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UPDATE: Your Wizards Big Man Free Agent Targets

Chris Wilcox, Sean Marks, Fabricio Oberto, Jamaal Magloire and Mikki Moore. Excited yet Wizards fans? I'd be 'content' with Marks or Oberto. Wilcox? Talented, but fairly questionable as a team player. I'll leave it to Grunfeld & Co. to judge if he's motivated -- he's still young (27 in September), so he should be. Mikki Moore. Heck no. He's been sort of our ideal free-agency Antichrist here on Bullets Forever. However, I'd almost rather have Moore than Magloire. Lazy, slow, out of shape, unmotivated, plays for himself ... all well-known descriptors of Triple-A Jamaal's game. I don't know the guy personally, but I'm fairly confident in saying he's NOT the type of 'leadership' guy we want slouching around the locker room. And if the Wizards do happen to sign Moore or Magloire, the floodgates of pissed off will surely open on this very site. Hope y'all are having a great weekend.

When You See JaVale McGee in The Street, Call Him 'Epic Vale'


Announcing JaVale McGee's "official" nickname.

Learning More About Your Potential Wizards


Did you know that Channing Frye once scored a career high 30 points (one of three such 30 pt. occasions), in a win against the Wizards when he was with the Knicks? And that this happened to occur on Gilbert Arenas' birthday?

Target Practice: Rasho, Channing, Jason and Jamaal

Mike Jones of the WaTimes is reporting that, according to league sources, Nesterovic, Frye, Collins and Magloire are on the Wizards' target list. Personally, I've come around on Rasho. Collins is a decent body, but statistics indicate he's just as bad of a rebounder as Darius Songaila, while a MUCH worse passer and offensive player. Magloire? Yuck. He makes Andray Blatche's hustle and motivation look like Matt Harping's. And Frye? He's an absolutely terrible defender ... yet a decent offensive option. But I'm curious as to what you guys think, chop away ...

Bullets Forever Poll: Ricky Rubio vs. "The Trade"


Who would the Wizards be better off with? Ricky Rubio or Mike Miller and Randy Foye?


Bullets Forever Poll: I would have liked the Minny trade better if ...

Darius Songaila vs. the 18th pick .... which on is more desirable?

While plenty of media outlets are speculating about a potential deal between Cleveland and Phoenix,...


While plenty of media outlets are speculating about a potential deal between Cleveland and Phoenix, we’ve heard some talk of a possible trade between Cleveland and Washington actually. The deal would essentially be a cost-cutting move for the Wizards, sending Antawn Jamison and filler (Mike James) to the Cavs for Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic. Wallace seems likely to retire, and Pavlovic is on a non-guaranteed contract for next season. It’s not clear whether the Wizards would need to surrender the #5 pick. Jamison is attractive to the Cavs since he’s exactly the type of combo forward they were missing to match up with Orlando’s Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu.

via Draft Express No, No, No, No, No, No, And.....NO! Draft Express does have some credibility, but this report leaves that in doubt with me. But if I were to give credence to this rumor for even a second, I'd have to assume that Grunfeld would have another move up his sleeve to make the team better. But if Jamison were to be sent to the Mistake By The Lake as purely a cost-cutting move, I can't even begin to describe how pissed I would be. -TAI

In the unlikely case that Rubio slips past Sacramento, it appears that Washington will not hesitate...


In the unlikely case that Rubio slips past Sacramento, it appears that Washington will not hesitate to pick him if they feel like he’s indeed the best player on their draft board. The prevailing sentiment at the moment is that Rubio is not in a position to return to Joventut, and that he may have lost some of the leverage he once had by keeping his name in the draft and suing his former team. Many feel like Rubio would be a good fit in Washington playing alongside Gilbert Arenas, but Rubio’s camp apparently does not agree with that notion at all.

via Draft Express Really? With Paul Westphal in SacTown do people really think Rubio would slip past #4? I'd be shocked.

