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iPhone App

Man, maybe I just have an old phone (3GS), but the app does not work on my phone. Maybe every 4th time, if I wait long enough, it will load. I added BTB to my home screen and access it that way. Works fine, but the app, when it works, is much easier to read comments, etc. Anyone else have any information? The app store feedback section is weak, to say the least.

Pat McQuistan

Anyone notice our old tackle starting for the Saints last night? Not sure what to make of it other than a lack of depth and he was available.



He pulls it off.  The real bummer for Garrett is that he's got Kitna.  And I like Kitna, as a backup.  Just not a multi-game back up.  But with this line, in this NFL, that is a MAJOR...


Just hope its an audition, rather than a place holder. I don't want to see any more quitting.

That didn't take long

Paul Pasqualoni is back.

Keep an eye on this QB

He was the highest rated QB in PA for years. Frustrated in PSU system & transferred to Delaware (remember Flacco). He's lighting it up. Kid can throw and is smart.



Does anyone really believe that things will be any different in the coming years, with Jerry running the show? Why would 2009 be any different from previous years?  Are we really that much more...


Blackout on Traditional Media

When these sorts of losses happen, I go into the bunker.  That’s how I deal.  It’s tough to deal with some of the co-workers, but at least I don’t have to hear the talking heads on ESPN...


Scary Quote

From Peter King's MMQB:  "We can't be the Patriots. The Patriots, they epitomize the whole team concept. Those guys are all about team and that's it. We're not them. We are a team that has a...


This will make some guys happy, he rips off some nice ones early.  I really want to play with a lead so we can run a lot.  Maybe the change will also help Jones.  Actually,...


Early vegas odds

Have the Cowboys giving 7.5.  That sounds about right.  I expect the Cowboys to play the TO situation close to the chest, but force the Giants to gameplan for a healthy and healed TO.  In fact,...


Madden Curse

I'm superstitious enough to NOT want Romo on the cover.  I'd say its a very good possibility.  Maybe Moss or Brady, although I bet Brady would decline it.  Maybe Adrian Peterson.  Maybe Favre....


Someone still likes us!

Check out the current odds on the Panthers game -- point favorites!  I never thought I'd see that big a number.  Word on Romos thumb may change that, but...


Great Breakdown of the Loss

by Albert Breer: someone else already linked to this, sorry.  The article made me feel pretty good as he reminded us of the quality of personnel and...


My Comcast Gambit

I am not sure how this is going to work out, but here is what I did . . .I called Comcast and ordered (and will pick up soon) a digital cable box.  It is free for two months, with no commitments....


Jets SBN Blog

I have developed a habit of checking out the opponents blog early in the week to see how what's up, etc.  I don't get any blog posts named after me or anything . . .The NY Landing Strip hasn't had...


RB Jason Snelling

Interesting, from --Rookie RB Jason Snelling has taken reps as the third-team tailback and he could supplant Artose Pinner as the short-yardage back....


Ron Paul buying Cowboys

This has to be the final drip.  The dam's breaking.  Steroids, Bigg, and now this.  Things were just going to dang well.  I'll admit that I didn't start out a big JJ fan, but I had been coming...


Am I Really a Fake Fan

Some Bleed Green boy thinks so - feel like I can call him boy, as that's about the age level his blog posts seem to be aiming for.I really can't grasp where...


Enemy Territory

First time diarist, long time reader.I read lots of stuff out there about Cowboys fans in the middle of "enemy territory".  Me, I'm between Steelers nation and Eagles nation.  I get more than a...

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