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Resident of Seattle. University of Washington graduate. Writer of baseball nonsense. Sport, television, beer, and cat enthusiast.

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  • MLB Seattle Mariners
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Bartolo Colon: The Wise Ol' Buffalo

Remember that Mariners commercial with the Buffalo and Brendan Ryan? This is kind of about that, but Bartolo Colon is involved somehow.

Edgar Martinez and David Ortiz

Two all-time great designated hitters, but one is better than the other. This is a Seattle Mariners blog, guess which one the author prefers!

Reflections of the Seattle Mariner's 2013 season

Reflections of some of the top stories that were written about during the Seattle Mariner's 2013 season.

The call is coming from inside the house

On the potential impending doom of the Mariners' upcoming offseason

On the success of the Oakland Athletics

How the Oakland A's have mastered what was once thought to be an impossibly top-heavy division, managing to make the Mariners look even worse in the process.

The Desert of Mariners Baseball

In which the author writes a blog post about not having any ideas for a blog post. Things get weird.

The apologist's guide to Felix Hernandez losses

When The King doesn't pitch well, it can't possibly be his fault. Others and other things must be made accountable. This is how a Felix Hernandez apologist lives through the loses.

Other instances where C.B. Bucknor calls a balk

C.B. Bucknor takes the rules very seriously and literally and he's also very enthusiastic.

A Seattle Mariners Poem

A poem inspired by the Seattle Mariners.

Harang's gem overshadowed

Aaron Harang's gem has been cast into darkness by people things and events beyond his control.

A Picture of Brad Miller Playing Baseball

This blog post is about a picture of Brad Miller playing baseball. If you haven't already seen the picture you should really take a look. It's quite lovely.

Rhymes with Farquhar

Within this post, you will read of the author's feeble creative process, and also learn about some words that rhyme with Farquhar.

Jack Zduriencik and his wife: A conversation

Debbie Zduriencik: You're home? Jack Zduriencik: I am home. Debbie: I figured you'd be working. Jack: Yeah, well... Debbie: I guess not. Jack: That's correct. Debbie: Can I get you anything? ...

Submitting my best questions to Sergio Millar

The Mariners online social media presence would like us to ask Brad Miller some questions.

Norm MacDonald and Ken Griffey Jr. at the ESPYs

One time Norm Macdonald hosted the ESPN awards show and delivered humorous jokes that tested the limits of tasteful decorum. Ken Griffey Jr. was in attendance and reacted with his face.

When Taijuan Walker Drank Coffee

One time Taijuan Walker cooked dinner and this other time he drank coffee for the first time ever.

Recent Mariners success cures local man

A rare mood disorder tying a man's happiness to the state of the Seattle Mariners has suddenly reversed as the team improves and inspires hope.

Mariners/Rangers Series Preview

The Mariners travel to Texas to eat barbeque and argue about the proper method of cooking chili. I mean play baseball.

When Taijuan Walker Cooked Dinner

An essential examination of a dish Taijaun Walker cooked back on February the sixteenth.

The Mariners and Raw Sewage

There is a metaphor in here somewhere.

Mike Zunino and The Moment

Yesterday, the Mariners called up Mike Zunino and something happened inside of me. I am not in favor of the decision, for all of the reasons you can probably guess. It strikes me as hasty, and...

Baseball Blogger's Scouting Report: DJ Petererson

University of New Mexico slugger DJ Peterson is now a member of the Seattle Mariners baseball organization. What follows is a comprehensive list of notable attributes, as well as a scouting report,...

Checking Up on the Farm

A sampling of thoughts and observations from many of the players currently exploring the vast acreage of the Mariners' lower level affiliates.

Fan Vote Can Make Mariners All-Stars!

They have hashtags and everything.

Gameday: Brandon Maurer is Not Aaron Harang

Well, it was enjoyable to make fun of the Angels there for a second, and I guess, considering the standings, it still is. Last night, however, didn't do much to further the cause, and hopefully...

Gameday: 3rd Place Mariners Face 4th Place Angels

I remember being in favor of the Mariners pursuing free agent Josh Hamilton. There was all that hot talk about the team being willing to spend more money and how the young guys were about to break...

Gameday: No Country For Old Men

An aged man is but a paltry thing, / A tattered coat upon a stick, unless / Soul clap its hands and sing, and louder sing / For every tatter in its mortal dress

18-21: Felix Dominates, Mariners Lose

The Mariners' record is now 18-21.

5/14: Chart

Win Expectancy Chart, courtesy of FanGraphs.

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