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I grew up in Shreveport, so I had to watch those Damn cowboys every Sunday. Been a SAINTS fan since I was knee high to a duck. I got two teams every Sunday, the SAINTS and whoever is playing the cowboys. Moved to Los Angeles in '87. And so I lay claim to Los Angeles' #1 SAINTS fan!

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  • NFL New Orleans Saints
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Butler ready for anything?


Victor Butler is out to prove his lost season didn't set him back, and that he can still help a Saints defense which fared far better than expected without him.

Roman Harper to the Panthers?


Looks like he might land in the division.....


Roman Harper is NOT injured

There's nothing wrong with Roman Harper. Do you see how good this defense is playing without him? We've seen this move before. This is the same move that Payton used when he benched Joe Horn for...

Expect a lot from Vaccaro


It's rare that a rookie safety is in position to make enough plays to pique the average fan's interest, but Vaccaro could be an exception.

Should we take a flyer on DeAngelo Hall?


Another name could soon be added to the veteran defensive back scrapheap as Mike Jones of The Washington Post reports that it is "highly likely" that the Washington Redskins will release cornerback DeAngelo Hall before the new league year begins on March 12.

Do not serve this man....


No matter whether it damages the upstanding rep of Southern hospitality, there are at least 10 establishments in New Orleans that refuse to serve NFL commissioner Roger Goodell any food or drink this week. has been compiling a running list of restaurants and bars that are closed to the commish. They include noted sports bar Finn McCool's and fried chicken favorite Coop's Place.

Spags gone!


"I personally want to thank Steve and Ken for their contributions during what was an unprecedented 2012 season," Saints coach Sean Payton said.

Belichick does it again


Belichick has a history of acting like this after losses, most notably walking off the field with a second left in Super Bowl XLII against the Giants, a move that made him look like a sore loser. We'll see if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has a fine waiting for Belichick after he stiff-armed CBS following this loss. Let's see the double standard for anything New England from GodAwfulSmell? What will he do?

Sounds like solid ammo for Vilma to me......


I know this went up on PFT almost a week ago, but I haven't seen it referenced here so I just thought I would share.


Godawfulsmell can relax now

After watching the SAINTS fall to the falcons last night and hit a 5-7 record, even I have to say that we're out of the playoff hunt. I don't care what you say but this whole bounty farce bulls#!t...

Payton wants no part of LeBlanc?


This story happens to be plausible to me.....

Would Payton touch the cowboy job?


Sean Payton would rather answer a bounty question than discuss the coaching the cowpukes....

Payton surprised if Reggie leaves the SAINTS


Source: Sean Payton. So much for Jason Cole...


Bye-Bye Bandwagoners?

So according to this story, America's Love Affair with the SAINTS is over. Do you care? As long as I can remember I have been a SAINTS fan and a SAINTS fan only (as far as the NFL is concerned)....


I had a dream last night

I am totally serious that I had this dream last night. Now I have to tell you that it way too early to start talking about this topic, but I have to get this on the record, so that if it comes to...


Would LaDanian Tomlinson make a better SAINT, or Viking?

I know that most people here have stated that they feel like LT is washed up. I believe the consensus is that he still wants to be the feature back somwhere and he would never come to the SAINTS to...


Julius Peppers to the SAINTS??

Hold on there don't get too excited yet.... But I just heard the talking heads on the NFL network talking about Peppers definitely not being in Carolina next year. They went on to talk about the...


How has this season's success affected your collection of SAINTS Merchandise

I am looking forward to seeing just how many more people I will see with SAINTS clothing, hat, etc now that we are in the Super Bowl and better yet after we win it. Being on he west coast, I don't...


Game MVP, Bush or Brees? What say you.....

What an awesome game! I am so happy for all the SAINTS, the entire Whodat nation, and me personally (all the bets that I won on this game). I'm especially happy for Reggie showing up in such a huge...

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