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Koop, Koop dog, Koop-doggy-dog, Kooper-scooper, King Koopa, and Koopaztown. I don't care what you call me, as long as it's not a fan of the Raiders, Broncos, Chargers, Yankees, Phillies, or Lakers.

My passion is sports. Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, even soccer. Every day is the best time of the year because there's always a sport to watch. This is what makes America the greatest nation in the world. We breed competitors.

It is an honor to call myself a Chiefs fan. They may not have the trophies that teams like the Steelers and Cowboys have, but they have something better. The most passionate and loyal fans in the NFL, and I am proud to call myself one of them.

Growing up in Montana makes it hard to cheer on the home team when it comes to professional sports. So I had to find "the right ones" by methodically finding where my heart told me to commit. So I picked the team with the leader who had the same name as my beloved state at the time. Thank God for that trade or I may be a 49rs fan. Pops grew up in Brooklyn so I am also a 3rd generation Dodgers fan. His loyalty followed them to L.A. and also chose to support the rest of the teams from there. I couldn't bring myself to be a Rams or Lakers fan thankfully. Sorry dad, the Dodgers are all you get.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Los Angeles Dodgers
  • NFL Kansas City Chiefs
  • NCAAF Arizona Wildcats
  • NCAAB Arizona Wildcats
  • NHL New York Rangers
  • EPL Southampton Saints
  • FIFA USA!!! Who else?
  • General Galatasaray F.C.
User Blog

Sanders takes the mic in Denver


I dislike the guy even more after seeing this. Even his whiney pre-teen voice is annoying at this point. He could be telling the truth, but after all the praise he gave his know-to-be shady agent, paired with his "nothing was official" statements...I doubt it. I hope he becomes a virus for the Donks, and a motivator for the Chiefs.

Representin' in Istanbul


It's gameday! Had to rock my jersey on one of the most famous streets in Europe, (Istiklal St.) here in Istanbul Turkey. If KC loses I will personally start Taksim Square Par Deux.


What's your gameday superstition?

Greetings fellow Chiefs fans! I hear we're 6-0? There's only one thing I would normally hate about a statement like that, and it's the "we're" part. Technically, the team is 6-0. Although I'm sure...

Niners anxious to hit ex-mate Alex Smith on Friday


Title makes it seam like the the 49ers want to bash Smith's skull in, but I don't think that's quite what they meant when asked about the game.


A Front Row experience: Getting Billed

As some of you (roughly 5 I'm guessing) may remember one of the pieces of my three part adventure to New England. I'm in the Boston area training up on a new job opportunity that's going...


Josh Beckett pulls off the unbelieveable

So we all know that Adrian Gonzalez drilled a home run on his second pitch as an L.A. Dodger right? Well his compadre GAVE UP a home run on his second pitch wearing Dodger Blue! Uncanny huh? Wonder...


Update: KC fan in New England

As some of you may remember, I had a post a few weeks ago asking your opinions on attending a Patriots game decked out in KC wear even though the Chiefs aren't scheduled to play here. I then...


I need advice Chiefs brothers and sisters

I have fallen into a very unique situation. A situation that I am dying to take advantage of that I just needed to run by my family here at Arrowhead Pride. Tell me what you think fellas.


2012 Draft Poll....just curious

Today's the big day as we all know. I've got the day off from work, and I'm just relishing being able to sit my ass on the couch and watch football all day. No matter what anybody has predicted up...


Hines Ward retirement.....Dwayne Bowe???

I just finished watching Hines Ward retire from the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was advertised as Hines's retirement from the NFL, but I witnessed something much different. Hines Ward had yellow and...

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