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Not many five year olds find comfort in sitting on the couch watching VHS tapes of Jason Kidd dominating high school and college. Well, I did and that is where the continued infatuation with basketball began and still ticks today.

I have been covering basketball for the past few years with Dime Magazine ( and look to continue spreading my wings with SB Nation Arizona.

The NBA Draft is my niche and NDI ( is my baby. Check it out!

User Blog

BSOTS Round Table: New Year's Resolutions

Yeah, we are going there... At least we didn't give out Christmas Presents!

Center of the Sun: How Far Has The Defense Fallen?

A weekly review, a look at the teams defense as of late, quote of the week, 2014 NBA Draft Update, and a preview of the week ahead...

Recap: Suns Rebound With 14-Point Win Over Philly

The worst 12 year old general manager on NBA 2K couldn't make a worse roster than what the team from Philadelphia brought to town...


GameThread: Suns Look To Rebound Against The 76ers

The Phoenix Suns (17-11) are coming off of their worst loss of the season and look to rebound against the Philadelphia 76ers (8-20) who have lost 16 of their last 19 games... We could be in for an...

Preview Suns Vs. 76ers: Going Behind Enemy Lines

Going behind enemy lines for some insight on the game tonight...

Suns Roast Lakers 117-90 Over An Open Fire

For the first time in ever Mike D'Antoni was upset at the lack of defense his team played at U.S. Airways Center...


GameThread: Lakers v. Suns Family Reunion Style

...Kendall Marshall in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform, and Wesley Johnson, and Steve Nash, and Mike D'Antoni (well, a suit). Yeah, we will take this version of the Phoenix Suns any day. Thanks!

Preview Suns vs. Lakers: Slash Bros vs. Mash Bros

If Gene Hackman does not coach this game I am going to be one disappointed basketball fan thanks to this metaphor land I am about to create...

Center of the Sun: The Suns Move Up A Tier

A review of the week that was featuring recaps, stats, quotes, notes, NBA Draft Updates, and a preview of the upcoming week in Phoenix Suns basketball...

Podcast Ep.50: Lon Babby On The State Of The Suns

Some events are bigger than others... This is an example of that.


Gamethread: Six In A Row? December? Time to find out!

Preview: Suns Look To Keep Streaking Against Spurs

Like a shark that smells blood... The Suns have an opportunity to pounce on a wounded animal and make a statement to the rest of the NBA ocean.

Podcast Ep. 49: Blazers Edge Invades The Show...

"You go here and you go there, we got this..." -- Bledsoe directing traffic against the Blazers

Dragic & Bledsoe, The Best Tag-Team In The NBA

Debates will always exist no matter the sample size about everything from who is the best player in the league to who is the best shooter in catch-and-shoot specialist off of weak-side help -- the...

Round Table: Are Dragic & Bledsoe The Best Duo?

The gang is back to talk about the remarkable play as of late of the Suns backcourt and where they rank in the scope of the NBA...

First Quarter Report: Who Are These Phoenix Suns?

"Can a man change his stars?" "Yes William. If he believe enough, a man can do anything!"


Gamethread: Suns Look For Some Revenge On Kings

And, is Rudy Gay the missing person at the table to get the Kings on track? ...discuss.

Preview SunsVsKings: Can The Suns Beat Bad Teams?

This series has been one-sided for the past two years and it has not been in the favor of the team that actually has a winning record this season...

Guest Post: Steve Nash Documentry On The Way

Steve Nash is a legend here in Phoenix. The Suns experienced some of the greatest highs during his time here which included three trips to the Western Conference Finals. The story is about to be...

Podcast 48: Suns, CONTEST, Lakers, CONTEST!!!

KrisDog and JimDog are at it again. It is actually good, we promise...

Center of the Sun: The Suns Rise After Falling

The Suns have been consistently inconsistent this season, but when they are, they find a way to rebound which has been impressive in and of itself... Here is how the week that was went:

Recap: Suns Beat Raptors, Raptors Are Very Bad...

It was not pretty, but the Suns collected another win over a bad team, which is what good teams are supposed to do.


Gamethread: Time To Take A Bite Out Of The Raptors

Who will take a bite out of who?

Preview: Suns v. Gay, DeRozan, and the Dino's

The Dino's may be five games under .500 right now, but they have a young athletic team ready to pounce. After all, they are still in the playoff hunt out East....

Are The Suns Playing To The Competition?

The fable of the Suns playing to the standards of the competition might be a little premature...

Podcast: How Good Would The Suns Be In The East?

As of late, the Phoenix Suns have been reenacting the story of the 47 Ronin, falling on their own swords after a prolonged survival plan finally ran its course...

Roundtable: Goran Dragic, Elite Mid-Range Shooter?

The team stopped playing defense and starting hoisting up a ton of threes since the last time we were here to break things down. Seems fitting to get the boys back at the Round Table...

Center of the Sun: Ridin' The Goran Dragic Train

Here is your formal weekly recap for the Phoenix Suns with a look at all the games, the news and notes, key stats, NBA Draft updates, Quote of the Week, and more. Let's get it...

Recap: Suns Lose 112-104 To Jazz In Rugby Match

Basketball, played on the same court, but with football rules becomes a dangerous little game I like to call Hard Court Rugby. This is what happened...

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