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Ask A Colts Fan(s) From

First of all I come in peace. I am on the record for thinking Irsay is a moron for his latest comments about Peyton and the Franchise. I am also on the record for thinking we made the right...


Jim Irsay Loses his Damn Mind, Takes Shots At Peyton Manning

Please Jim, STFU from here on out. I fully expect Peyton to break all time records against us on sunday now h...


The Most Biased Article On The "Brawl" You Will Read. USA Today this is disgusting

Just read the first few lines and choose for yourself if you would like to enter the twilight zone by clicking the linkh...


2011 Pro Bowl DE Jason Babin cut from Eagles

3rd most in total sacks in last 3 years. Had 5 this year. Released suddenly. Grigson obviously has history...

Brady calls Peyton "The Greatest of all time"

"To me, he's the greatest of all-time. What he's accomplished and the way that he studies, the way he prepares. He's really got a killer instinct too. I've been fortunate to be around him on a lot of occasions and we always hit it off; we have a great relationship and he's a friend of mine and someone that I always watch and admire because he always wants to improve, he always wants to get better and he doesn't settle for anything less than the best. So when you watch the best and you're able to learn from the best, hopefully that helps me get better."

Throwing to Pierre Garcon = More bad things happening than good

I don't know how else to put it. For every 1 handed sportscenter highlight catch we get 5 drops/wrong routes/miscommunications/interceptions.   That is all   But since I need 75 words before this...

Marlin Jackson suffers serious injury in Eagles practice


Jackson had to be carted off the field during an Eagles practice today. Appears to be the same knee that caused him trouble here. Please keep this former Colt in your thoughts! UPDATE: Eagles are now saying it's a ankle injury. Hopefully we'll see Marlin on the field at some point during this season. UPDATE 2: Jackson ruptured his achilles tendon.


Who's online? Wednesday Night 'Hump Day' Open Thread

Just up watching the Lakers-Suns game. Waiting the inevitable Lakers/Celtics matchup. I see no open thread to celebrate the holiday known as Humpday around these parts. After the jump lots of...


When, and Why did you start following Stampedeblue? (Why why are you still here?)

Just a thought I had, I was wondering when everybody checking this site out. I know there are are many who lurk for a while before they join the community and start making posts, like myself. W...


The "Resting Starters" question will forever be answered for our team after this season

  That's one positive I will take out of this game. Each year is different for all teams, but after this season we will either win the SB and it won't matter, Polian will be the genius he was...

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