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Drummond a safe pick, not a risky one?

Interesting take: Basically, if Drummond's most realistic outcome is Deandre Jordan or Sam Dalembert, he's worth taking at six since Centers are so rare that 1/3 of the league is still lacking a guy even as good as them (and look how much Jordan just got paid). The question is, if we have to wait out his entire rookie contract before he even becomes a player of that caliber, is it worth our #7 pick?

Tim Roye's Media Member Mock Draft


For those of you not following along on, Tim Roye's polling media members from each team to make their respective team's pick. (Spoiler alert: we take Sullinger while Drummond's still on the board!) Warriors bloggers/pundits weigh in with their picks in audio clips as well (Tolbert, Rasheed from WW, Rich from GSOM (represent!!), Lauridsen, Bergman). Good stuff!

NBA scout says Kentucky system hides flaws in players


" MKG (Michael Kidd-Gilchrist)is a good defensive player, but he isn’t as good as people believe. Having (Anthony) Davis camped around the rim allowed players to play defense in a way which minimized their weaknesses," the scout said. Interesting take. Not sure if I buy it, but considering how many Kentucky players project in the lottery, it's one more thing to consider as draft day approaches...

Possible Euro SF with a 2nd Round Pick?


[edited: corrected "Defense" video] Kostas Papanikolaou, from Olympiacos, Greece - Euroleague Champion 6'8" 225. Lefty, long, ace defender. Apparently just shut down Kirilenko in the Eurloeague Final 4. Youtube footage for the good ol' "Eyeball Test": Defense from Euroleague Final 4: Offense from Final 4: Crazy Breakaway dunk: Single Game Highlights from a game in February:" target="new What do you guys think as a possibility with the 35th or 40th pick?


Phone Conversation Between Joe and Kirk Lacob re: Assistant GM Position

[Phone Rings in Bismark, North Dakota] Kirk Lacob: "Who dis?" Joe Lacob: "Hi, son." Kirk: "Gawd, Dad...what do you want?" Joe: "Oh, sorry. Did I bother you? I can call back." Kirk: "Yes. ...

Good News for Curry After Ankle Surgery


Is this good news, or is this just a propaganda piece to help him get that contract extension he's suddenly worried about? Start the debate.

Kawakami's Tanking Prospectus


Good summation of the fading glimmer of hope that we can keep our pick without too much Kawakami B.S.

Thanks to @StephenCurry30 for having me over to watch the game and showing me around! Can't wait to...


Thanks to @StephenCurry30 for having me over to watch the game and showing me around! Can't wait to be out there together!!/AndrewMBogut/status/182661509103620096

Now's the time to trade Curry to Charlotte

Curry + Biedrins for DJ Augustin + Diaw + BJ Mullens + 2012 1st Rd Pick (won't work in the trade machine just yet because Mullens can't be traded for a few more weeks).Curry is the one player that...

Steph's New Kicks - Nike SC30


Steph's New Kicks - Nike SC30

Dalembert > Kwame


Some actual basketball-related news for a change today: A source with knowledge of the deal said Samuel Dalembert will be paid approximately $7 million in the first season and the Rockets have a team option worth approximately $7 million in the second season that includes a $1.5 million buyout if it is declined. Read more: For the same price I'd so much rather have grabbed Dalembert than Kwame Brown. He's a better player in almost every single way, and Houston has a relatively cheap buyout for next year if they find something better or it doesn't work out. Why can't our front office be creative like this? Man...just another case of our GM(s) being outfoxed by Daryl Morey yet again....

Kwame Brown Interview


Rusty Simmons article from the Chronicle:

