

Recap for the Hawks losing yet another game, yet again to the Nashville Predators.

Blackhawks @ Sharks - Third Period Thread

Grovel life expelled become immortalForceful hand, unfeelingGroaning dead are nearSordid tale of man

Blackhawks @ Sharks - Second Period Thread

Icy squall on the tundraObedience how we reignEnjoy the sights we knowSoon it will be turned


Blackhawks @ Sharks - First Period Thread

Going through the deep icy wavesThrown in end all because death waitsThroughout during the winterGuardian of land and sea

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