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Stats tools?

Does anyone know of a website that allows you to search results over user-designed periods? As for example - if I wanted to know who were the best MLB hitters from last year's all-star break to...


Kelly Johnson - a "bad" 2011?

I read a lot of how the Jays need players like Lind, Rasmus and Cecil to step up in 2012 and play like they have in the past. For each of these players, 2011 was not a "banner year". Kelly...


Pineda in pinstripes

Bad news for the Jays? Yanks go from a rotation-on-the-rocks to possibly one of the best rotations in the AL with the addition of Pineda and Kuroda. Possibly. But – as with any young pitcher –...


Rumour du Jour: Matt Garza

The latest rumour has the Jays negotiating for Matt Garza. I like the idea of the Jays trading for Garza because … … he is good. His 3.19 FIP in 2011 was 8th best in the majors. Better...


Wish upon a star

There have been several trades recently of major league players for packages of prospects - from Roy Halladay in December 2009 through Mat Latos, Trevor Cahill and Gio Gonzalez in December 2011. ...


Starting a trade rumour

Since there are no real rumours to discuss, I thought I would play the “fun with trades” game! Here is an idea to play with. It has not been reported elsewhere, and I have absolutely no basis...


Are we there yet?

The way a team plays / manages / drafts / trades changes depending on where they are in the competition cycle. Most teams alternate between periods where they are serious playoff contenders and...


Selling a Prince?

According to Scott Boras, team are pepper-spraying each other in the aisles in the competition for his client, Prince Fielder. The picture on the blogosphere is different. The teams most often...


"Overpaying" for Darvish

Rumour has it that the winning bid for Yu Darvish was in the $50 million range (rumour also says that the Jays were the winner, but we will see!) There was a lot of discussion before the posting...


Niese for d'Arnaud?

MetsBlog have said that the Jays and Mets have had “fairly substantive talks” about a trade of Jon Niese for Travis d’Arnaud + a back-end young SP. Admittedly, when I read the post I had mixed...


KJ between the lines

Interesting that Kelly Johnson agreed to arbitration last night. Though in a way it makes sense - take a one-year contract at a somewhat lower salary to (re)prove yourself, then sign a multiyear...


"What If" Part II - Bill James version

On November 4, I posted a fanpost called “The Game of What If” in which I used the Baseball Musing’s Lineup Analysis Tool to project the total runs which would be scored by the Jays in 2012. I...


To SB or not to SB

When a player’s offensive production is being discussed, people usually start with the usual stats.  Batting average, OBP, SLG, OPS, etc, etc. And then they get around to baserunning, and to the...


Darvish - playing with the numbers

  Apparently Yu Darvish’s father has recently said that it is “50:50” whether his son posts for the 2012 season.  Playing with a few numbers, it is not clear why he would want to do so.  The...


Trade Possibilities: Raising Cain

Another fine pitcher whose name has been linked to the Jays in the rumor mill – Matt Cain.  Again, a lot to like – 2011 ERA of 2.88 with a WHIP of 1.038.  Solid K/9 of 7+, and only 27 years old....


Should the Jays Gio for it?

  Gio Gonzalez is a fine pitcher. His combined WAR* for the 2010 and 2011 seasons of 9.2 is 7th best in the AL, and he pitched over 200 innings in both of those years.  Over that period, he was in...


The Game of "What If"

Baseball Musings have created a fascinating new tool (well, new to me, anyway).  You input a team’s lineup (with OBA and SLG) and it projects how many runs that team will score over the course of...


Giving up a first-rounder for a Type A signing

  The rumor mill has it that the Jays might be interested in signing David Ortiz.  Perhaps the biggest negative in such a signing is that, as Ortiz is a type-A free agent, the Jays would lose their...


What is a Votto Worth?

  There has been a lot of talk recently about whether Joey Votto is available in a trade, and if so what kind of package it would take to get him. Some bloggers have been saying that a player of...

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