Hollinger on Kwame Signing


Man, Hollinger is on fire. Pretty much sums up the futility that is the GSW Free Agency period. Link is ESPN Insider, so: Kwame Brown to Warriors, for one year, $7 million: Thumbs down I'm so sorry, Warriors fans. You thought everything would get better once Chris Cohan sold the team, and then stuff like this starts happening. While Brown wasn't that bad in Charlotte last season, he wasn't good either. He's a serviceable backup center since he's big and fairly mobile, but that's it. He won't score or block shots because he is slow off the ground, has hands of stone and is a poor foul shooter. Also, everybody seems to be glossing over just how injury-prone he's been. Over the past five years he's played 41, 38, 58, 48 and 66 games; a few of those were DNP-CDs in Detroit, but mostly it was because he kept getting injured. I realize it's a one-year deal so it takes risk out of the equation, but the Warriors basically signed a very expensive backup center under the mistaken impression that he'd be a decent starter. I question even whether this was a primary need. Golden State had four bigs on the roster already with Ekpe Udoh, David Lee, Andris Biedrins and Louis Amundson. While Brown can defend big post players better than any of them, there are more pressing issues here, like the fact that the only backup perimeter players are rookies Klay Thompson and Charles Jenkins. Golden State already forfeited both its amnesty provision and the rights to both Reggie Williams and Jeremy Lin in their bizarre quest to overpay DeAndre Jordan; now the Warriors have also forfeited most of their cap space. They'd have been better off living to fight another day and using their cap space via trade or targeting less expensive players. It's tempting, for instance, to think that there were no centers available, but that isn't true. Even if you say Golden State had to get a big, burly post defender, several players of that type who are only marginally worse than Brown could be had much less expensively. For instance, Kyrylo Fesenko is a better defender than Brown and will end up costing about a quarter the price. Reggie Evans is out there too, for perhaps a third the cost. Shelden Williams, Aaron Gray and Jason Collins signed for the minimum; Darnell Jackson is still hanging out in Europe waiting to get the minimum. Alternatively, Mehmet Okur is eminently acquirable in a trade; I'd imagine Ian Mahinmi is too. In other words, Kwame Brown and Sam Dalembert were the "only" centers left only if you constrained your thinking to 2010-11 starters who were unrestricted free agents. Golden State reacted to a perceived scarcity that didn't actually exist, and as a result traded Reggie Williams for Kwame Brown while losing both its cap space and its amnesty.

Clippers win bid for Chauncey


From Hollinger's twitter: WoW! Had to either decline matching Jordan or amnesty Mo Williams. RT @WojYahooNBA Clippers placed bid on Billups, league source says -- They could also be Amnestying Kaman as well. Will be interesting to find out how they did this. Could they be walking away from Jordan?

Hollinger on Jordan Situation "Warriors exercise amnesty on Charlie Bell, rescind qualifying offer...


Hollinger on Jordan Situation "Warriors exercise amnesty on Charlie Bell, rescind qualifying offer to Reggie Williams, cut Jeremy Lin, and sign DeAndre Jordan to a four-year, $43 million offer sheet: Thumbs down This was the height of silliness. Golden State wasted its amnesty clause on a low-salary player and renounced its rights to a useful bench player, all to overpay a guy who they aren't getting anyway. They should be so lucky. Jordan isn't worth $43 million or anything close to it; he's a nothing-but-dunks guy who makes too many turnovers, shoots 40 percent from the line and dozes off on defense. He's big, athletic and only 23 years old, so it's easy to see the potential. But even while shooting 68.6 percent last season his player efficiency rating was still below the league average. While Jordan makes spectacular plays he rarely makes the more common, mundane plays. Given the murmurs about his work habits, one wonders how he'll perform after he has been paid. Meanwhile, the Warriors are now stuck with Andris Biedrins because they wasted their amnesty rights on Charlie Bell, and with Williams gone their only backcourt depth is rookie Klay Thompson. The part that's really irksome, however, is the sheer desperation. Golden State isn't Minnesota or Memphis; the Warriors can get good free agents to come here. Why they went so hog wild over Jordan is a bit of a mystery." Hollinger was so right on with this take....all the way up until the "Warriors can get good free agents to come here" part. He clearly lost touch with reality at the end there. Mock Draft Consensus

+ Looks like Klay has the most votes of confidence. I found it pretty interesting to compare this to last year's same article:

Trade Machine Fun! You want Defense?


Ideally, I'd request a pick next year from 76ers (1st or 2nd, negotiable), and I'd be willing to throw our #11 pick this year to the Celtics Philly: Gets Monta, saves some dough Celtics: Cheaper future of their franchise (Curry), save some dough, grab a lottery pick this year, and there's possibility that Biedrins is actually more useful for them than JO at this point in his career. Warriors: Defense, but still run 'n gun. Get an allstar PG. Get rid of Biedrins. Get an expiring contract (JO). Make the team more enticing for Nene to jump on board. Who's with me?

Warriors Sale Approval Pushed Back


This is from two days ago, but I didn't see it posted here.


Is Lin going to be cut?

Salacious title, I know.  I realize this is going to bring a lot of heat.  And, of course I mean "cut" as in "waived", not "shanked in the shower." First and foremost, I want to say that this is my...

Jerry Sichting Post-Practice Interview w/ Tim Roy


Jerry Sichting Post-Practice Interview w/ Tim Roy

Monta interview with Tim Roy after first practice


Monta interview with Tim Roy after first practice


It's not Melo, but....'s another trade idea with the Thuggets that might actually work for both sides.  Humor me here, it's my first post...   (I think...

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