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Matias Laba Loaned To The Whitecaps For 2014


The shoe has finally dropped, the coffin has been nailed, those last few flights of fancy of somehow keeping Laba in TFC red this season have been snuffed. Get ready Toronto faithful; Laba's going...

TFC: 1 - OCSC: 1 - What? They Didn't Beat Them?


Was last night a harbinger for next season? A little footy foreshadowing as it were? Will Dennis Chin make TFC's life miserable in 2015? Or was it just another bit of pre-season fitness gaining not...

TFC: 1 - CREW: 3 - A Rusty Outing, Does It Matter?


They lost? They lost 3-1? Clearly all of the off season team building was for nothing - but just for shiggles let's look at today's match against that yellow team and see if there were any...

TFC's Dike Out For Season With Achillles Injury?


Has the worst possible thing happened? Has Bright Dike suffered a torn Achilles? All reports are sadly saying yes.

Toronto FC And Jonas Elmer Agree To Part Ways


Wondering where that international slot for Julio Cesar was coming from? Well wonder no more! Finally the mystery of Jonas Elmer (Who?) is solved and he goes quietly into the books as one of TFC's...

Toronto FC To Bring In Julio Cesar On Loan?


Great Cesar's ghost! Could the former #1 Brazilian keeper be on his way to TFC? Didn't we already have a Julio Cesar? What ever happened to that guy anyway?

Toronto FC Pre-pre-season Depth Chart: Defenders


Always a weak point for Toronto FC, has the team done enough to plug some of the leaks in the back so far this off season?

Toronto welcome back De Rosario


There was a boy from Scarborough...Today is the day folks - today we welcome back TFC's prodigal son; yep, it's DeRo Day!

TFC To Sign Michael Bradley At The Expense of Laba


Michael Bradley to TFC? For realz? An amazing coup if realized but where does that leave one of last year's heroes (and future star/building block), Matias Laba? If the answer is tossed by the...

Toronto FC Acquire Jackson From FC Dallas


Let the wheeling and dealing begin! TFC's first foray into the off season rebuilding began this afternoon when they picked up speedy midfielder Jackson from FCD.

TFC 2013 Top 36 Countdown: No. 10 - Ashton Morgan


His season started with nasty being anything but a compliment; then he was exiled to the bench and then some Swiss guy got signed and he turned his game around. Down 4 spots from last year, at...

TFC Top 36 Countdown - Number 12: Darren O'Dea


He started the season as our captain and then left under bizarre circumstances that could only happen at TFC. Never quite the general we'd hoped for and weighed down by a massive salary; at Number...

TFC 2013 Top 36 Countdown: Number 14 - Bright Dike


He's big, he's brash, he's B'Right! TFC's prize in the 'spin the wheel on the Urutti' game - who won? Only time will tell; at number 14 in our countdown (and #7 in your programs), it's Bright Dike.

TFC 2013 Top 36 Countdown - Number 18: Mark Bloom


One of the exciting - feel the remembered excitement! - summer signings from Kevin Payne and a player that was touted as a future building block; all the way from Atlanta at Number 18, it's Mark...

TFC Top 36 Countdown: Number 22 - Justin Braun


Part of Toronto FC's scintillating strike force this season and for far too much of the season one of the reasons it was less than striking; the man with no plan, at Number 22 it's Justin Braun.

TFC Top 36 Countdown: Number 34 - Michael Thomas


The younger, cheaper version of Terry Dunfield (but without the sexy tassels), Michael Thomas would be difficult for any TFC supporter to pick out of a line up. Welcome to No. 34.

TFC: 1 - Montreal Impact: 0 - Victoire! Victoire!


As another wretched TFC season mercifully comes to an end what better way to spend a cold (thanks a lot weather gods), rainy (again, what the hell?) Saturday afternoon with 10,000 (13K? Really?) or...

Toronto FC vs Chicago Fire: Play-off Lite


Only 9 more days until TFC's ignominious season comes to an end. But before that we've go two more games to play with multiple teams cheering us on - no really, they are. Welcome to TFC's...

Toronto FC Thanksgiving: Reasons To Be Thankful


We're a long suffering bunch, we TFC fans, but even in the midst of our 7 years of misery surely there's something that we as fans can be thankful for; other than a long weekend, a big meal and...

TFC: 0 - Union: 1 - The 10 Men Curse Strikes Again


A new look lineup, returning players, a playoff spot on the line - the drama, the excitement! But as per the TFC playbook, this one while exciting was all about sound and fury producing nothing....

TFC vs Union: No Shield, No Spoon, Here's A String


We're going to win the league! Wait, we're not? We're going to lose the league? Not that either? Umm, we're going to play a few more games and impatiently wait for next season? That's the one!

TFC vs DCU: Surely They Can Win This Game, Right?


An epic battle between good and evil! No? An important last season game! No? Damn...umm, the two worst teams in the league playing with nowhere near full lineups limping to the end of dire seasons?...

Toronto FC: 1 - Sporting KC: 2 - The Cold Truth


For once the rain wasn't TFC's saviour as they went down to SKC 2-1 on a wet, windy afternoon. It wasn't pretty, neither team was outstanding and there was the trademark questionable refereeing -...

How You Doin' Sporting KC? Meeting the Third.


In advance of Toronto FC's third and final match against Sporting KC this weekend I exchanged questions with Ben Gartland over at the fantastically named SKC blog, The Daily Wiz.

TFC Major Announcement: The Live Thread!


What's that you say? You were just hoping for a week to relax and not have to deal with any announcements - major, special, etc - from TFC? Sorry 'bout that - that's now how we work here in...

TFC vs New York Red Bulls: Time To Play Spoiler?


Another game? Already? Have to love weeks like this, right? Zero opportunity to adjust to the latest round of changes and drama that constantly plague our club. Ah well, here we go - let's head to...

How You Doin' New York Red Bulls? Part Deux


In the lead-up to Toronto's third game this week and third meeting with the New York Red Bulls, I exchanged questions with Matt Coyne over at Red Bulls blog Once A Metro. We talk Cahill, Henry and...

Toronto FC vs Chicago Fire: Game Thread


What? It's already time for another match? OK, well then join us here for all the fun, OK all the sarcasm and bleakness, for tonight's tilt against our lower table neighbours the Chicago Fire.

Leiweke Says All The Right Things...Then Crashes.


Yesterday we got to listen to new MLSE boss Tim Leiweke explain not only why Kevin Payne had to go, why he had to go before the end of the season but what MLSE has planned for our club in the...

TFC Special Conference Call: The Live Thread!


Forget special announcements, it's all about the special conference calls these days. What shiny new bits of information will Tim Leiweke reveal today?

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