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MIN-POR Musical Preview: God Save the Queen

The Wolves take on the Trailblazers again and we have already covered Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and every state between Portland and Minnesota in earlier threads. I'm tired, so will keep this...


MIN-LAL Musical Preview: Worst Song Ever Edition

We all hate the Lakers, right? They stole our first major franchise, one that actually won championships (only the Twins now can make that claim among our pro teams). They are the Yankees of...


MIN-OKC Musical Preview: The Case of the Missing Mumfords

If you are looking for Oklahoma music recommendations, we did that here. I can't come up with even the flimsiest of pretexts to tie the music topic du jour to the Oklahoma Thunder, so I'm just...


Philly Musical Preview

Pound for pound, Philly may be the best city for music along the eastern seaboard. DC, Baltimore, Boston? No. NYC is terrific, of course, but the City of Brotherly Love is no slouch. Eugene...


From 1 to 35,535: Ball, Red Rim

The Timberwolf who played the 29th fewest minutes for the franchise (146) is a recent retiree whose name is an anagram for "Ball, Red Rim." If you aren't sure who this is, maybe A Career In...


BASKETBALL QUIZ: Hey now, you're an all-star

Take out your #2 pencils. No talking. This is not an open book exam. The following is a test of your knowledge when it comes to the 24-year history of our beloved Timberwolves and the NBA's...


MINN-UTAH Musical Preview: Super Duper Boring Edition

The last time the Wolves played the Jazz, we had a lively thread courtesy of Ol' Weird Harold. This time, we are going from America's most straight-laced state and crossing over the border to the...


MIN-CLE Musical Preview: Extra Boring Edition

Warning -- the following post will not include: Anything about basketball, the Timberwolves, or the Cavaliers (and note the Oxford comma). Music that appeals to anyone under the age of 75 A...


MIN-NYK Musical Preview: Rappalachia

Boy am I tired. Busy day today, busy day tomorrow. But the show must go on... all I ask is your tolerance for whatever stream of thought I type out. The Wolves are playing a team from NYC again....


MIN-POR Musical Preview: Idakomintana edition

I was hoping that when I logged on to CH this evening I would find that someone had been bored enough during the Super Bowl power outage to have posted a preemptive musical preview for the Wolves/T...


MIN-NOH Musical Preview: The Chief has Arrived

The Big Easy's musical cup runneth over, but whenever we play a team a second or third time, I like to shift the focus. In this case, I'm looking at you, New Orleans Hornet-soon-to-be-a-Pelican...


From 1 to 35,535: A Yard Longer

The Minnesota Timberwolves' first draft resulted in three players hearing their names called by the new franchise. You can probably recall their first pick ever (#10 in 1989) and possibly the very...


MIN-CHA Musical Preview: Hearst So Good

The last time MN played Charlotte, this was the preview. It was the second one I wrote and we have since evolved into a nice groove. It's also the least commented upon musical preview, with...


Musical preview

I lived in DC for more than a decade. While it was pleasant enough, I can't say I've missed it for a second since moving on. Part of the reason was the creative scene there paled compared to...


MIN-ATL Musical Preview: Part Deux

This is the fine work of E-6 and would make a great front page photo whenever a music post gets bumped up. Edith Piaf. Maurice Chevalier. Claude DeBussy. Jauques Offenbach. Johan Petro. M...


MIN-HOU Musical Preview: Life is still worthwhile

"Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" The immortal words of Bluto Blutarsky ring true tonight. I look around at my fellow Timberwolves fans and see sorrow and despair, frustration...


MIN-LAC Musical Preview: Free Falling?

Yes, the Wolves are going through a touch patch currently. Yes, they are facing perhaps the best team in the NBA next. Yes, we are finally going to share some SoCal musical favorites to cheer...


Timberwolves - Justified?

The wheels are wobbling so wildly on the Timberwolves bandwagon these days that many passengers have jumped off. Those remaining gripe about the lack of shock absorbers as we jolt over bumps and...


MIN-SAS Musical Preview: Tex-Mex Edition

The last few times we've played a team whose state we've already previewed, we've headed over the border to the north. This time, lets head south. I'm not especially knowledgeable about Mexican...


MIN-OKC Musical Preview: Carry on, my wayward sons

Tonight's Wolf win over the Hawks swept the blues away, though they can always be found again in Dogpile's excellent preview for the game. Now the team heads to a tough game in Oklahoma tomorrow...


MIN-DEN Music Preview: Gold Nuggets

After a flat Wolves' loss to Utah tonight and then a game less than 24 hours from now against Denver, whom we've already played twice since these previews began, I don't know how much musical...


From 1 to 35,535: Don't call me Billy Bob

It's gotta stink when you have a relatively uncommon name (first and last) and then someone with that same name becomes a notorious serial killer... or a US President... or a movie star/drummer who...


MIN-PHX: Musical Preview aka You're No Good

Arizona (let alone Phoenix) is another of those states where I nearly draw a blank when I try to remember what musical flowers have blossomed thence. To be honest (and it's as much a reflection of...


From 1 to 35,535: Stan the Man

My walk though every Timberwolf in reverse order of minutes played went on hiatus shortly before the season started. I'm happy to be back with what I hope you will agree is the best profile yet. ...


MIN-OKC Musical Preview: You're Doing Fine, Oklahama

I like a lot of songs about or from Oklahoma. Here are a few: Woody Guthrie's "So Long, It's Been Good to Know You," a vivid take on the Dust Bowl striking a small community. "Okie from...


MIN-MIA Musical Preview: Flo Rida?

Northern FL: boy bands and southern rock. Miami? Hip hop and latin music. Any favorites? I can't claim to be particularly attached to any acts from south Florida, but there have been a few...


MIN-ORL Musical Preview: It's a small world after all

For such a populous state, Florida doesn't seem to have generated a vast array of fantastic musicians. Let's stick with the northern half of the state for now, since the Wolves will be playing...


MIN-DAL: The Cuban Music Crisis aka High Fidel-ity

Our first musical preview was just over a month ago, when we last played Dallas. See the thread here. Texas music is the gift that keeps giving and we will be playing Houston and San Antonio...


MIN-DEN Musical Preview: What was your first concert?

The gang did a pretty good job of sharing Colorado music here when we last played the Nuggets. Feel free to expand upon that here if you are so inclined, but I have a different tack for this...


MIN-CLE Musical Preview: Cleveland Rocks

What crossed my mind when I asked myself what music do I associate with Cleveland? Not a lot. One of America's great symphonies and the Rock HOF. But the more I thought, the more good artists I...

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