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Only 37 days, 23 hours, and 50 minutes people. We can do this.

Only 37 days, 23 hours, and 50 minutes people. We can do this.


WNBA Finals Game 1 4th Quarter Thread

Dream vs. Storm on ABC.  Come on Wave.  Where you at?  Storm need you.  It's a close one.   I'm short on jokes and/ or comments, so help me out you guys.  Wish my Mercury were still in it...

The Lakers top 10 plays of the year, according to nba.com

The Lakers top 10 plays of the year, according to nba.com

Jeff Van Gundy's bold and __________(fill in the blank) statement

They haven't played a game together, and our favorite BullShitter commentator is at it again, making some bold statements about the new Big 3 in Miami. How smart do you think his comments are?


Kobe among the all time greats

I did a similar little post to this last year to see where the real experts thought #24 ranks among the NBA's greats.


Should the Lakers Focus on Beating Out the Magic?

(Note: I'm not sure who has the tie-breaker.  I don't know what the order of priorities is for winning a two-way tie.) As we know, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Orlando Magic are currently tied...


Would you Rather Have Bosh or Harris

There have been a couple juicy trade rumors involving our Lakers. One involves New Jersey Nets all-star point guard Devin Harris (two videos) while the other involves Toronto's forward/center C...


Half Way Through The Season Lets Look Back and Forward

  It's been a fairly normal season for the Lakers so far.  A few injuries, some unusual games,  a few Kobe buzzer-beaters, and (most importantly) a whole lot o' wins.  Let's review, shall we?

Ray-Ray's Unhappy with All-Star Voting

There's gonna be enough Celtics at the All-star game. Chill out Ray-Ray. AI's actually putting up DECENT #'s, about 15 and 5. A lot of guard's in the east have better #'s, but I feel that AI deserves it. Any thoughts? ( Quick thanks to Jimmy Toscano one of our friends acquaintances over at CelticsBlog for finding this link.)

Adam Morrison Named 4th Worst Pick of the Decade by Chad Ford

Not very surprising but I would put him maybe second or third. I'm not an ESPN insider so I don't know who's after Darco Milicic. But I'd assume Kwame Brown and Greg Oden wold be #'s 2 and 3. Greg Oden can be a great player, and it's not like he doesn't do anything when he's healthy.

ESPNlosangeles Poll

With one third of the season through, ESPNlosangeles.com is doing a few polls regarding the Lakers and the season


Side-Effects of Artest Injury : (

As if the last day and a half couldn't get much worse Ron Artest has now suffered injuries to his head and elbow by tripping and falling downstairs at his home.  He will be missing tonight's road...


Keeping Up With The All-Star Ballot

When the first results of the all-star ballot came in, I was angry to find Amare Stoudemire at the western-center spot as opposed to Andrew Bynum.  However, since then, Bynum has sucked, while...


Thoughts on Standings, MVP Race, & Other Storylines

Now, obviously it's early.  Injuries can happen and "New Places in New Places" can settle in with their new home.  But we're a little over a quarter of the way through the season and it's...


Poll: Second Favorite Team?

Now, most of the bloggers here at SS&R are Lakers fans through and through.  But a conversation with timbo and a few others on a thread led me to this question: Who is your second-favorite NBA...


"Open Game Thread" for Celtics vs. Bulls

Yes, I know.  It's not a Lakers game, but I suspect a good one following arguably the greatest playoff series in history.  Feel free to post any comments regarding that past  series, this game,...


Are the Magic the #1 Threat?

As I'm writing this, the Orlando Magic are giving the Atlanta Hawks a 40-point thrashing.  So this game, the Magic's 8-0 pre-season, their off-season, as well as last year's Finals run got me...



Yes, we love his name.  Yes, we love his appearance.  But, could we soon fall in love with DJ Mbenga's game? 


Slam Online Top 50

You may or may not be aware of this, but Slam Online is currently is currently in the middle of its list of the top 50 players that could win the MVP award.  This list has been (in my opinion)...


Filling the Void: Predictions

As a desperate way to pass the time, I figured I'd predict what would happen for everything in the upcoming season.  Let me know what you agree and disagree on.


Possible moves

A lot of fans/analysts are saying the Lakers are one of the most complete/best teams in the league, which they are.  But is there a move they could make that could make them even better?


The Best of the Best

Like C.A. said, right now we're all kind of bored, so let's just see which team has the best...


Kobe, Wade, or Lebron???

No, this is not an article about who's the best in the game right now.  This is about which current superstar would currently be the best partner with Shaq.


Kobe All Time?

Kobe Bryant has dominated the NBA for quite some time now and I want to know where he ranks all time. A few notable accomplishments : 4 titles 1 MVP 1 Finals MVP 3 All-Star MVP's 17th all time in...


Lakers vs ???

Most people are saying Kobe and the Lakers are a lock to make the finals.  Their only real competition out west is probably the Spurs.  The East is a different story as the Cavaliers, Celtics,...

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