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Top Ten Reasons Chianti is Better Than Dan

10) There is such a thing as decent Chianti 9) It can be nice to have dinner with Chianti 8) Chianti can help you get laid 7) Chianti gives you a sense of well being before you get the headache. ...

Are you ready for some football? Stanford researchers ask why


Athletic and academic status are "independent but not autonomous" - they influence each other!

Is The Hot Hand Theory Back?


The "Hot Hand Theory" was discredited in 1985 (it says that a player making a few shots in a row has a 'Hot Hand' and is more likely to make the next shot). New work has found the Hot Hand effect in cricket: Since the seminal work of Gilovich et al. [20] there has been a historical debate on whether "success breeds success" or "failure breeds failure" in [...] sports [21, 22]. Here, the long-range persistent behavior in the score evolution not only indicates the existence of this phenomenon in cricket, but also suggests that this phenomenon can act over a very long temporal scale. [...] We are optimistic that the discussion presented may be applied to other sports...

Spaulding Field after Spring Practice - day 1


Spaulding Field after Spring Practice - day 1

Spring Practice


For those who are 'jonesing' for Football we get a sneak peak next week. I'll be in town and hope to catch next Tues & Thur practices form my usual spot atop the parking structure. If you bring the Pizza I'll bring the Beer ;)


Picking at Scabs: Penalties in UCLA Football 2010

An analytical look at penalty issues that marred 2010 UCLA football season.


UCLA-Houston Game at a Glance

UCLA-Houston Game at a Glance via   I like to visualize data graphically, tables of numbers are nice but sometimes graphs and plots are more revealing.  So I decided to parse the...


This millenium of UCLA Football - at a glance

I grabbed the Bruin's record for 2000-2009 and plotted them here: via (Apologies for the poor writing.  I'm doing this while waiting for batch jobs) For the top plot, the blue &...

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