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Strib article on Kirilenko w/ classic Pek.


I posted this article mostly because of the classic Pek quote: Pekovic lost eight pounds over the summer and looked noticeably leaner Thursday. Where'd all that weight go? "To muscles," he said. HAHA. "To Muscles." I can't wait for this season.


Kirilenko leg injury?? Any info?

I was just over on Es-pen reading about the Spain-Russia game. They mentioned that Andrei Kirilenko was playing this game with a leg injury. I've looked on Google briefly and was unable to find any...

Kevin Love's impatient timing


Ugh... it's always something over here in Wolves World.

Rubio & Pek feeling mobile..

"The doctors will determine that -- not myself, not the organization, not Ricky," Kahn said. "If he does, he will be accompanied to do his rehab every single day. It's just too important. I'm sure there are qualified people to do it there, but we will send someone with him there." Looks like they are taking no chances with Rubes. Good to hear.

Kahn wouldn't comment specifically on the future of any given player, saying now is not the time,...


Kahn wouldn't comment specifically on the future of any given player, saying now is not the time, but said this summer is a time for all the young players to show how serious they are about their careers, like Kevin Love did last summer. But he added, "I'm a little patient than most." He refused to answer where Darko has played his last game and if the team will use its amnesty clause on him and wouldn't shed any light on what he thought Michael Beasley's future with the team is, or isn't. (That bold part really scares me.)

TrueHoop: Pek is MIP


My enthusiasm about Pek's Most Improved Player chances has been curbed, even non-existent at times, due to the lack of press he receives vs. other candidates. Nobody on NBA on ESPN picked him, they picked Ryan Anderson twice & DeMarcus Cousin's (Pek's chew toy) once I believe. Point being, this blog post was surprising. After taking their vote, it looks like Pek ran away with the award. Obviously this is not the real voting but it's ramping up my hopes...

"A lot of people made a statement in that game that they were done playing and the season wasn't...


"A lot of people made a statement in that game that they were done playing and the season wasn't over yet," Adelman said. "I don't understand the attitude. I don't understand why you would approach any job that way. Some guys made a big statement tonight." Who do you guys think he's talking about specifically?

The Return of Gerald Green


Very interesting article about the rise, fall, and current rise again of Gerald Green. He'll be looking for a team this summer, with a small salary. Should GG be a T-Wolf again? (Ideally no, but would be a nice story.)

What's Different About Kevin Love?


Wow, Grantland is showing all kinds of T-Wolves love today. And Love. lol. Enjoy.

The Man from Montenegro


Great article about Pek's dominance. The writer talks specifically about how he was looking forward to a battle between Pek & Gortat.. and that it ended up being pretty one sided. I don't agree that he looks exactly like K-Love (Brad Miller, Yo) but otherwise a great writeup.


New Gasol/Bulls/WolvesTrade Idea..

I've read that the Bulls are interested in Pau Gasol now, however the Lakers aren't interested in many of the players they have to offer & would have to involve a 3rd team.. so here's my little...

ESPN says "No" to Wolves-Blazers trade


Just read today's 5-on-5 over at ESPN, and one of the questions is "Fact or Fiction: Minnesota should do what it takes to get Crawford". All 5 panelists said "no" to this idea, for various reasons.

D-Will-Jarrett Jack Beef?


Found this little tidbit while reading ESPN's First Cup this morning. Jarrett Jack's "cash register mouth" comment is a little below the belt in my opinion.. hopefully this will get 'dealt with' (*cough* Peksecuted *cough*) on March 10th against NOLA.. finally shows David Kahn some love!


Isn't it funny how Point Guards used to be a joke here... Now they are anything BUT!



Just saw this over on Another great write-up of the Monster from Montenegro. Like that they mention his candidacy for Most Improved Player. GO Pek!


Killer Beas starting at the 2? Thoughts?

I've noticed this idea mentioned around here before, and saw it mentioned on a few other blogs as well. Besides the obvious size & defensive issues, I think this is our best quick-fix at SG....


The Rise of Pek vs. The Fall of Five-Hundred

I am a HUGE Nikola Pekovic fan. I love the way he's locked down the center position and is virtually perfect from the floor AND the line. How many big hulking guys can shoot free throws like Pek?...


The two sides of Linsanity

Before I go into my point, I wanted to introduce myself since I'm a new member. I've been a Timberwolves fan my whole life, but after the Garnett trade I started losing interest in our pups and...

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