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The Season of Deflated Balls

what else can you call this?it's just too apropos. Who would have suspected that from a little throw-away blurb about some clown on the sideline?I think Barkley can be an inspiration for all of us...

Dan Wetzel Interviews Lane Kiffin after 'Cuse

Kiffin talks about maturing as a coach and getting out of a potentially trapping situation with a win.


future opponent Arizona

Just a quick shout-out to Arizona, who put those Clownboys in the L column. Maybe they should have saved a few points from last week, they ran a little short! T. Boone will have to have another...


Winning and Style Points - USC

It may be no secret that this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about but I couldn’t disagree with him more: ...

Matt Barkley and the Sluggo Seam

interesting - his favorite play, it claims...

Sporting News - nothing wrong w/ college football, no to playoffs

Sporting News post against the plus-1 - I couldn't agree more.

Matt Barkley speaks to NFL's Peter King

MB7 comes on about 2/3's of the way through. Peter King quotes Peyton Manning saying "I've only got one more year to be a kid." I personally wouldn't leave the southern California weather a year early...


USC ends the O

with a little help from I-O-wa State... seems like every year OU, UO, OSU or some other O team gets signed up to get blown out of the national championship by the SEC (which is smart enough not to...

UCLA bowl ranked 33 of 35

hard to believe there are two bowls worse than the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, where every unemployed coach in attendence gets a free bowl of soup...


forgot the anniversary!

Did I forget yesterday's anniversary of it being 18 years since the Irish were last ranked #1? Seems like it couldn't be that long from hearing those guys talk (what amazing memories they must...


Save Barkley/ Shave Barkley!

I think we’re all hoping that Matt Barkley stays around for another year, a decision he’ll make based on a lot of factors, most of which we can’t influence. But one decision maybe we can...

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