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TFC vs Dynamo: Orange You Glad? Well, Orange You?


What? Another game against these guys? MLS scheduling sure is fun isn't it? Well that's OK - gives us another chance to let Brad Davis score on a set piece....*grumble*

TFC vs Whitecaps: Clash of the Canadian Clubs.


Who doesn't love a mid-week fixture? Actually when they're games against one of the teams we love to mess with how can you not? Time to go up against the Whitecaps for our one league kick at the...

The Vocal Minority Podcast: Episode 45 #Underwater


Live from the back of Brazil’s net...hi Julio! Hi Julio - hey, Julio - Hey! that one hurt - could you, jesus, another one? Come on it’s not fun anymore we’re trying to’s the Vocal...

TFC vs Houston Dynamo: Can TFC Take Advantage?


Time for the second instalment of our homestand - hopefully this one will be a bit sweeter than last weekend. Here come perennial playoff contenders the Houston Dynamo - can TFC take advantage of a...

Toronto FC vs DC United: Home Sweet Home Stand


Finally! It's been four long weeks since we got to see our Reds play at home and this weekend's match against DC United is the start of a three game home stand! Huzzah! So put on your comfiest game...

TFC vs Chicago Fire: Let The (Many) Games Begin!


Game one in a jam-packed July is upon us as our Reds travel to the Windy City to take on the Fire. How will Nelsen juggle his lineup, will we see the B+ team? And will they be able to get...

TFC: 2 - NYRB: 2 - A Point Won, Or Two Lost?


Goals! Gilberto! Fights! Fouls! And a point on the road! Post WC Break TFC certainly aren't dull!

TFC vs NY Red Bulls: Yes, It's MLS Time Again.


We're sorry to have to interrupt this World Cup to bring you the return of MLS - but what else are you going to watch, Friday is a WC rest day! Besides, didn't you miss our Reds? Come on, you know...

TFC vs San Jose Earthquakes: Time To Move Forward


Wednesday was fun wasn't it? Hey at least it wasn't 6-0... Let us not dwell on the past - time to focus solely on MLS and heading into the break on a high note.

TFC vs L'Impact: Voyageurs Cup Final - Victoire?


Two cups in one week? Can TFC actually pull off this most improbable of doubles? Will they be shouting Victoire? Or will this be a night of merde instead?

Toronto FC vs Columbus Crew: Faux Cup Over V Cup?


After a meh showing in the home leg of the Voyageurs Cup on Wednesday night, can the Reds take the game to the Higuain-less Crew and get another positive result at home? Not to mention winning the...

TFC vs SKC: Time For The Reds To Take Advantage


It's Friday Night Lights baby! Time for a little football in the midwest - not that kind! No it's time for one of the rare Friday night fixtures in MLS against the defending champions.

TFC vs NYRB: Cup Wins Are Nice, Time For MLS Focus


Time to put away the VCup celebratory confetti and switch gears to MLS play instead. Here come the Harrison, NJ energy drinks!

TFC vs Whitecaps: Voyageurs Cup, In It To Win It?


It's time for the most prestigious trophy that TFC play for! No, not the Trillium Cup; it's Voyageurs Cup time! Or as we like to call it - the anyone but Vancouver gets to win time.

TFC vs NE Revolution: Win Or Off With Their Heads?


Bye week is over, the team is healthy and a home game to kick off the (hopefully) merry month of May - is this a must win game for our Reds? Or do we the fans get told to 'eat cake' once again?

The Spurs Are Coming! SSH Get Cheap Tickets! Whee!


Ooh it's friendly time! Excited? Don't be silly, of course you are! Did we mention that the tickets are actually reasonable? Would we lie to you?

Toronto FC vs FC Dallas: Time For A Resurrection?


Can Toronto rebound after a disappointing loss last weekend? Can they beat the best team in the league to go into their bye week on a high? And if not, who do we choose for sacrifice?

TFC vs Colorado Rapids: Can We Play You Every Week


Columbus beat at home? Check. Up next is the team that has rapidly (see what I did there? Well?), become one of our favourite teams to play at home. No, not because we get to see Marvell Wynne!

Toronto FC vs Columbus Crew: Oh No In Ohio?


THUD! That was the sound of the other shoe dropping as Toronto head into their next match missing at least four of it's starting lineup, including both CBs. Heading into a road game; against the...

Toronto FC (Finally) Sign Issey Nakajima-Farran


In one of the most drawn out signings ever, today Toronto FC finally confirmed the deal for Issey Nakajima-Farran.

Toronto FC vs Real Salt Lake: Toughest Test Yet?


On the road again...much like the next two years Toronto is spending the majority of the first two months of the season on the road with the next two weeks bringing difficult opponents. Up first,...

BMO Field SSH Meeting: Who Needs Spring Home Games


You know what happened on Saturday? No, not the game - that paled in comparison to the pre-game meeting for SSH regarding the proposed renovations to BMO Field.

Toronto FC vs DC United: Welcome Home


Here we go, here we go, here we's home opener time! Ready to freeze? Prepared for snow? Prepared to muster up enthusiasm that you haven't used in years? What's that, none of the above...

Toronto FC vs Seattle Sounders: Here They Are Now


But will they entertain us? After a bye week in which not only did our First Kick opponents come up with a win (spearheaded by two former Reds), but in which our fellow Canadian teams acquitted...

TFC Fall To FLU 4-2 In Final Pre-Season Match


Time to get the Reds out of Florida - playing in all that sun and warm weather is obviously confusing them. Another less than convincing performance in yet another pre-season loss. To which we...

TFC vs. Fluminese: The Last Pre-Season Game Thread


Join us in the comments for the last of the exciting pre-season action!

TRADED? Laba Traded For Future Considerations. BAH


Traded? Remember yesterday when we were all slowly coming to terms with Matias Laba being loaned out to one of our rivals for the season? Remember how we were OK with that because he'd still be...

Matias Laba Loaned To The Whitecaps For 2014


The shoe has finally dropped, the coffin has been nailed, those last few flights of fancy of somehow keeping Laba in TFC red this season have been snuffed. Get ready Toronto faithful; Laba's going...

TFC: 1 - OCSC: 1 - What? They Didn't Beat Them?


Was last night a harbinger for next season? A little footy foreshadowing as it were? Will Dennis Chin make TFC's life miserable in 2015? Or was it just another bit of pre-season fitness gaining not...

TFC: 1 - CREW: 3 - A Rusty Outing, Does It Matter?


They lost? They lost 3-1? Clearly all of the off season team building was for nothing - but just for shiggles let's look at today's match against that yellow team and see if there were any...

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