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User Blog

Marginal Utility, Cost, Certainty and Construction

One of the things that actually writing this out instead of idly ruminating has done is made a couple of connections to other concepts. Diminishing Marginal Returns Every footballer is measured...


A Quick Disambiguation of Value

Authors note: I want to make explicit that I'm just making a distinction I find important, not calling anyone to the carpet. The distinction didn't fit on twitter (I'm not economical or eloquent...


Knee High develops loggorhea, rambles about Yaya's impending January absence and 3-5-1-1.

The test, as ever, will come in January when the FA Cup games start, and Yaya is off in the ACoN. That’s going to severely test the midfield depth of the side – I hope Milner/Garcia/Barry/Rodwell...


A Look at Alex Ovechkin's Season to Date, Using BtN.

As is usually the case when I’m looking up advanced stats, www.behindthenet.ca is an indispensable resource. I decided that with the New Year approaching fast, this’d be a good time to look at the...

Kris Letang's summer workout - this guy is a freak. Anyone else incorporate that type of split...


Kris Letang's summer workout - this guy is a freak. Anyone else incorporate that type of split squat into their routine regularly? Anyone else's mind blown that he's putting up multiple reps of 280 pounds on a single leg and doesn't even look like he's breathing hard? That's straight-up bananas. *Edit* I should note that this is via @angus_j of DobberHockey *Edit*


Why Corey Perry is a better choice than Daniel Sedin

This started as a comment in the Fanshot below, but I was asked to preserve it for easier referencing as a Fanpost, so here it is.I read an article on Puck Daddy last night on why Wyshynski will be...

Wyshynski's Mistaken Case for Sedin as MVP Over Perry


If this is why Wysh is voting for Sedin, he's dead wrong.


Neuvirth Sim


Neuvirth Sim

Must Read: mchockey79 -- Who did Colin Campbell call "a little fake artist"?


Absolutely outstanding work from Tyler Dellow -- anyone who ever suspected Colin Campbell was a total nincompoop has a bunch of extra ammunition now.


OT Hockey 11/2


Alex Ovechkin Scoring Simulation

Inspired by this post at Russian Machine Never Breaks, I decided to do my own simulation, since a mean of 42 goals looked pretty light, given the lowest point in his data set so far is 46. Results...


OT Hockey 10/16

Recording Caps Scoring Chances


I recorded the chances for the 10/8/2010 game at Atlanta using timeonice.com's widget. If anyone wants to join me in recording scoring chances this season, please feel free - Vic Ferrari and the boys have provided these tools to everyone, so it's really easy and highly informative. If we can get a few people recording the data independently, I think we'll have something valuable to reference when we want to look back at the season and see who works well together and who doesn't.


Gauging interest in a fantasy keeper league.

I'm interested in getting a fantasy keeper league going with JR folks; I really enjoyed playing the one-year league last season, but keeper seems like it adds more depth and dimensions to the...


The Caps by Zone Differential

The boys over at The Copper & Blue created a stat called Zone Differential, based on their work with Expected Zone Finish; basically, it measures the expected ratio of times a player ends on an...

Expected Zone Finish - Copper'n'Blue


Another way to judge which players are playing tough minutes and help to inform QCOMP with context. Great stuff, once again, from Copper'n'Blue.

Vic Ferrari does Qual Comp


For anyone interested in the QualComp debate - Vic Ferrari has a new methodology, explained in the link above. It's not perfect, but according to his calculations (which I have no reason to doubt, Vic is pretty sharp) it accounts for about 55% of the non-luck changes in Fenwick over the course of a season. Pretty snazzy.

Copper'n'Blue Shot Quantity vs. Shot Quality II


The second in the series over at the Oilers' SBN Blog. The first one was awesome, the second one equally so. If you're interested in how teams win (outshooting or outconverting), these are great, great articles to read.

Copper And Blue kills it again


This is a great look at balancing quality chances versus volume of shooting. As it turns out, outshooting your opponent may not represent the be-all-end-all of hockey dominance (although teams not named the Oilers and Lemieux Penguins usually outshoot pretty powerfully). Highly recommended read.


JRHL Playoffs Update 3/29/10

After a long, school-fueled hiatus, the updates are back for the first round of the playoffs. Actual content after the jump, to keep the post size manageable on mobile browsers.

The Odds of Canada Winning Gold


Over at BtN, Gabe takes a look at the likely winning percentage of the Olympic teams if we accept pythagorean percentage (discussed at some length in prior fanposts) and equality across years in talent. He posits that Canada has a 50% chance of finishing out of the medals based on the pythagorean percentages. Can you imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth from north of the border?


JRHL update, for reals this time.

Okay, so I promised I'd get it done last week, but something came up. Recaps and Standings after the jump.

1) Cam Janssen’s hit on Matt Bradley is Exhibit A of what needs to be removed from hockey. Don’t giv...


1) Cam Janssen’s hit on Matt Bradley is Exhibit A of what needs to be removed from hockey. Don’t give me the excuse Bradley wasn’t looking. Why would he? He was following the play. I love hitting, but come on. Elliote Friedman nails it in point 1 of his 30 thoughts column.

Elliote Friedman's 30 Thoughts
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