Happy Birthday to Mike Prada

At the risk of embarrassing him, I'd like to extend some happy birthday wishes to Mike Prada, the founder of Bullets Forever, a great community for intelligent discussion about the team that has...

One team that could reportedly help Dallas move up high enough to pick [Jordan] Hill is the...


One team that could reportedly help Dallas move up high enough to pick [Jordan] Hill is the Washington Wizards at #5, a team they already have a history with making draft-day deals. The two teams swapped Antawn Jamison for Jerry Stackhouse and the #4 pick (Devin Harris) back in 2004, a move that worked out well for both parties. Dallas can offer either the non-guaranteed contract of Jerry Stackhouse to help the Wizards reduce payroll next year (while taking someone like Mike James or Etan Thomas off their hands) or they can help the Wizards by providing a veteran like Josh Howard or Jason Terry if it’s experience and scoring punch they are after. Either move would allow the Mavericks to stay flexible from a financial standpoint as they look towards the free agent class of 2010. They can also dangle their first round pick (#22).

Draft Express Word on the Street

Mike Jones (who?) wants you to chill on the JaVale McGee trade rumors


"I have it on very good authority that there is no truth to this whatsoever. Perhaps OKC has interest in McGee, which would make sense, but that doesn't mean the teams have had discussions. Often, I'm told, teams will throw rumors out there to get counterparts to nibble, thus starting up some discussions. The Wizards are very happy with McGee and believe he will blossom into a multiple All-Star. Trading McGee would also put the Wizards on the market for another center of the future and backup to Brendan Haywood, because Etan Thomas is injury prone and has an expiring contract the Wizards would like to move. II'm also hearing that the Wizards aren't at all interested in James Harden, believing that the Arizona State guard lacks the expolosiveness, athleticism and ball-handling skills that they're looking for."

So Long Dave Hopla


Looks like assistants Phil Hubbard and Randy Ayers will be out too....according to Wizards Insider. No big surprise here as most any coach would want their own staff ... except ... Wes Unseld, Jr. will be staying on board. The Unselds are part of Abe Pollin's family ... and it just wouldn't be a franchise without a dose of nepotism. Speaking of ... Flip might hire his son.

Wanna Follow A Future Wizard On Twitter? (potentially)


With JaVale McGee sporadically on Twitter, and Mike James tweeting, "Leave mike vick alone. U already made him start over financially. What else u want his head for dogs. Better b careful what u kill," it's time to get some more Wizards on board (could only be a matter of time before the blogging Brendan Haywood is hip to the game). Well, future Wizard, Blake Griffin, is tweeting his way to the NBA. Follow B.G. and let him know how good he'll look in a Wizards uniform. And remember, May 19th is less than a week away.

I just spent the day with him in San Francisco on Monday. All I can say is wow. The physical tools...


I just spent the day with him in San Francisco on Monday. All I can say is wow. The physical tools are amazing and the workout he goes through everyday is the most grueling I've ever seen. Griffin looks like he's training to be a Navy SEAL. However, what was really impressive was the basketball part with former Spurs head coach Bob Hill. He's much more skilled offensively than you think. Excellent ball handler and nice stroke with some three point range. And he's a nice, grounded kid with a very cool family. I was super impressed.

Chad Ford, ESPN (and also because SacTown Royalty posted the same thing ... how DARE they try to steal Blake from us!)

Brendan Haywood Is A Blogger

"A lot of was made about my "hard" foul on LeBron James during our playoff series last year. I still don’t think that was a hard foul and I didn’t have any ill intentions when I did it. But, I think we all know that anytime you touch LeBron James, you’re going to be sent to the showers! You accidentally bump into him and you’re going to be "rub-a-dub-dubbing" in the locker room bathtub!" Read B Wood's first post.

