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"Passing Game Sucks"

Pierre Garcon said it best when he told a reporter "Our passing game sucks..." We are one of the worst, if not THE worst drop back passing offenses in the NFL. Losing to Denver was not a...


WRs Need to Step Up!

For roughly the last decade, or as long as I can recall, Santana Moss has been the go to guy at WR for your Washington Redskins.  Santana has done a wonderful job considering we have never been...


Defense/WRs Disappoint Against Carolina

Wow.  I didn't think I'd say this at all this season, but the majority of the blame for this loss goes to the defense.  Yes, the defense played miserably today aside from a few rare highlights. ...


Redskins at Dallas MNF: Time to Show the World the Redskins are Legit

Okay, I have to admit when I saw Dallas MNF game on the schedule for week 3 I did not expect the Redskins would have much of a chance to win this one at Dallas.  But, here we are in Week 2 atop the...


Free Agent Fannin Could be a Nice Addition for RB competition

I've been doing some research in preparation for my upcoming dynasty rookie draft and came across some excellent analysis suggesting that Mario Fannin of Auburn could end up being one of the best...


It's not McNabb, It's the Offensive Line

First, I have to give props to the defense for getting the turnovers and stops we needed to at least give our offense a chance to get something going this game.  Another A+ effort for Haynesworth...


Turnover Differential - The Key to Redskins 3-2 Record

Redskins rank top 10 in turnover differential - a key stat to their success.


Larry Johnson's Day in the Sun

Will Larry Johnson make the most of his chance this Saturday?


With Redskins' Starters Out, Team Plays Better

I must say the last several weeks the Redskins have actually made the games interesting.  While it is a little late, the team seems to finally be playing with a passion and desire I haven’t seen...


2010 Draft - Offensive Line

I've never seen more of a debacle at O-line than we currently have here with the Washington Redskins.  We've waited far too long to seriously address the O-line in the draft and it clearly shows. ...


O-line So Important in the NFL

The O-line is probably the least important unit on a football team in the eyes of a casual football fan (yes Dan Snyder falls into this category).  The casual football fan wants to see the fancy...


Player Quotes and Practice Report Tell the Story

  Clinton Portis Quote: "It's only a matter of time before I have a 200-yard game," Portis said. "It's only a matter of time before I have a 150-yard game. It's only a matter of time before I...

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