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4/5 OT Post

Random Wiki of the Day: George Champion. George Champion (July 15, 1867 – September 30, 1933) was an English cricketer. He was a right-handed batsman and a right-arm medium-pace bowler who played...


4/4 OT Thread

Random Wiki of the day: Gardner Goldsmith. Gardner Goldsmith is a television and radio script writer, journalist and author whose work has appeared in the United States, Canada, and the United...


Opening Day OT Thread

Just throwing this up out of GP for the morning, although I imagine once the game starts this will pretty much die... Random wiki of the day: Willie Buchanon. Willie James Buchanon (born November...


3/31 Opening Day Eve OT Thread

Last OT Thread of the offseason, if you count spring training as the offseason. Sorta wondering how much of a dropoff these threads will see in-season, although if spring training was any...


3/30 OT thread

Your random wikipedia article of the day: Aron Pálmarsson. Aron Pálmarsson (born July 19, 1990) is an Icelandic handball player, currently playing for THW Kiel in the Toyota-Handball-Bundesliga....


3/29 OT Thread

You ever have a word stuck in your head? I have nougat stuck in my head this morning. Nougat is a very funny word. Nougat. Nougat. Nooooooooouuuuugat. Nougat. Non-random wiki of the day: Nougat. N...


3/28 Evening Thread

No game tonight, and the morning edition is up around 950, I figure I'll toss this up here... so here's 50 Dark Elf names. Alocixek Amebe Axerer Cedit Dofiavaod Donna Elano Eneel Evotur Hena Ikeox...


3/23 Evening Thread

So, I was googling, trying to find out if I am in fact the first person in history to every construct the sentance "The Russians put land mines in my potatoes!" and I found this. A Russian farmer...


3/22 OT Thread

Random Wiki of the day: Battle of Cambrai. The Battle of Cambrai was a battle between troops of the British First, Third and Fourth Armies and German Empire forces during the Hundred Days...


3/21 Afternoon/Evening OT thread

Since this mornings is past the century. For filler,  WestTxAg06's 168 word "signature": "It has been said that baseball is to the United States what revolutions are to Latin America, a safety...


3/21 OT Thread

Random Wiki of the day: Dennis Massachusetts. Dennis is a town in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, United States; located near the center of Cape Cod. The population was 15,973 at the 2000...


3/17 OT Post

I didn't get an answer in the other thread, but I figure you guys will probably still want a new one, so... Random wikipedia article of the day: Geoffrey Jefferson. Sir Geoffrey Jefferson...


3/14 OT Post

A new one, even though the weekend one is below 200 comments... In case you missed it, booyakasha posted something awesome in the fanshots yesterday. Check it out. Random wikipedia article of the...


3/12 Weekend OT Post

  Welcome to the day after the weirdest day of 2011 (yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and call it now. No way 2011 tops yesterday, at least not for Rangers fans). If it's all downhill from here, I suppose...


3/11 OT Post - Tsunami Edition

So I wake up and apparently Japan has been destroyed (again), and Hawaii and the entire West Coast are about to sink into the Ocean. Oh, and Chuck Greenberg is gone, too. Awesome. I can only hope...


3/9 OT Post

Since you monkeys apparently require a new one of these every day now no matter what, here ya go. Random Wikipedia article of the day: Seven Rivers Warriors. The Seven Rivers Warriors were an...


3/7 & now 3/8 OT Post

Probably still some life left in the weekend thread, but since it's Monday I figured a new thread would probably be best... Random Wikipedia article of the day: Rusty Torres. Rosando "Rusty" Torres...


3/4 OT Post

  Frolicsome Friday, fuckers. Your random Wikipedia article of the day: The Erdős number. The Erdős number (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈɛrdøːʃ]) describes the "collaborative distance" between a...


3/3 OT Post

Your Wednesday Thursday OT thread, have at it folks... Random wordfilling wikipedia article of the day: Heers, Netherlands. Heers is a hamlet in the south of the municipality of Veldhoven in the...


3/2 OT Thread

So, judging by the last two days, I think it might be time to drop "morning" from the title. Smashing development, eh? Happy Texas Independence day, by the way. Lot of interesting birthday's today,...


3/1 Morning OT Thread

Welcome to March, folks... Fun March facts courtesy wikipedia: The name of March comes from ancient Rome, when March was the first month of the year and named Martius after Mars, the Roman god of...


2/28 Morning OT Post

Interested to see if activity in these will taper off with now that the spring training games have actually started or not. Apparently the Oscars where last night (yet another supposedly important...


2/25 Morning OT Post

Salutations from the latest edition of the Morning OT Post, as today we ask you begin with a moment of muffled conversation in memory of Prussia. I find it odd that Wikipedia translates "Suum...


2/24 Morning OT post

3,599 comments yesterday between the morning thread and the two OT posts alone. 562 more between the other three front-page posts, CPP #14 and AJM's basketball fanpost. I probably shouldn't be...


2/23 morning OT post

HSiOW, everyone (Holy Shit, It's Only Wednesday). So, of the 105 LSBers who voted in yesterday's poll, 69 of you want to see these continue. More importantly, yesterday's post wound up doing well...


2/22 Morning OT post

Welcome once again to the morning OT post, where this morning I find myself idly wondering: if Adam seceded from SB Nation, would he rename LSB Adamvania? Also: will LSB even get that reference? T...


2/21 Morning OT thread

Welcome to the Monday morning OT thread, where we fondly celebrate the 468th Anniversary of the Battle of Wayna Daga while wondering if Shigechiyo Izumi would've had an easier time coming up with...


Weekend OT thread

I don't know that this is really necessary on the weekends, but I figure I'd best try to capitalize on yesterday's success while I can to keep this train rolling...


2/18 morning off-topic post

Quick recap, if you missed the genesis of this idea yesterday:


OT - Post your wallpaper

  Floated this in the morning thread and the idea seemed popular enough, so I thought I'd provide a better forum for it instead of clogging up the morning thread. Concept's simple, just post the...

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