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Not many five year olds find comfort in sitting on the couch watching VHS tapes of Jason Kidd dominating high school and college. Well, I did and that is where the continued infatuation with basketball began and still ticks today.

I have been covering basketball for the past few years with Dime Magazine ( and look to continue spreading my wings with SB Nation Arizona.

The NBA Draft is my niche and NDI ( is my baby. Check it out!

User Blog

Overtime: Even More BS Of The Suns Podcast


There is never enough BS of the Suns...

BS Of The Suns Podcast Episode 63 (Plus Overtime)


No animals were harmed in the making of this podcast...

BSOTS Round Table: The Mt. Rushmore of The Suns


The summer melodrama is just about over... Can we talk about something fun now, please?

BS Of The Suns Podcast: Bledsoe. Sarver. Team USA.


This pocast cannot be used as a flotation device...

Mercury Meter Rebounding & Slow Starts, Concerning


Even the best team in the league has flaws and things to work on. Great teams identify and adapt...

This Rivalry Is Just Getting Started


A rivalry requires both teams to take successful shots. Shots have been fired for both teams for two years now and a potentially epic battle is on the horizon...

Mercury Meter: Target Is Firmly On Their Back, Now


The Undertake has nothing on the Phoenix Mercury with their streak... There, it has been said. Moving on.

How Can BSOTS Improve? Help Us With Your Feedback


Hey, Bright Siders, time to live up to your moniker...

BSOTS RoundTable: Eric Bledsoe & Team Geometry


It is that time again... For someone to make their, "Decision"

Mercury Meter: Back To Business


All-Star Game, check... Time for the Phoenix Mercury to get back to where they left things in the regular season, which was a 12-game winning streak.

WNBA All-Star Game: Did They Get Their Message Out


The WNBA All-Star Game is an advertisement for league. Did they get their message across?

Isaiah Thomas Directly Affects Tyler Ennis' Role


All smiles on draft night for Tyler Ennis who now might be in a tough situation with the way the roster is coming together...

Mercury Meter: Winning. History. Griner Block Pace


Okay Summer League and Free-Agency, enough of that, I'm bored... Time for some meaningful and borderline historic basketball happening here in the Valley right now.

Round Table: Summer League Redemption & More...


Never Forget.... Never Forget.

Did Nash Create Channing Frye and Marcin Gortat?


This is the scene of the movie where Wizard Nash grants his towering protectors and teammates with their special powers. My favorite part...

Mercury Meter: History, Greatness, Awesomeness


Last week was insane for the Phoenix Mercury so let me try and summarize what this team (and certain individuals) are doing in this magical, historical season...

BS Of The Suns Pod: Free Agency Exploded Overnight


We recorded this after dark and only lost one person in the process. So, yeah, 2/3 of us made it and I feel like that is a success worth talking mentioning...

Mercury: The Teams Lucky Penny (Taylor)


What is the value of a penny? One cent? The unnecessary element in a 99c transaction in the state of Oregon? Think again...

Mercury Meter: All-Star Voting & Griner's Progress


What have the Phoenix Mercury been up to as they hit the road and continue to shine as the best team in the WNBA at nearly the halfway point in the season?

Mercury Meter: Taurasi GOAT? Suns v. Mercury Stats


How have the Phoenix Mercury risen to the top of the WNBA a year after the roller coaster season that ended in the Western Conference Finals?

Podcast. WNBA. NBA Draft. Two Parts. GET IT!


Do you wanna build a snowman? Wait, it is June in Arizona let's just stay inside and listen to some podcast. Yeah, that works.

Phoenix Mercury: The "D" In DB Stands For Defense


How do you accommodate a plethora of talented scorers...?

Phoenix Mercury Model Spurs To Get Back To Glory


How can the 2014 Phoenix Mercury get out of their own way unlike the previous incarnations from 2010-2013?

2014 Phoenix Mercury Preview: A Different Take


Who are the 2014 Phoenix Mercury? That does not matter. What matters is who will the 2014 Phoenix Mercury become?

Round Table 30: All NBA Draft, All Day


The gang comes together to discuss the 2014 NBA Draft, Lottery, trades, prospects, and how to avoid coming out a loser on draft night this year... From Payne to Stauskas who is the best fit at No....

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