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I'm just a happy go lucky muscle dude from L A who loves traveling, eating at nice restaurants and living it up as much as I can :) I also LOVE my Rangers. I'm a long time survivor ..over 20 years..of Rangers sucktitude. I wasn't always as happy as I am now though... very much like this boy in this video at his age..

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Texas Rangers
  • NBA Dallas Mavericks
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • Tennis Andy Roddick
  • MMA Royce Gracie
  • Boxing Mike Tyson
User Blog

Happy Holidays everybody!

I'd like to wish each and EVERY ONE of you the happiest of Holidays. I also have special holiday wishes for those who are having difficulties. Whipsmart I hope you're alright. I miss your...


1st annual GDT graphics awards

Well folks it's finally over. There won't be anymore going to bed pissed off, throwing shit at the tv, crying, watching Matt Harrison cry, heavy drinking, or yelling  "Wash you are a moron!"  or...


OT: New York Governor Spitzer involved in prostitution ring.

It has been reported by the New York Times that New York Governor Elliot Sptizer has been involved in a prostitution ring.  Wow now that's big news especially for New Yorkers. How on earth did a...


OT: Did Brett Favre cry too much?

When he announced his retirement last week, Brett Favre broke down in tears. This has a ridiculous blond from Fox (Laura Ingraham) questioning him.Said Ingraham "Even these big hulky, strong...


OT : The Monte Carlo in Vegas is engulfed in flames..

The hotel Monte Carlo is engulfed in flames starting at the uppermost floors. It's not looking good at the moment. Given that the bldg is 34 stories I hope id doesn't come tumbling down like one of...


OT: WBC to picket Heath Ledgers funeral.

The Westboro Baptist Church notorious for picketing funerals of high profile people, gay murder victims and fallen soldiers to spread its message that the war in Iraq is God's judgement for pro-gay...


Clemens attempts to clear his name.

So now 2 weeks after the Mitchell Report Roger Clemens is finally speaking out on his steroid accusations. To prove that he's innocent he will be drilled by Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes in the coming...

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