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I am not Kyle Nelson from DraftExpress. I'm Kyle from Northwest Indiana. I brew better beer than the other Kyle Nelson.

3 things in life I care about
Sox, Colts, and Hawks.
Lifetime banners: '05, '07, '10
"The Fuck Keith Law guy!"- Rhubarb

Die Rats Sox Fan

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Chicago White Sox
  • NFL Indianapolis Colts
  • NCAAB Valparaiso Crusaders
  • NHL Chicago Blackhawks
  • Soccer Bayern Munich
  • Tennis Maria Sharapova
  • FIFA Germany
  • Fantasy Kyle's Enhanced Performers
  • Winter Olympics USA! USA! USA!
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User Blog

Previewing the Horizon League Conference Tourney

I'll be clear with my biases. I'm an unabashed Valpo fan. I'll be attending all (hopefully, and knocking on wood) five games at the Athletic and Recreations Center, lovingly nicknamed the ARC. I...


BMO 2044 and 2045- Storylines abound... Kind of.

I'm not sure what to put in this, I even sat on it a night. So people give me some storylines to track this year. In the AL East We have a 23 year old pitcher getting ready to dominate Will...


BMO 2042 and 2043- Better late than never?

Sorry for the delay fellows. I didn't realize the other one would lock before Monday. So here we are, 2042. In 2040 Boston ended a 35 year drought and won the World Series. They defeated...

From the useless stat department


Bob Kravitz gives us this gem "From ESPN's Paul Kuharsky: Since 1990, 20 of the 22 Super Bowl champions (91%) won at least three of their final five regular-season games." Spewing out stats that are useless is one thing, regurgitating them without any analysis to your followers is another. So I'll give you some analysis Here are the teams that are in the playoffs and their record in their last 5 games (of if they were undefeated in their last 5, the number of games they have won in a row) Team - (Last 5) (1) Atlanta - (3-2) (2) San Francisco - (3-2) (3) Green Bay - (4-1) (4) Washington - (7-0) (5) Seattle - (5-0) (6) Minnesota - (4-1) (1) Denver - (11-0) (2) New England - (4-1) (3) Houston - (2-3) (4) Baltimore - (1-4) (5) Indianapolis - (4-1) (6) Cincinnati - (4-1) So what does this mean? Nothing because nobody is picking Baltimore or Houston to win the Super Bowl. Heck they are both the most popular upset pick by seed. Does this mean the Colts are more likely to win the Super Bowl because of their momentum? No because they still have to go through red hot Denver or New England.


BMO 2040 and 2041- New Decade.

Let's take a look at the last decade: 2030 Texas knocks off perennial powerhouses Chicago and Baltimore to make it to the World Series. This marks the start of a fall for Baltimore, who has...


BMO 2038 and 2039- The Rookies are Coming!

It's the middle of 2038 and we have one of the best rookie classes we've had in a while. The RoY race is heating up now that June is over. In terms of the standings, there's no doubt that Kansas...


BMO 2036 and 2037- Comments for this post are closed, bro.

We're doing BMO still. KC is still one of the best teams in the league. Here are the teams that are still in contention as of June 10, 2036. Enjoy!! AL EASTNew York: 39-20Boston: 36-24 AL...


Scouting the Opponent- New York Circus

Thank God we get to play this team this season. What a mess... Hopefully Andrew Luck isn't afraid of clowns, because that's honestly the only way I see this team losing to the S-U-C-K,...

Does Steve Stone read SSS?


In his weekly hit with Mully and Hanley, Stone kept bringing up the fact that he was reading blogs and how they were speculating on his future and on how he and Hawk interact, so I think its time to speculate which blogs Stone Pony reads. If he is on SSS which user do you think he's masquerading as? Do you think Stoney like the redesign since it's easier to read on his iPad? ALL THESE QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED!!! Oh yeah and Stone said he'll be back next year. So yay that!

Tonight is MNF's 666th game


And Tim Tebow just happens to be in it. Coincidence? Many may write it off as a "Oh whatever", but I guarantee Gruden mentions it once in the broadcast and the MNF pregame panel bloviate about it for 5-10 minutes. I also bet Tebow overtakes Sanchez in the second half tonight.


Scouting the Opponent- Green Bay Packers

Well I've got a little bit of time now so I thought each week I'd take a look at who we've got coming up. At least we'll be at home so we won't have to see this... Photo via c...

MLB Beat the Streak in ONE DAY


Pick 57 guys who will all bat on Friday and if they all get hits you win $5.6 mil. I will be entering for sure.


Do the Sox have First Inning Pitching Woes

Does it feel like the White Sox have had to come back to win a lot of games, even after the first inning? If you said to yourself "Yeah..." you'd be wrong. I'm going to take a look at every...


BMO 2034- "Your Ad here"- Minnesota Flea Market

So our last thread is a month old and we need a new one. So here it is with a preview of the divisions. AL EAST Tampa looks to be the cream of the class here. The Yankees try to play it...


Is Paul Konerko our Derek Jeter?

Watching Derek Jeter tie and pass Nap Lajoie in last night's Yankees vs White Sox game made me think about our captain, counting stats and our beloved White Sox. Also your mind begins to wander...


RRRR: Doing Right

UD wrote yesterday that we need a new RRRR so I thought I'd try my hand at it, because I saw a really good topic starter. Yesterday as I drove home from work I went past a church that always has...

Chris Tannehill mixes the White Sox 1st half highlights


With the first half of the baseball season in the books, 670 The Score producer Chris Tannehill went into the studio and mixed together a fantastic 1st half White Sox recap.


A Halfway(ish) Look at the future

We've played 79 games so really there's 83 games left, but taking that into consideration I decided I'd take a look at every player on the White Sox and take a look at what they were projecting to...

Cubs fans have no hope.


I laughed way too much at this..


MLB 2k12 Online League

Would anyone be interested in doing an MLB 2k12 league on XBOX? I've been playing online games and such since the day it came out and I'm tired of people who quit after you score 1 run after the...


Rating Robin: Spring Training (Part 1)

Realistically I could have called this "Rating Robin on the Right Rail" but RRRR is already taken. This season I'm interested in only one thing, how is Robin doing as a Manager. I (and everyone...


2012 White Sox PECOTA

Oh boy... This looks bad... This year's PECOTA is out, and while I'm not a big fan of their projections (Last year they had Dunn going 0.248/0.371/0.51 with 38HR and 96RBI. I'd have given my left...

3 White Sox on the All-Flub team


This should come to no surprise to anyone. Pierre, Dunn, Rios highlight Fangraphs midseason flubs. GO WHITE SOX!!!!


Is Adam Dunn truly this bad?

Now this is my first ever FanPost, so please be gentle with me. Here's a little breakdown of Adam Dunn since he's been a full time starter in the league vs. the time he's spent in the American...

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