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Hello fellow Buffalonians (and Buffalonians at heart). Been a Buffalo sports fan all of my life - Sabres, Bills, Bandits, Bisons, Blizzard, Stampede, Destroyers, Wings, etc - I've watched them all in my 26 years on this earth and I intend on watching a lot more. The Sabres especially have been near and dear to my heart - I still remember the old (terrifying for a 6 year old) steep stairs for the Orange Family section at the Aud, I remember watching Brad May deke Ray Bourque out of his jock and roof it over Andy Moog in the spring of '93...all the way up to the stars of the city today. I love the grit and determination it takes to be worthy in this sport and I'll always respect a player who truly understands that in hockey. Conversely, I will berate any player who mopes, shugs his shoulders, and still accepts his paycheck at the end of the week. I like to think i'm an honest, hard-working person who expects the same out of my teams. In saying so, I look forward to commenting about my hometown Buffalo sports in the near future.

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Buffalo Bills
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User Blog

The final two plans for the Webster Block in downtown Buffalo have been presented, which one does the City of Buffalo go with?


Dare I say, scary good??

Adam-Kassian-Leino BANG. Miller is looking dynamic. Finley defending Ennis. The arena is LOUD. Welcome back to the epitome of what it should feel like to be a Sabres fan again!


Sending the Right Message

Jordan Tootoo after the game - "There were four guys throwing jabs at me for a good 30 seconds," Tootoo said. "I was defenseless. What am I supposed to do? Take them all on? That's unfortunate that...


Where Has This Team Been All Season?

Answer - Rochester it has been a while since we've seen the Sabres play this pissed off, really encouraging to see - I gotta give a hearty bit of credit to Kassian, Leino line, Rochester boys are...


Sid the Adult

Wow Crosby - I'm obligated (as a devout fan of a competitor in the NHL) to hate your sensationalized guts but 4 points in your first game back in almost a year is pretty huge - he backed up his...

All Aboard Lindy's Carousel o' Juggled Lines


Hecht/Ennis in, Tropp/Ellis Out - The Lindy Ruff Carousel o' Juggling Lines is in full swing!

It's Still Miller Time, Folks


As the old saying goes 'You dance with the one who brought you.' It's still Miller Time, folks.


So What is Your Assessment of the 2011-2012 Sabres So Far?

I thought it would be nice to take a collective deep breath and briefly go over the Sabres' season so far.  I did something similar to this around the end of October last year and it seemed like a...


Do or Die Today

This is it boys and girls - after all the talk, all the games, the slumping and the reemergance of these Buffalo Sabres - we could very well look back at this game today against the Carolina...


RIP Rico

In a direct punch to the collective gut of Sabres devotees, the Sabres family has lost #7, Rich Martin this afternoon of an apparent heart attack while driving in Clarence.  I will admit that i was...


If the Sabres Were a Golfer They'd be Charles Barkley

It is clear to see nearly one month into the start of the regular season that all is not well in Sabreland - the team has started 3-7-2, Lindy Ruff has already decided to bench a healthy team...

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