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Born somewhere in 1982, this Dutch web designer started watching the NBA in 2007, immediately falling in love with Boston's defense and the wide variety of skills represent in the different players on the team.

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  • NBA Boston Celtics
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Celtics drop second of back-to-back

The Celtics dropped today's game in Sacramento, in a late-night, foul-filled basketball extravaganza.

Celtics snap Lakers losing streak

The Celtics managed to snap the Lakers losing streak, as they drop their game at the Staples center. The Lakers were unsuccessful in winning at home for their past 8 games, a franchise record (low) but averted worse.

No Rondo, no Bradley... no problem.

Jared Sullinger and Gerald Wallace push the Celtics past DeMarcus Cousins and Isaiah Thomas, as Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley sat out tonight's game.

Rajon Rondo out, Vander Blue in.

Rajon Rondo won't be playing in tonight's game, but shooting guard Vander Blue will see his first few minutes in a Celtics uniform.

Heat bring three guns to knife-fight, drop Celtics

The Boston Celtics skeleton crew fails to upset the Miami Heat, as they fall 101-109 after cooling down from a hot-shooting first quarter.

So what happened to the Celtics?

How did the Celtics end up losing to the Pistons? Is there an explanation for their weak showing? Did they sink to a brand new low?

Recap: Celtics Tough it out vs Magic

An undermanned Boston Celtics squad meets a short-staffed Orlando Magic. Paul Pierce notches a career high 14 assists as he carries the Celtics to victory.

Ray Allen and Mickael Pietrus OUT tonight vs Knicks.

It would appear Ray Allen's ankle is still swollen, Doc being as surprised as we are at this point. Somehow, you could still call this expected, with the way the Celtics organization handles injury news. "The bad news" is that Mickael Pietrus is out as well, and has been sent back to Boston with a swollen knee.

Celtics Foul Hawks Out The Building

Paul Pierce was feelin' it tonight, but unfortunately, "it" was not feeling Paul. The Captain hit a grand total of 6, of his total 19 shots, while going 1 of 8 from beyond the crayon. A dramatic...

Celtics Board and Pillage the Clippers

According to a Clippers fan on their Clips Nation SB Nation blog, it looked like Boston fans were outnumbering Clippers fans 80 to 20 in Staples Center. That's how you take care of boarding the clippers. Our squad? Well, they took care of the pillaging part.

Avery Bradley's Post-game Interview

Avery Bradley was interviewed post-game, by the NBA TV crew. He talks about how the decision was made to pick up Jameer Nelson full-court, and about Jameer's reaction to his defensive efforts tonight.


Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Let's cut right to the core of this one: according to, an tentative agreement to end the lockout has been reached. What's next? First thing is reforming the union. At the same time, this...


Move Along Now, Nothing To See Here.

Frowning while biting my lip, I check the score: 7.5. Seven hours and thirty minutes into the latest meeting. While my guess is that it's a good thing the meeting is still going, my gut has long...


From a Grumpy Celtics Fan

Smiling a bitter smile at the owner of the store, I told him that my girlfriend and I weren't in there to buy anything, but rather to assess the bias shown in the store's window. In passing I...


NBA Labor Talks to be Concluded Tomorrow...

After a 16 hour chat, today's NBA Labor Meeting concluded conclusion-less with a big old "to be concluded". It's hard to put a finger on where this is going; whether they're ironing out details,...

Ben Wallace's brother passed away, Ben out indefinitely.

According to Vincent Goodwill, Ben Wallace's brother passed away today. Wallace out indefinitely.


What happened, Peninsula?

... I remember "Peninsula is Mightier" from before you had LeBron and Bosh. It used to be a lot more fun to read here, and hang around.You guys used to talk basketball, but now 50% of the game...

Just a random doodle, trying to improve my drawing skills. I'm so bad at anatomy... I give you;...


Just a random doodle, trying to improve my drawing skills. I'm so bad at anatomy... I give you; Rajon Rondo, of the Boston Celtics!

I found an "old" drawing I did! :) Thought I'd hit you guys up, post it to ya and such. I'm going...


I found an "old" drawing I did! :) Thought I'd hit you guys up, post it to ya and such. I'm going to say it for those that don't get it; Nash, Amar'e and O'neal. Let's just say that you kept the best and lost the rest, ehy? ;) Cheers, A Boston Celtics fan.


Celtics Free Agency Grade

Obviously the off season isn't half done yet, but with the big names landed on, well, mainly on the heat, we can already get a feel of how successful teams have been. Matt O'Brien of SB Nation w...

Ontopic: Notes From Hispaniola

CelticsBlog has an active, ever-growing community, and Ontopic is our way to highlight some of the better posts on our message board. Some of these might even make the front page! Today's highlight is a story about the Boston Celtics, as well as the recent earthquakes in Haiti.


Criticizing the Critics

Bart, my ex-colleagueJust this month, one of my favorite colleagues left our company. He was, amongst other things, the guy I went to for career advice, social media & online marketing questions...


Overseas Fandom; Story of a Lone Celtic Fan

Overseas Fandom; Story of a Lone Celtic Fan


The Most Hated Jumpshot

The Most Hated Jumpshot

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