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User Blog

Van Gundy Brothers on Grantland


Few days old but a great interview with Stan and Jeff. Gonna miss Stan.


What can we learn from the Rashard Lewis signing?

And its not what you think. It will be a while before we really see if the Magic received the best package for Dwight Howard. But after reading the hoopsworld article on how Hennigan created a $17...


Breakdown of Past Superstar Trades

The latest trade rumor with the Magic receiving a poo poo platter from the Nets is really hard to believe. The proposed trade would bring these players: Brook Lopez Luke Walton Damion James S...


Poll question: Should the Magic trade the 1st round pick?

I know a lot of things are still up in the air about personnel decisions, but I wanted to see if people wanted to keep the pick or trade it away. If the new GM can convince Dwight to be patient for...

Will Liggins survive the cut?


Unguaranteed contracts become guaranteed on Friday, but (I think)teams have to make the decision tomorrow in order for the players to clear waivers. Do you think Liggins makes the cut?

Kelly Dwyer destroys Otis Smith


Couple days old, but a must read. He puts a good perspective on how Otis could be thinking when signing some of these players.


Poll: Who has the worse contract?

Quick poll to see who you think has the worse contract and which one would have to be included in a potential Dwight Howard trade. Turk-2 years left, $23 mil, $17 mil guaranteed, age at end of...

Larry Coon breaks down Dwight scenarios


Great breakdown of what are Dwight's (and the Magic) options. Good read.


Quarter season mark: Where this team stands

In this shortened season, we are already at the quarter mark. At about the quarter mark last year, Otis made a complete roster overhaul and dramatically changed the roster. Who knows what he will...


Is the team over the luxury tax already?

I was trying to figure out what the team can do to still add players. I keep my own spreadsheet on cap stuff and this is what I have so far. J.Richardson $6,250,000 Howard $18,091,770 T...


Poll Question: What player would you prefer in a trade?

I wanted to see what the other OPP fans wanted to see in a Dwight Howard trade. Obviously, if we can keep him that would be ideal. But that may not happen so the team needs to identify the best...

Ryan Anderson breakdown


Good article from a coach's perspective on what Anderson needs to do to improve.


Who does Justin Harper really compare to?

I'm super duper bored. I'm an NBA junkie; obviously I read blogs but I watch the summer league and euro-league, study the cap for free agency, and its all gone. This is usually a good down time in...

Justin Harper Scouting Report


A NBAplaybook style breakdown of Harper's game from the sb nation blog "Mid-Major Madness". Great stuff.


Draft Open Thread

Looks like the Bobcats, Bucks, and Kings already got the first trade in. Bobcats with picks number 7 and 10. Other random Draft thoughts: Rooting for Kawaii Leonard to land in a good situation....


2nd round targets

Does anyone have any first hand scouting reports on any of the potential 2nd round picks? Mateo posted a good fanpost about a month ago with some potential targets: h...


Shaq Retires: OPP thoughts?

So the Diesel finally retires after 19 seasons. Shaq burned a lot of bridges in those 19 years, but the first one he burned was in Orlando. But what does the community here think about 1) his time...


Part 3 of 3: 2012 Team & the Mavericks

This last post wraps up the first 2 and tries to piece together a new roster for next season. I also would like to know what type of players would fit best around Dwight Howard. I know that the CBA...


Part 2 of 3: Trade Targets

The first post I had last week tried to breakdown some potential free agents that the Magic could potentially sign. This post is going to focus on trade targets and why they could happen. I'll...


Part 1 of 3: Free Agent Targets

Like most of you, I was disappointed that the season ended in the first round. Props to Atlanta, they had a gameplan(no matter how in-efficient it looked) and they stuck with it. So how can the M...

Beard Generator


Don't know if someone already posted this, but its awesome. The Jameer Kimbo and JJ Teen Wolf have my vote as funniest.

Corey Brewer bought out


Great article about Corey Brewer and his defense. Since the Magic missed out on Murphy, why not take a flyer on a great wing defender? Could be a steal of a pickup.


Why are the Magic struggling?

I'm trying to wrap my head around this and it's just giving me a headache. We have added some new players, but our core is about the same. So far, we have not been hit too hard with injuries (knock...

Seattle lost its past two games by a 74-10 margin and started Clipboard Jesus last week; the...


Seattle lost its past two games by a 74-10 margin and started Clipboard Jesus last week; the Seahawks are tied for first place. Does Simmons read BFTB?


This Charger team=mid '90s Steelers

So I'm finally off the ledge after the loss and was wondering if these Chargers are ever going to put it together. I started thinking about the Steelers and how it seemed that they were always good...

Adrian gone?


I thought the Red Sox signing Cameron and Lackey was kinda weird. I know this rumor has been going on since Hoyer was hired, but I just don't see the Red Sox having Cameron replace Bay's bat in the lineup. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

McFarlane Cooperstown Gwynn Figure


Don't know how many people "collect" things like this, but McFarlane toys has made excellent sports figures for a while now. They have had a Hoffman and Peavy figure and we finally get a Gwynn figure in the throwback. I know SDPads_1 should like this.


Fantasy bball? Anyone interested?

What up everybody. Just wanted to throw a post out to see if people are down for a fantasy basketball league here from 3QC. I wasn't sure if Ben or Eddy were going to have one but if not, I would...

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