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Farewell Hollywood Park

This article was written about a week ago, but I just found it. As a lover of the old place, it pulled a few emotions out once again.

Even more Versus/NBC Coverage?

As the title of the article says, could be a game changer. Granted, the coverage would have to last several years, but that's a great first start. And not too far off what I floated on this site last November, if I do say so myself.

Under 19 World Championship Team Tryouts

A few of the guys selected to tryout are from outside the Big 6 leagues. Good luck to all of them - and get the gold!

Michael Baze - Found Dead

Holy crap, that is bizarre and sad.

Comma to the Top out for 60 Days

Hurt his ankle today. Might help explain his odd race.

Johnny Jones - new contract

I don't mean to talk up my alma mater too much, but this came out last night. Looks like we may be keeping Johnny Jones for awhile. He's only about 3 seasons away (at his current percentage) from becoming the #1 coach all time for wins at NT.

Stevens - the next Wooden?

Great article on the head guy at Butler. The more I read on the man, the more he sounds a lot like the Wizard of Westwood (demeanor/philosophy/etc).


We Are All Bulldogs on Monday

I went to a school outside the Power 6 conferences (University of North Texas grad).  More people have than haven't I would assume.  Tomorrow Butler, once again, takes the banner for all of us...


NIT Final

Wichita State vs Alabama in the "Little Dance" championship tonight.  Can the Shockers take down the Tide in this year of the "mid major?"   They are the deeper team, and I suspect that may...


Congrats to Santa Clara

The 2011 CIT Champions.  Arguably the 4th out of 4 postseason tournaments (with several schools declining bids because of cost), but nonetheless it's a good win for their program.  The WCC is way...


Seeing the Queen in Her Element

via img.photobucket.com This morning I didn't have to work, and since Zenyatta is about to be shipped off to Kentucky my Mom and I decided to make it out to Hollywood Park to see if we could see...

Afleet Express Retired

Disappointing to be sure.

Technology Guru Offers to Buy Santa Anita

Not sure how legit this is, considering he's apparently swamped in litigation, but he's offering a ton of money. I doubt Stronach sells out, but if he did - it'd certainly repair some of the feelings among California Racing since so many folks detest him.

Mine That Bird Movie

Well, it is a great story, but man. If they were gonna use an out of nowhere horse that won the Derby and never won another race - I'd have chosen Dark Star. Mine That Bird didn't really beat a superstar, whereas they could play up the greatness of Native Dancer and how remarkable of an upset that was.


I'm still Depressed

I don't think I'm getting over this one anytime soon.  Last year they held retirement ceremonies at HP and SA before they decided to bring her back this year.  I hope they do again so I can say...

Mike Smith Blog

Guess it went up around a week ago (I just found it last night), and he hasn't made a follow up posting (maybe that'll happen once he flies to KY). Just figured I'd post this in case anyone hasn't seen it yet.

Zenyatta on 60 Minutes

The article more has to do with her workout this morning, but what grabbed my attention was confirmation (I read a rumor the other day) that Z will be featured on a 60 Minutes story. That is the highest rated, most respected, news program on TV (and one I almost always watch). I think it is fantastic pub for the horse...and the sport at large.

BC Zenyatta Site

At least it's new to me? Breeders Cup launched this microsite for her in the last few days.

Nice Piece on Zenyatta

Having seen her in person a few times, I can say this is pretty dang accurate for what it's like being there.


Zenyatta Day

Being a California resident, I have been lucky enough to have seen Zenyatta run in person a few times the last three years.  I wish I had kept my programs on the earlier races, but she wasn't...


The Great Match Race

Matt has a list of recommended reading on the site.  I've gone through my share of books on the sport (I like to read in general) and I'd really like to add John Eisenberg's  The Great Match Race...

Oak Tree not at SA afterall?

This could be interesting for a variety of reasons.


Hollywood Park to stay open a bit longer?

I just now came across this article.   http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/58272/hollywood-park-plans-to-race-through-2011   Acouple of things leap out.  First, is Santa Anita's...


This Just in

Jockey's have dangerous jobs.  The Australian study quoted in my link found that they have the 2nd most fatalities by percentage of any gig down under.  I'm sure the stats would show a similar...


Male Horses More Likely for Breakdowns?

Interesting story I read on Yahoo today aboout studies done on breakdowns. Yahoo!: Study: Male horses have greater fatal injury rate Not sure what to draw from some of that info.  Some of it is...

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