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12.20.12 Late Night - The last LSB OT ever?

The 2012 phenomenon comprises a range of eschatological beliefs according to which cataclysmic or transformative events will occur around 21 December 2012.[1][2][3][4][5][6] This date is regarded...


Thanksgiving '12 OT

Last year you crazy fuckers racked up 2,765 comments in here. The year before that you only made 78. Apparently Thanksgiving threads are the Derek Hollands of OT's. In cooking, stuffing or f...


Second Annual Hot Chick Draft postbellum [POLL]

Well, out of the ten (well nine, if we don't count me) people who were signed up this year, three of them showed. I mean, I expected a some dropouts, but that was kind of redic. But hey, maybe it...


Second Annual LSB Hot Chick Draft Drafting Thread

Welcome to the official drafting post. Remember, this thread is for making your picks, the discussion thread is over here. I'll be writing the rest of this paragraph to fill out the word count....


Second Annual LSB Hot Chick Draft - Discussion/overview post

Well gents, here we go. Most of you are veterans from last year, so most of you know the basics of how this will work: I'll put up the drafting thread, create drafting subthreads for each of you,...


Second annual LSB hot chick draft signup/interest gauging post

Oh boy, my first fanpost on SBN United! ...wait, all this shit in the editor is exactly the same. How boring. Still better than fucking it all up just for the sake of change, but boring.


7-11 OT IV

Because Roman numerals, bitch. Artillery Reserve BG Robert O. Tyler Cpt James M. Robertson Headquarter Guard: 32nd Massachusetts Infantry, Company C: Cpt Josiah C. Fuller Brigade Batteries 1...


4-20 OT I

> Insert pot joke here < Up early, in case the other two guys maybe still up from the Roundball Rock Thread want it. Random meme of the day: Cone-ing Cone-ing is a video fad where participants...


4-18 OT I

Random meme of the day: RAMIREZ! DO EVERYTHING! “Ramirez, Do Everything!” is a catchphrase and image macro series referencing a character from the first-person shooter video game Call of Duty:...


3-20 OT

One month away from four twenty! Fart is an English language vulgarism, most commonly used in reference to flatulence. The word "fart" is generally considered unsuitable in a formal environment...


Post-Handegg OT

I don't feel like running the bloated handegg GDT, so I guess I'll give you guys a nightcap. So apparently the Giants won? And most everyone is unhappy about that? Fantastic. I always root for...


Sunday Evening OT

Because weekend thread #4 is over 1200. Now, your specially selected meme of the evening: Would Not Bang. “Would Not Bang”, sometimes referred to as “2/10, Would Not Bang”, is an image macro...


1-26 OT I

My new laptop arrives today. This means in about 4 hours, I have to wake back up, get hopped up on energy drinks and sit around waiting for the UPS guy. Which probably means I'll be joining you...


1-11-12 OT Thread - Humans For the Abolishment of Twist-ties edition

What rational human beings use on their bread and other bags: bread clips. A bread clip' is a device used to hold plastic bags (such as the ones sliced bread is commonly packaged in) closed....


The (Un)Official LSB Freestyle List Thread

You might've seen me hinting at this for awhile in the OT threads. I like lists. Lists are fun. So, while we wait for Prince Fielder to be signed pretend we're okay with the fact that the Rangers...


11-30 LSB After Dark Thread

Haven't tried this yet, but lets see how LSB after dark does with it's own thread, instead of blowing up the old one... Meme of the night: Wombo Combo. Wombo Combo is the catchphrase derived...


Thanksgiving OT

Not that I expect this to generate much more traffic than a weekend OT on a slow Saturday, but hey, whatever. How about roll call for all the LSBers like me who aren't going anywhere this year?...


2011 LSB HC Draft results thread (poll)

First off, thanks to all who participated. This was a ton of fun to put on, and I think a definite success despite several last minute dropouts/no-shows. And aside from a certain LSB moderator who...


The LSB HC Draft: official drafting post

This is it, fellow drafters. Discussion/orientation thread thread is over here for easy reference. I'll create everyone's drafting subthreads, and then you guys can check in below them and we'll...


The LSB HC Draft Discussion and Orientation Thread

Before we get down to business today, I just want to thank bigtill for the opportunity to run with this. Putting this all together has been a welcome post-WS distraction and hot chicks are kind of...


LSB HC Draft Update

You know, over the past few days I've pondered the possibility of many stupid details in my life being at fault for us losing the world series. Was sticking with my so-called lucky shirt, avatar...


Halloween OT

Random Meme of the day: I can break these cuffs I Can Break These Cuffs is a catchphrase associated with an episode of Cops where a man with dwarfism attempted to break out of his handcuffs. It...


The 2011 LSB Hot Chick draft official signup thread

Hi, I'm LSJ. You may remember me as the guy who counts down the Rangers magic number during the regular season with his top 25 hot chicks. I'm here today to talk to you about the 2011 LSB Hot Chick...


10/7 OT - I don't have time to explain, get in the thread

Been awhile since I've done one of these...Random meme of the day: Bert is evil Bert is Evil is a photoshopping trend that involves superimposing an image of Sesame Street character Bert into...


4th of July OT Thread

Not sure whether you guys will need this today or not, but out of GP... Random wiki: Grodziec, Lower Silesian Voivodeship. Grodziec [ˈɡrɔd​͡ʑet​͡s] (German: Gröditz) is a village in the...


4th of July Weekend OT Thread

I'm torn on the concept of fireworks. On the one hand, they annoy me when I'm not setting them off and make me want to shoot the people who are. On the other, when I'M setting them off, FUCK YO...


6-28 OT Thread

Random Wiki: Adam Wheater. Adam Wheater (born 13 February 1990 in Whipps Cross, Essex) is an English cricketer. He is a right-handed batsman and a wicketkeeper, who currently plays for Essex....


6-24 OT Thread

Random Wiki of the day: Ben Oglivie. Benjamin Ambrosio Oglivie Palmer (born February 11, 1949 in Colón, Panama) is a former Major League Baseball left fielder for the Boston Red Sox (1971–1973), D...


6-23 OT Thread

Random wiki of the day: Floyds Knobs, Indiana. Floyds Knobs is a small unincorporated town in Lafayette Township, Floyd County, Indiana. Historically a farming community on the outskirts of New...

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