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Jose Flores on EOTB 7pm tonight (5/16)


Hi folks. A show that I shot and edited for "Eye on the Bay" featuring (then SJ Giant) Jose Flores airs tonight. We followed him for one of three "day in the life" profiles. It's a unique show, and rather out-of-the-box for Eye on the Bay. If you are in the Bay Area, you can watch it on CBS 5 at 7pm, or you can have a look at it online probably Thu or Fri at Thanks and enjoy!

Wolff marking his territory in SJ


Oakland A's owner Lew Wolff on Friday confirmed that he's interested in acquiring two of the parcels the San Jose Redevelopment Agency is selling to buy other land the agency needs to sew up a proposed downtown ballpark site.

Eye On The Bay: Giants Parade Highlights


Very cool coverage on the ground at the parade. Also, awesome shots from the rooftop of the Palace Hotel. Rebroadcasting this weekend.

M&R: SF Giants Cash Registers Fill with Playoff Wins


The San Francisco Giants were braced to lose $4 million to $5 million before their playoff run began. Now, thanks to their postseason success, they stand to end the year $7 million to $10 million in the black, according to team sources.

...hoping to catch lightning in a bottle.


...hoping to catch lightning in a bottle.

The standard phrase used to explain the daily Giants lineup. (Pardon me while I continue rubbing off the 100 lotto scratchers I just bought).

Who pays Bengie's Bonus?

This is from a side discussion in another thread, but I thought it might be worth asking here as well: Who is on the hook for Bengie's 2010 bonus money?  It appears that in addition to his $4.5M...


OT: ATTN Hat Nerds: How to break in New Era 39Thirty?

At yesterday's game, I spontaneously dodged slipped into the fanshop on the view level behind home plate and walked out with a beautiful brand new 39Thirty BP/ST style cap (and yes, I did pay for...

Douchebaggery in the Bronx (as if you needed proof)


NY/Bos rivalry exceeding all expectations of lameness.


OT: Bringing 18 Month Old to Ballpark

Next week I will finally make it out to my first Giants game this year, which is especially exciting because our group will include my little 18 month old niece.  It will be her first game EVER and...

From the City of (Don't Tase me Bro)therly Love.


From the City of (Don't Tase me Bro)therly Love.


Unofficial Dodger Retaliation Pool

Which of your favorite Dodgers is going to get a sizzling fastball in the ear flap?  Which of your favorite Giants will administer the horse hide injection?  Will it be the first order of business,...

Kevin Mitchell owes CA $5M


ink + baseball = tax liability (also on this list, my former a-hole boss Halsey Minor... suck it!)

More Proof the FO is AFU


President's Executive Assistant reports to who?

Path of the Pros: Aaron Rowand (


This is nice, warm and fuzzy story of the gamer's ascent to the show. His mother even cries tears of joy in this heartened tale. And at the bottom of the page, where the writer completes her 700 word obligation: the outpouring of vitriol!!! (on no less) LOL... I think the only non-"Fuck You Rowand" comment was about the Giants new pitching coach.

Philies Phan Phails Physics (I love YouTube!)


Philies Phan Phails Physics (I love YouTube!)

Bad Contract Swap Meet (MLBTR)


Head-spinning fodder for your imagination and nightmares.

Jose Canseco KO'd in first round!!!


Canseco gets schooled in Mixed Martial Arts debut... 77 sec KO!!! (I wonder how many MLB players wish they could get in the ring with him). Click above for action pics! lol


Mr. Dallas McPherson, if you please...

I can't remember where I left my car keys last night, but I do remember that for some time in the post-Happy Pete era, this guy was frequently mentioned in the whines around the interweb as the bat...


Sabean's spring wish list

Schulman's latest is that Sabean is leaning toward a spring trade...  is this for real, or is he going to do this to us all season? Which teams could Sabes be watching as possible salary dumpers? ...

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