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Wedgewood Gets His Chance


After goalie Mark Visentin got the first start for Canada, Devils prospect Scott Wedgewood will get his shot in game 2, Visentin showed that he is shaky under pressure, with the 5 goal against melt down against Russia in the last World Juniors. Lets all wish Scotty good luck.


My little chat with EJ Hradek

Basically, I tweeted EJ Hradek because he said that Letang was one of the top 5 D-men in the game, I responded with a tweet saying " No way, Crosby can make you look like that" and then he...

Zharkov Sent Down


Not like he got much of a chance playing 5 minutes a game with Cam J and Brad Mills. O well.

Jon Merrill Suspended by University of Michigan


Well, this will hurt his development. I remember something about his attitude was brought up when he was drafted, and that was the reason he dropped to the second round. Kind of disappointing that something with that happened again.

Devils announce single game ticket prices


They also have a REALLY cool 3D seating chat that you guys could play around with. 3D chart

A band is suing our favorite team.


The devils are pretty unorganized if this is true. How do you not ask for permission/ pay before you use a song on a promotion video?

Zajac injured for start of season


TG says Zajac was injured yesterday. There goes the depth at center early in the season and hes out a reported 8-10 weekes.

Reid Boucher changes plans


Reid Boucher the Devils 4th round pick in the 2011 Draft has changed from his original plans of playing in the USHL one more year and then playing College hockey for Michigan. Instead he decided to switch to the Sarnia Sting of the OHL. Interesting that he and other U.S. college hockey players have decided to switch to the Canadian leagues.

Ask Travis Zajac A Question!


A couple of months ago it was Zach Parise, now it's Travis Zajac. Have at it Devil fans.

Ask Zach Parise a question!


TG lets commenters on fire and ice ask zach questions which is awesome.... Just write your comment in the comments section and see if parise answers it!

Holy Moly, Cooke was destroyed!


HAHAHA 14 games, that's great stuff league.

Hedberg get's the call against Stars.


Wow, a little surprised... Thoughts anyone?



Pens trade Alex Goligosky for Matt Niskanen and James Neal. Even crazier than this trade? Eklund had this happening earlier in the day... ouch.

Brodeur skates


sounds like good news after the Devils put him on IR earlier today

Forsberg done for real.


His comeback cut short, he announces his retirement just because he isn't up to his standards... Kinda sad because he was one of the most skilled players of all time, even though he won a cup against the devils..

Doc and Chico team up on TG


hillarious story.. "Finally, Mike "Doc" Emrick and Glenn "Chico" Resch work well together as broadcasters, but they almost teamed to kill me today when I was walking back from lunch. As I approached the entrance to the parking garage, I noticed a car pulling in, so I stopped to allow that car to pass. It was Emrick, who stopped, waved hello, and gestured for me to proceed first. As I stepped forward, a minivan suddenly pulled out of the garage to my left and was headed right for me. Resch was behind the wheel and, fortunately, stopped before he hit me. As Chico yelled to tell me to watch where I was going, I pointed to his broadcast partner, who he had not seen entering the garage. I think Doc yelled something like, "We’ll get him next time!" If Chico had not stopped, the Devils likely would have described my injury as "lower body, day-to-day."

Hey guess what more injures


Magnan seems like hes actaully injured and taormina might be too but it might not be as serious...

Parise to go undergo arthroscopic surgery on his knee and josefson has surgery on his hand and is out 6-8 weeks


wow........ This really isn't good... maybe this team will be injured all year and get healthy before the playoffs so there is no cap hit and we are kind of unfairly good?

Christine Simpson joins doc and chico on msg +


this is pretty random... and i have seen her on versus a couple of times, but i don't know i guess time will tell whether ill like her or not. What do you think?

Mccamond in camp for islanders


I really liked mccamond but the team didn't want him back. I hope hell make the islanders club.

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