Eddie Jordan's Name "Thrown Around" in Philly

Former Wizards coach Eddie Jordan's name has been thrown around. He worked for Ed Stefanski with the Nets. Some sources close to the team say the Sixers need a coach who commands respect, is a former player but not a player's coach, and is more strict than former Sixers coach Maurice Cheeks. Someone similar in style to Pistons coach Michael Curry. via Kate Fagan, Philly Inquirer h/t SacTown Royalty

JaVale McGee on Twitter?

Mike James the first Wizard on Twitter? Perhaps not. According to the 'When Did I Start Twitter?' tool, James signed up on Saturday, April 18th. But young JaVale McGee AKA @bigdaddywookie came on board the Twit train on Tuesday, March 17th. You won't learn much from JaVale's updates, as his account is protected. But I will tell you that "they" call him Sleepy Johnson. Wanna follow other NBA players? Check out the @NBAPlayers twitter account and site. Remember, if you want to follow Bullets Forever, Jake, or myself, just follow the links. If you have a Twitter account, drop it in the comments section. Sometime in the future, I'll put together a 'Suggested Twitterers' post, and would love to include all those in the Bullets Forever community. ALSO: Bullets Forever, along with all the other SB Nation blogs are in a competition to see who can get 5000 followers first, if you need another incentive to get on Twitter.

JaVale McGee on Twitter?

Mike James the first Wizard on Twitter? Perhaps not. According to the 'When Did I Start Twitter?' tool, James signed up on Saturday, April 18th. But young JaVale McGee AKA @bigdaddywookie jumped on board on Tuesday, March 17th. You won't learn much from JaVale's account, as his updates are protected, but I will tell you that one thing "they" call him is 'Sleepy Johnson.'

It's A Tie!


Wizards tie with Clippers! Get ready to party!

Why Not Flip Saunders?


Can't get enough of this Flip Saunders thing? Thought so.

Should be an "exciting" game tonight


As Mike Jones reports that both Arenas and Jamison will be out. Not sure how many the Celts will be resting....they probably want to get in some sort of "rhythm" heading into the post-season, even without KG. So, tying the 00-01 team for the worst 82-game record in franchise history seems imminent. The good news is that our 19 wins that year garnered us the #1 overall pick.....the bad news, of course, being that we drafted Kwame Brown. For all those without two TVs, I might have to advocate rocking the red and watching the Caps open the playoffs against the Rangers (remember: hockey @ 7, basketball @ 8). See you in the funny pages.

Is It Over Yet?


Is the season over yet? The unfortunate Washington Wizards.

Introducing James Butler

"As Butler progressed from a freshman at Case who was arrested for possession of cocaine and a firearm 15 years ago this fall into an All-Star forward with a $50 million contract, I have been amazed by what I’ve seen. And I’m referring to the person Butler has become, not the player. I had some run-ins with Butler along the way and there were times when he wouldn’t return my calls when he didn’t like something I wrote about him. But those traits have been washed away by a mature man who is as cooperative and quotable as any athlete I ever interviewed." Peter Jackel of the Racine Journal Times pens a nice story on hometown hero James Caron Butler.

Wilbon Wrote A Column Today


He blathers on about the Cavs "Whizzing Past the Wiz" and a bunch of stuff that us Wizards fans really don't feel like hearing, nor forcibly digesting. I skimmed over it, but I'm not reading it...the gist is that things, such as injuries, happen and that franchises make different moves.

Background Behind the Video


What video you say? Only the video of JaVale, Andray, Nick and Mike clowning around that's been spreading around the internet like wild fire. Mike Jones of the Washington Times is on the ball with a Wizards Outlet blog entry on the video's background. Items of Note: * Seems like JaVale McGee is bigdaddywookie on YouTube. * Andray Blatche keeps a wig in his locker, and no one seems to know why....but if you see a crazy wigged man hanging around Thomas Circle, tell him that he should know better and it's time for him to go home. * More dancing from the DC Sports Bog * Wiz Kids Make Dancing Vids - NBC Washington

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